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When great minds meet with a well-defined division of labor, excellent things can happen.
This writing piece is the product of collaboration between 4 people, each with a distinct role.
    1.  Plot.  This person discusses the general plot with the others in the group and then writes out the storyline in enough but not too much detail.
    2.  Descriptions.  This person adds descriptions of character, setting, and action.  They help the reader visualize various aspects of the story.
    3.  Dialog.  What is said or thought adds personality to the story.  The dialog person creates personality through direct and indirect dialog.
    4.  Mechanics:  This person has the job of cleaning up spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but also can influence word choice and sentence structure.

  Plot Descriptions Dialog Mechanics coaches
 Throne Caedon Neha AyChi Taika Prequel to throne of glass where she is in the slave camp. AG, IC
 The Darkened Soul Max Gwen Jacob Aidan Two kids, a prince and a thief who go on a journey to save king and kingdom from darkness. IC
 Forever Fiction Thomas Ken Amiri MicHael Kid in post death-volcano world brought to a 'safe world' has something to save. AG
 Mafia Karina Maya Rhema Andre Daughter and dad in small town; dad turns out to be the murderer. IC
 President Trump Taran Rianna Michael Parth Second person historical fiction: decade after Trump presidency.  Mini-stories, vignettes. MH
 Title Lena Nicole Will Jason Convergence of three dimensions, one 'normal', other where you can manipulate magic, third is dystopian. AG, IC

Long Way From Home by Devan, Naya, Theodor, RyanS.  
Sean Rosenberg is going to shoot a documentary in Nunauut, Canada. He signs up for grants and puts his idea online, but gets no money.
Title by RyanS, Ali, Oscar. 
Three teenagers set out to pull a prank. The next day however, the “prank” becomes a nation-wide emergency. The friends try to clear their names, but while doing so, set the police, and later, the FBI, chasing after them.
Title by Luka, Liam, Hunter
Description here
Dog Story by Alec, RyanC, Lukas
Description here
Jak Attack by Avi, Rahul, Russell, Nate
A lonely kid, roaming the streets of New York, gets into trouble with the po-po.  Little does he know that he has caught the attention of the F. B. I.
Description here
A Peaceful Day in Paris by Maya, Prerna, Katy
Look back in time, to the days of older Paris, where a mysterious murderer makes their debut, roaming the streets and striking fear into the hearts of the citizens.  Orphan twins, Zoe and Dan, are in danger.  They need to find the murderer before it is too late.
Any Time of the Week by Gabi, Audrey, Kinsey, Elise
Description here
Title by Tuisku