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The Composition Composition is a structured essay (composition) that informes the reader about the structure/make-up/formation (composition) of something.  The purpose is twofold:  first, to give you a chance to learn more about something and share that knowledge with your readers; and second, to have you gain appreciation of a recipe-style writing process.  The topic has to be simple enough to be adequately described in one page and it should not be a process that you describe (this is not a how-to essay).  

The answer to the riddle is on the spreadsheet.  Enter your topic here.
Timeline, Details, and Due Dates
  1. Overview of the assignment and outcomes (11/28)
    -why this type of thing and why now?
  2. List of possible ideas and one choice (11/28)
    -my list is to trigger other ideas
    -write 3 possibilities, choose one, enter here
  3. Outline or map of topics and sub-topics (11/30)
    -indents style or flowchart style
    -group items... organization is the key
  4. Edited sequential drafts (12/2)
  5. Collection of steps 1 through 4 (12/5)

Possible Topics:
  1. a sandwich:  the bread, condiments, veggies, meat
  2. a building: foundation, walls/roof, plumbing/electrical
  3. well-dressed:  clean & undies, clothes, accessories
  4. a song: lyrics, melody, rhythm, instrumentation
  5. a Christmast tree: tree, lights, ornaments
  6. a class: curriculum, students, materials, teacher
  7. a store:  displays, stock, register, employees
  8. a cell:  membrane, organelles, nucleus
  9. propose another
Enter yours here and get approval from me