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  1. Of Mice and Men (100 pages) Movie Trailer (Book Online)
    • Miranda, Graham, Micah, Alyssa, Soren (Susan)
  2. The Grapes of Wrath (450 pages) (Summary Video) (High school project) (Book Online)
    • Connor, Yume, Molly, Grace, Reina, (Chris H)
    • Will, Gavin, Manpreet, Ethan, Braedon, (Joan)
    • Here is a document that has the reading schedule (page 2)
  3. East of Eden (600 pages) (Movie Trailer) (Book Online)
    • Marissa, Chris, Aidan, Joslyn, Arin, Yassin, Kristin, (Violetta and Roseanne) 
  4. Travels With Charley (Book Summary) (Steinbeck's son describes his dad & Charley)
  5. Cannery Row (Movie Trailer)
    • Dominick, Justin, Montana, Nic (Shannon)
Reading Schedule
  by 3/9 by 3/16 by 3/23 by 3/30 
 Grapes 10% ch 9   
 Eden  pg 150   

Mice & Men
1. Summary (SparkNotes 10:04)
2. 10 things you should know (WatchMojo 8:24)
3. Steinbeck Country (3:27)

Weekly Assignments (2013?):
For Tuesday, March 20:  The final project for this book will be a "synopsis of a supplemental chapter" (described below).  For this week, please have a pre-write of the whole thing, and one paragraph in draft form.  During book club sessions you can explain your idea to your group and get their feedback and additonal ideas. You should also have "the usual" one questions and one discussion starter.  One person in the group should also have printed out the vocabulary spreadsheet.  I'll give you time in class on Monday to work on these things.

For Tuesday, March 13:  Please write and bring the following 5 things:  Two questions for the group, one discussion starter, a selection to read, and a "huh" selection.  One person in the group should also have printed out the vocabulary spreadsheet.

For Tuesday, February 29:  Please have your book, two questions (written down) and a place to read.

The Big Assignment: Write a synopsis of a supplemental chapter  for your Steinbeck book.  Your hypothetical chapter could be one that gets inserted before, after, or anywhere during the existing book.  It could add backstory and/or future or detail to one of the characters, or it could be a sequel/prequel to any event or situation.   The important part, is that the style of your supplemental chapter should match the book.  A synopsis is different from a summary, as described hereYour pre-write and/or outline is due on 3/20, draft is due on 3/27, and the final product is due on 3/30. 

Of Mice and Men  

 Canh Le:  Carter, Sarah, Dominic, Danny   

 Marcie Mitchell :   Audrey, Malaika, Graham, Nolan

 Tricia Wing:  Alison, Douglas, Kevin, Alec

Cannery Row
   Cindy Hellman:   Avery, Khoi, Vernon
  Barb Bussler :  Claire, Jacob, Justin,

East of Eden
Cristina Riera Peters:  Chiara, Jenna, Juliann, Alina, Abbi, Ian, James


East of Eden
Stephanie Bainbridge & Denise Alvord:

Camila, Jamie, Keiko, Nate, Nikolai, Rachel

Cannery Row

 Barb Bussler:  Nakiyan, Harrison, Kyle

 Meagan Mujushi:  Tomer, Dean, Isaac, Frances

Of Mice and Men

Debbie Berge:   Kiyasha, Alexis, Joey

Deidre Savino:  Leon, Stephanie,  Kevin, Frankie

Moira Edelman:  Gunnar, Rana, Mason, Josh

Class "wiki" Bios of John Steinbeck:  Heumann and Stuart

From Newsletter
This week we began our venture into the world of the great American writer, John Steinbeck.  I explained that his style is in sharp contrast to the plot-driven shock-value draw of much of today's juvenile fiction.  Steinbeck's books are about the common man, the perseverant beauty of nature, and the great economic and social injustices -- heady topics for early teens but (and therefore) very valuable nonetheless.  On Monday, the kids created class "wiki's" about JS and his books.  (HR25 and HR26) and then on Tuesday we did a "speed dating" session with the books as described in an email I sent out last night.  By the way, some parents have added great tips and resources for getting the books on the spreadsheet that Stephanie started.

Assignments:  For this round of book clubs there will be two types of assignments, one for vocabulary and one for analysis.
Vocabulary (assignment [G]):  Each person can choose one of the following options.  These will be due on 2/18 for full credit OR on 2/28 for 80% credit.  Note:  on Thursday I changed the full credit due date for Travels with Charlie and The Grapes of Wrath to 2/28.
  1. Spreadsheet:  just as you have done before, make a spreadsheet for the book and include a column for name, word, quote, and definition.  15 per person.  Make one spreadsheet per book instead of per group, and invite anyone interested.  Cannery, Mice, Charlie, Grapes
  2. Picture of a Scene:  find a scene that is well described in the book and create some kind of visual representation of that scene on 11x17 paper.  Combine the words with the visual and make a connection between the two.
  3. Jeopardy Game: Create a "Challenge Board" using (make a trial account) with 5 categories of words and 5 words per category.  You can pair up to do this one. Sample: Mice by Cade and Owen, Grapes by Alex, and Charlie by Norma and Cannery by Connie.
Analysis (assignment [H]):  Each person will do a written analysis of one aspect of the book.  It should be in the five paragraph format that you used for your Hunger Games analysis and include the graphic organizer.  The essay will be worth 25 points.  Here is a list of some possibilities:
  1. Character Analysis: choose a character from your book and discuss various aspects, supporting your statements with evidence from the book.
  2. Culture and Context:  research and discuss the relevant factors of the setting, time, and scenarios in which your book takes place.  ie. Dust bowl and depression, rural life in agricultural America, coastal canning towns of the 1950's, etc.
  3. Biography of the Man:  Describe Steinbeck's life, lifestyle, and personal attributes.  Using evidence from your book as well as the others being read in our classes, connect his writing to his character.

Book Groups for SteinBooks Heumann HR 
  1. Cannery Row: Mrs. Fredrickson, Abby, Anya, Erin, Jana, Karina, Marissa
  2. The Grapes of Wrath: Mrs. McCarthy, Cameron, JoMo, Josh, Kevin, Samir
  3. The Grapes of Wrath: Mrs. Kao, Alex, Amanda, Ibrahim, Joshua, Zahra
  4. Of Mice and Men: Mrs. Shen, Cade, Erica, EVan, Jeremy, Jessica, Owen
  5. Travels with Charlie: Mrs. Schmidt, Christian, Matt, Ted, Nina, Ciara
Book Groups for SteinBooks) Stuart HR: (J
  1. Cannery Row: Mrs. Bolei, James, Jonathan, Kyle, Martin, Parker
  2. Cannery Row: Mrs. Breunling, Christian, Chloe, Cody, Connie, Matt, Rebeca, Sasha
  3. Travels With Charlie: Mrs. Underwood, Ashley, Izzy, Jenna, Laura, Norma, Veerali
  4. Of Mice and Men: Mrs. Pawell, David, Devin, Kenneth, Luis
  5. Of Mice and Men: Mrs. Borst, Jon, Nick, Rory, Elijah, Devon