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Historical Fiction (and non-fiction)

Class of 2016: 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4
The Book Thief:  Dominick, Manpreet, Montana, Will, Mia? & Leo
To Kill a Mocking Bird:  Molly, Braedon, Ethan, Sid  & Susan
                                      Alyssa, Micah, Nic, Yume & Violeta
Diary of Anne Frank:  Gavin, Reina, Grace, Marissa, Kristin, Connor, Aidan & Joan
Chains: Arin, Yassin, Justin, Chris, Joslyn, Miranda & Roseanne

Class of 2015:
The Help: Paola, Maya, Hannah, Sebastian, Luka (Tarek)
Anne Frank: Yorsabell, Gabi, Olivia, Addie, Juliana (Ashok)
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer: Avi, Tom, Khael, Joaquin (Fernando)
Esperanza Rising: Tuisku, Vaibhav (Maureen)
Al Capone Does My Shirts: Eliki, Jax, Aiden (Padma)
Octavian Nothing: Sean, Lukas, Naya, Ali, Theodor (Jules)

Pages for your group document:
  1. Reading Schedule
  2. Reviews & Replies
  3. Resource Sites
  4. Incident & Images
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Project Ideas
  7. Discussion Notes 4/23
  8. Discussion Notes 4/30
  9. Discussion Notes 5/7
  10. Discussion Notes 5/14

Day 1 (4/9/15)
  1. Get into your groups
  2. One person create a group doc with pages and a ToC
  3. Share with each other and me
  4. Write out the reading schedule (on page 1)
  5. Read and link to some book reviews (on page 2)
  6. Find some resource sites, such as Schmoop (page 3)

Historical Fiction