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Auto Bio

Book club topic for Feb-March 2018 is biography.  March 5, 12, 19, and 26.

Biography/Autobiography Books

January 17, 2014:
1. Each student should write down their reading plan -- there are three meeting sessions, and the products are due on the last session.
2. Please use the following questions to get a discussion going (if needed).  Questions 1 through 5 are relevant to session 1 only.
3. Play "Zip-Stop": zip pages and stop at a random one.  Read a few paragraphs.  Group tries to guess/create context, backstory, nexts, etc
  1. - What made you want to read this book?
  2. - What clues does the cover of your book give you?
  3. - What do you know about this person already? 
  4. - What do you hope to find out?
  5. - What do you think the author’s purpose will be? Why are they telling their story?
  6. - Summarize what you have read so far.
  7. - What time period in history or time in the author’s life does the story take place?
  8. - What is the setting?
  9. - What have you discovered about your author so far?
  10. - What are some of the life-changing events experienced by your author? 
  11. - What life-changing events have shaped your own life?
  12. - How would you deal with the most difficult crisis that your author faced?
  13. - What life lessons are found in this book? Do you agree/disagree with them and why?
  14. - What would be a good subtitle for this book? What alternative title would you give this book?
  15. - How would you describe the style of the author?
  16. - How would you illustrate the cover?
  17. - If you were the teacher, what question would you ask for a final essay on your book?
  18. - What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book?
  19. - Who would you recommend this book to?
  20. - What was the author’s message?
  21. - Did anything in your book shock you? If so, what?
  22. - What gives your author strength?
  23. - Can you imagine reasons why this book would be banned?
  24. - What one piece of advice would you offer your author?

Inventor/Innovator (Tarek & Usha & Suku)
  1. Nikolai Tesla (Liam)
  2. Steve Jobs (Avi, Theodor, Naya, Hunter)
  3. Milton Hershey (RyanC)
  4. Ben Franklin (Prerna)
  5. John Harrison (Oscar)
Nature & Wilderness (Jeanne)
  1. John Muir (Devan)
  2. Tenzing Norgay (Rahul)
  3. Christopher McCandless (Katy)
  4. Chris Hadfield (Alec, Lukas)
Entertainment (Elizabeth)
  1. Charlie Chaplin (Luka, Russell)
  2. Ellen Degeneras (Gabi)
  3. James Cameron (Elise)
  4. John F. Kennedy (Maya)
Overcoming Adversity (Shilpa)
  1. Bethany Hamilton (Addie, Kinsey)
  2. Malcolm X (Ali)
  3. Susan & Elizabeth (Tuisku)
  4. Mary Cassatt (Lesley)
Sports & Competition (Roseanne)
  1. Margot Fonteyn (Audrey)
  2. Enzo Ferrari (RyanS)


Business & Innovation
  1. Nolan on Steve Jobs
  2. Jacob on Steve Jobs
  3. Claire on Anthony Caso
  4. Alec on Ray Kroc
  5. Vernon on Virgin Airlines guy
  1. Audrey on Audrey Hepburn
  2. James on Marilyn Manson
  3. Dominic on Dr. Dre
  4. Chiara on Messi
  5. Jenna on Tina Fey
Historical (Stephanie)
  1. Karim on Malcolm X
  2. Kevin on Klamroth
  3. Abbi on Abigail Adams
  4. Juliann on ??? (killer)
Overcoming Adversity (Cindy)
  1. Graham on Ephrian
  2. Alina on Helen Keller
  3. Douglas on Louis Zemperinni
  4. Khoi on Thanh Ha Lai
  5. Carter on Huyk
Author/Memoire (Marcie)
  1. Avery on Bryson
  2. Ian on Roald Dahl
  3. Sarah on HG Wells
  4. Malaika on Zippy
  1. Riley on Tesla
  2. Justin on Leonardo DaVinci
  3. Danny on Steve Irwin
No Book Choice Stated Yet
  1. Alison

Entertainers & Authors (Suzy Fredrickson):
  1. Anya on Bieber
  2. Abby on Bieber
  3. Ciara on Bieber
  4. Ibrahim on Steinbeck
  5. Erica on Angelou
  6. Cameron on Stephen King
Inspiration, Accomplishment, Science (Jane):
  1. Cade on Harriot
  2. Ted on Feyman
  3. Josh on Feyman
  4. Owen on Ralston
Inspiration, Accomplishment, Science (Shelly):
  1. Amanda on Paramedic
  2. Matt on Gilbreths
  3. Evan on Yaeger
  4. Nina on Sundquist
  5. Christian on Walsh
Politics (Leslie Shen):
  1. Kevin on Obama
  2. JoMo on Franklin
  3. Alex on Hitler
  4. Zahra on Roosevelt
Overcoming Adversity (Sonia Kao):
  1. Marisa on Anne Frank
  2. Karina on Anne Frank
  3. Joshua on Hildebrandt
  4. Samir on McCourt
  5. Jana on Pelzer
  6. Erin on Pelzer
  7. Jessica on Walls
  8. Jeremy on "It"


Music 1
  1. Joey on Gaga
  2. Stephanie on Bieber
  3. Frankie on Hendrix
  4. Alexis on Jackson
  5. Keiko on Taylor Swift
Music 2:
  1. Isaac on Lennon
  2. Nakiyan on Gomez
  3. Angelina on Whitney Houston
  4. Camila on Madonna
  1. Tony on Ghengis Khan
  2. Nikolai on Winston Churchill
  3. Nate on Chuck Yaeger
  4. Jamie on Anne Sullivan
  5. Evan on Zero
Comedy (Diedre)
  1. Leon on Tosh
  2. Dean on Dick Cavett
  3. Gunnar on Steve Martin
Authors/Entertainers (Debbie)
  1. Kiyasha on Mark Twain
  2. Rachel on Beverly Cleary
  3. Frances on Doris Day
  4. Josh on Hopkins
Business, Innovation, & Sports (Barbara)
  1. Harrison on Steve Jobs
  2. Rana on Walt Disney
  3. Mason on Alex O. (hockey)
  4. Kyle on Ken Dryden (goalie)
No Book Choice/Preference Stated Yet
  1. Tomer on ???
  2. Denise any
  3. Meagan any
  4. Debbie any
  5. Moira any

Overcoming Adversity (Amy Pawell):
  1. Ashley on Hope's Boy
  2. Devin on Soul Surfer
  3. Jonathan on Boy Called "It"
  4. Martin on Kaffir Boy
  5. Veerali on Helen Keller
War (Carla Breunling):
  1. Matt on Heinrich Boll
  2. Norma on Anne Frank
  3. Kyle on Ishmael Baeh
  4. Nick on Sniper
  5. Rory on Red Baron
  6. Chloe on Everett
Author & Entertainer (Sabra Underwood):
  1. Jenna on Maya Angelou
  2. David on Mark Twain
  3. Connie on Sydney Poitier
  4. KC on Russie Brand
  5. Sasha on Kristin Chenoweth
Sports & Inspiration (Heather Bolei):
  1. Christian on Tommie Smith
  2. Cody on Lance Armstrong
  3. Parker on Lance Armstrong
  4. James on John Wooden
  5. Jon on Jackie Chan
  6. Elijah on Jackie Robinson
Politics, Medicine, Violence (Rose Borst):
  1. Devon on Franklin
  2. Luis on Jesse Owens (?)
  3. Rebeca on Daniel Tammet
  4. Laura on Ben Franklin
  5. Izzy on Colombine