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Prezi is a presentation tool.  It serves the same function as PowerPoint but is quite different.
Instead of consisting of sequential slides, the elements in a Prezi are placed on a canvas and linked via an action path.  

Phase 1:  View some samples and make your first "scratch-paper" presentation (April 16)
Phase 2:  Show your prezi, learn new features from each other, and start the real one (last half of April 23)
Phase 3:  Propose your topic, discuss possible features, and build the presentation (April 30)
Phase 4:  Finish and present your prezi (May 7)

Kids, Skills, Topics:
 Student Skill Topic Evaluation & Grade
 Stephen Images Trojan Horse 
 Ryan  Amazon River 
 Timothy  Corn 
 Arveen polygons Algebra 
 Ali  Minecraft 
 Jacob words on images Minecraft 
 Anand resize and crop Rock 
 Jason rotate objects Pendulum Clock 
 Jeffrey object w/in object Faces 
 Karen change path Mountains 
 Claire  2012 US Olympic swimmers 

www.prezi.com/learn has a series of tutorials
www.prezi.com/explore has many samples

Prezi Overview (Promo)

Basics, From Scratch

Step By Step