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Drawer Shelf

On pages 86 to 91 of the "Woodworking Projects" book are pictures and detailed instructions for this project.

Making the Ends
  1. Get a piece of 1x8 that is about 32 inches long.
  2. Mark the profile of the end pieces, alternate orientation, and overlapping as needed.
  3. Cut them out with the jigsaw, slightly outside the lines.
  4. Get me to trim your ends using the router and flush-trim bit.
  5. Sand faces
Making the Drawer & Front Pieces
  1. Cut four pieces of 1x4 to the same length (about 17' long)
    These will be the drawer front and back as well as the two face pieces
  2. Cut the drawer sides to be equal in lenght to the width of the ends, less the thickness of drawer front & back
  3. Using the table saw, cut grooves in the bottom of the drawer pieces (width = bottom thickness)
  4. Cut drawer bottom.
  5. Drill pockets in drawer sides (2 at each end of each short piece = 4 holes per drawer end)
  6. Determine inside faces and sand them.
  7. Assemble drawer then round-over all edges
  8. Sand exterior faces then all edges by hand.
Making the Top
  1. Cut a piece of 1x10 to a length of ???

Assembly Steps:
  1. Pocket screw top slat to sides
  2. Measure drawer gap then pocket screw bottom slat to sides.
  3. Screw drawer slides
  4. Center sides onto shelf and pocket screw.
Sides:  1@1x8x32" (an 8' piece of 1x8 can be cut into 3@32)
Top: 1@1x10x24"
Drawer & front:  4@1x4x17" (one six foot 1x4 per kid)