Daily Schedule

Thursday, June 14, 2018
1. End of the Year Assembly (8:45 to 9:30)... high school cross-over, words of wisdom on cards, & other school stuff
2. Your k-7 work and cleaning out your drawer
3. Move the big cabinet into room 26
4. Food & friend & maybe SBM movie

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
-8:40 to 9:00 attendance, car groups, drive to church
-9:00 to 12:00  graduation practice (here's the plan)
-12:00 parents pick up at church or get driven back to school

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
-5 minutes of room cleaning
-yearbooks out

Team Projects:
1. collect remaining graduation documents and get to Pooja
2. science book check-in; purple numbers (many in room 29)
3. unfinished mosaics distributed & glass drawers into red shed
4. poster-card for Ariana... ours and one for 26 and one for 29
5. flag for Miguel
6. books for Stella
7. high schools document
8. selectives input half-sheet for Anne
9. rm 26 work packets (neatly) to them

All of us at once:
1. passbacks
2. work folder: sections, org w/in sections, 3HP, and how to correctly use the covers & metal pieces
3. word gifts sheet and chart
4. maybe scooter to park

Monday, June 11, 2018
-sit anywhere
-science textbooks & electricity meters
-report card skill levels onto this form: Andy, Dominick, Kiya

Maker Day
-woodshop people can finish projects
-catapults, towers, and bridges... at about 12 we'll set up a table and test your products

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 6 to 8, 2018
-8th grade rafting trip

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
-I'll be gone until noon; Shalini will sub... be good and helpful

1. Graduation document (8:45 - 9:15ish) Mr Dowling will come tell you about it
2. Bench group... meet outside and plan your design and process; the rest of you...
3. Board and card games
4. Thomas' wave demonstration (10:00-10:40)
5. Josh & Dominick: hand tricks
6. Bill Nye on Light Optics (kids, figure out how get it on Netflix and to project it on front screen or TV on wall)

After Lunch
1. Rafting trip QnA then reading until 2
2. Seussical from 2 to 3
3. Room cleaning and car loading

Monday, June 4, 2018
8:45 to 9:35 --  Math
9:35 to 10:40 -- Class time
1. SRI
2. Book club project turn in form
3. Vocabulary set 15 quiz
5. Tent spreadsheet check (bring yours Tuesday)
6. Get the curiosity slide spreadsheet up to date to slide 28 (last)
Walk to Saratoga Ave 11:10 to 11:20
Bus 57 to Bowers & Kifer 11:26 to 11:57
Sky High 12:00 to 2:00
Bus 57 to Saratoga & Williams 2:15 to 2:43 (or 2:45 to 3:15)
Get a nemo fish
Walk to DCS

Friday, June 1, 2018
Remaining rafting forms
Dismantling the bulletin board
Sign language (Emma & Elizabeth)
Video editing (Elliot & Yaseen)
Current events
Vocabulary set 15 quiz
Spring writing sample: about something you've learned during middle school
Book club project turn-in form is here

Thursday, May 31, 2018
-forms in Andres, Ariana, Bitanya, Dominick, Elliot, Jamie, Kiya, Lance, Maya, Panda, Yaseen, Zach
-crates to my car
-Jurassic Park!
-class bench artwork ideas (& group)
-bridge, catapult, tower
-passback timelines & and how scored
9:30 to 10:30 CakePops with Aine & Betina
current events for  Wednesday people: Alex, Elliot, Anie, Winston, Andres, Ariana
sorting papers
Current events for Thursday people Adi, Lance, Elizabeth, Dominick, Samek, Kiya, Jamie
Vocabulary set 15 review as needed... quiz tomorrow
1:35 Math for Bitanya, Akhenaton, Aine, Elliot, Zach, Josh, Emma, Andres, Yaseen, Maya, Jamie, Lance
1:35 to 2:00 Reading (or anything quiet if inside)
2:00 to 2:25 Work Time: book project, woodshop project, Quizlet live, mosaics

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
-turn in any release forms that are filled in

Field Day!
8:45 to 9:00 go to and prepare your stations
9:00 to 10:30  K-3
11:00 to 12:30  4-7

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Crates to my truck
Current Events
Zach & Alex on viruses
Panda & Maya on tennis
Vocabulary set 15
Spring writing sample or SRI
Racial Wealth Gap, Explained (and discussed)
Paper organization
Book club project work time (if you all use it well)

Friday, May 25, 2018

1. Life's Greatest Miracle
2. a bit about the "What's Normal" survey and statistics

Social Studies
1. CE: Panda, Yaseen, Maya, Josh, Bitanya, Andy
2. Racial Wealth Gap, Explained (and discussed)

1. more words from set 15

1. ZachLex on viruses
2. HayMek on card games

Thursday, May 24, 2018
-CAASP make ups now
-class trip updates
-passback CE 31

1. passback timelines and how scored
2. progress check on your book club project
3. first 6 words from set 15

Social Studies
1. CE: Adi, Lance, Elizabeth, Dominick, Jamie, Kiya, Samek
2. Bruce on Sacajawea
4. Yaseen on Rosa Parks

1. Gender-separate discussions (boys split to rooms 25 & 29)

1. SamDen on Card Games
2. WinDy on Google Searching

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

1. results of "What You've Learned About Magnetism" 
2. finish "Teen Dreams"

Social Studies
1. Current events:  Alex, Elliot, Aine, Winston, Andres, Ariana
2. Women:  Zach, Andy, Dominick

1. KiTanya: Slime

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

8:45 to 9:30  Buddy Time: games in room 15

9:30 to 10:40  Scott Fried in room 29

11:00 to 12:00 
1. current events
2. Elizabeth on Mary Wollstonecraft
3. Aine on Anita Hill
4. Teen Dreams
6. SamDen on Egyptian War

Monday, May 21, 2018
-preview of this week

-what's normal survey & patterns of results & implications for discussions
-"Teen Dreams" video

River Rafting
-all 8th in 25, 10:00 to 10:40
1. overview of the 3 days
bus/car, meals, parents, freedom & safety
2. what the rafting is like
rafts, oars/paddles, vest, helmet, suit
guides & commands
3. boat groups
index card with 1, 2, or 3 names on it
your name, written by you, only on one card
4. tent groups
owners of tents are hosts and fill names onto spreadsheet
tent group have to stay stable during the trip unless we move them
5. release form
must be filled out completely and not turned in last minute
6. swimming ability
1=pool swimmer, need to stay where you can touch bottom or wall
2=can swim all over pool, need wall to rest or feel secure.  Lake/ocean up to waist
3=can tread water for a few minutes, ocean waves & temperature ok short time
4=can tread water a long time, ocean waves & big lakes & cold water ok 10+ minutes
5=same a 4 but with lifeguard training and/or strong competitive sport swimmer

1. Book club meeting... the last one
-show the draft of your project
2. Make your slide for vocabulary set 15

Social Studies
1. Alex Tammy Duckworth
2. Avani Sally Ride
3. Hayden . Audrey Hepburn
4. Kiya Angela Davis

Friday, May 18, 2018

Social Studies
1. current events Panda, Yaseen, Maya, Josh, Bitanya, Andy, Dominick, Andres
2. Three women in history

1. word for set 15
2. ideas for Spring writing sample prompt
3. book club project decision & work time (must have a draft of some kind on Monday)

Frisbee by Adi and Lance

1. Write and draw what you've learned about magnetism so far (book, Bill, Thomas, videos)
2. Making a simple motor

Thursday, May 17, 2018
CAASPP: ELA "performance task" (= essay?)
-after test challenge:  how to rank the strength of a set of magnets

1. Thomas on electromagnetism at 11

Social Studies
1. current events

1. examples of book club projects
2. survey for Maya and Alex and 

After Lunch
1. reading
2. Phoenix award
3. movie-pool-SkyHigh planning
4. plan teaching activities

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
-how many bridges, catapults, towers?

CAASPP:  Science test then do other quiet in-room non-internet school-ish activity

1. Bill on Magnetism and my questions

Social Studies
Current Events: Tuesday people
Women in History: Ariana (Marilyn Monroe), ???(), and ???() 
Current Events:  Zach, Hayden, Emma, Betina, Benjamin, Bruce, Avani

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
-nature & uses of standardized testing

CAASPP: ELA 8:50 to 9:40

11:00 to 12:00
Thomas on magnetism

12:00 to 12:50
Wii Games: Betina, Kiya, Maya, Andres, Bruce, Jack

Monday, May 14, 2018
-homeroom time is 8:45-10:40 and 1:35-3:20 (math CAASPP 11 to 1)
-book club parents will come at various times this morning (Teresa@9, Andrea@8:40, Pooja@8:45, Joel@9:45, Barb@10)
-passback punctuating quotations, CE 30, CS21-24, and misc
-new seats
-Zach's Fortnite survey & Panda's physics VoD suggestion
-Women in history work and presentation time
-learning about magnetism: science book 18-1 and these two videos: MinutePhysics and BuckyBalls

After Lunch:
-vocab quiz (use Quizlet to study)
-teach 'em all how (pairs & skill & process)
-pool, SkyHigh, waterballon, and movie groups
-work time: women, book project, mosaic, or the two above

Friday, May 11, 2018

-first grouters, let me show you how then you'll show/help others

Social Studies
1. Current Events . Aine, Bitanya, Andy, Alex, Panda, Bruce, Josh
2. Women of History presentations (work time is mostly on your own FNO) Benjamin, Betina

1. Electricity videos: first part of this review, Edison-Tesla
2. passback sci17 test

1. passback then pair up to revise quotes sheet
2. quizlet for set 14: learn then live
3. book club work time (read, doc, or project)

Thursday, May 10, 2018
-did anyone think of or discuss something we could/should do before graduation

-what questions on 504 and 505 didn't make sense?
-use this sheet to see how well you remember all the chpt 17 sections you read

Things to Work On:
1. Women in history
2. Mosaic glue down
3. Curiosity slide 26
4. Book project
5. Learn vocab 14 (Quizlet is done)
6. Your current event

Rebus puzzles

After Lunch
1. reading until 2
2. current events Dominick, Kiya, Zach, Adi, Samek, Andres
3. women in history presentations: Samek, Benjamin, Elliot?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
-P1 math today

9:45 to 10:40
-current events by Winston, Ariana, Benjamin, Emma, Betina, Lance, Jamie
-women in history presentations by Panda, Jamie, and ???

11:00 to 12:00
-review then turn in quotations worksheet

12:00 to 1:00
-Mosaic work and talk about something fun and/or important we could do before school ends

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

-Snap Circuits

-more set 14 vocab words
-punctuating quotations (samples)


Monday, May 7, 2018

Cinco de Mayo vid1 vid2 vid3
Women in US History
2. Three perspectives for your searches... 
-facts & information
-their writings, quotes, and creations
-primary sources
3. The presentation shouldn't have much text on the slide (images, quotes, maps, etc)
4. Slide notes will have the bulk of the information, but not a presentation narration script

1. Understanding Electricity (video)

1. Book club meeting 3 of 4
2. Projects (list of possibilities and some samples)

After Lunch
1. read until 2
2. Mosaics

Friday, May 4. 2018
-Llama parade 8:45 to ???

1. what the simulator can show
2. circuits to make how to get them checked off
3. how a multi-meter works

1. teaching/learning vocabulary set 14
2. book club documents

1. Current Events
2. US herstory from before your time

Thursday, May 3, 2018

1. start teaching/learning vocabulary set 14
2. biography book paragraphs

1. Vanderbilt and railroads (28 min to end)
2. Current events: Dominick, Kiya, Zach, Adi, Samek, Andres, Josh
3. Discussing the Frontline video on Puerto Rico

Science (9:40 to 10:40)
1. Visual of relationship between volts, amps, and ohms
2. The relationship between volts, watts and power
3. Thomas' demo(s) of conductivity and resistance

-parts from the movie
-reconnaissance to 29
-team to make ours!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
8:45 to 9:00 Current Events for Tuesday people (Josh, Yaseen, Elliot, Avani, Elizabeth, Hayden, Maya/Bruce)
9:00 to 9:20 Make your slide for vocabulary set 14
9:30 to 9:40 finish The Martian
9:50 to 10:30 Ro Khanna (enter your question here)
11:00 to 11:15  Current Events for Wednesday people (WInston, Ariana, Benjamin, Emma, Betina, Lance, Jamie)
11:15 to 11:55 Continue Vanderbilt

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

1. 17-3 quiz

1. word for set 14 (on paper, tape to board, find overlaps)

1. hear options, vote, watch

Monday, April 30, 2018
-new seats & CE days
-passbacks and update grade sheet
-conference agenda items & atmosphere

1. energy use results (spreadsheet)
2. data from my SmartMeter
3. some read 17-3 and practice short-notes (mine) (others do their part of book club document)

1. Vanderbilt and railroads (disclaimer first)

1. punctuating quotations practice, guideline list, and worksheet. videos: HP
2. Freshman books meeting 2

Friday, April 27, 2018
-CS check-up
-CE1: Andy, Panda, Avani, Maya, Josh, Aine, Samek

1.  discuss then do quiz on AC-DC, voltage, resistance
2.  kill-a-watt meter

2. CC on Railroads then read 19-1

Buddy Time (11 to 11:45)
-games in room 25

Thursday, April 26, 2018
-quiz for vocabulary set 13
-current events
-CS: Aine, Andy, Bruce, Dominick, Hayden, Jamie, Panda, Zach (spreadsheet: Andres, Bitanya, Yaseen)
-movie: The Black Stallion
-pair up & plan how to host a (inside) game for rm 15 (poster list)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
-passback Ditzy & Pioneers

Middle School Science Fair (9:00 to 10:30)
-get yours set up and tell me what you'll teach
-pair up with a design challenge person who will relieve you while you tour
-teach and learn

Social Studies
-current events: Betina, Adi, Yaseen, Andres, Benjamin
-answering the Plains Indians questions you wrote


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
-board games with buddies on Friday at 11
-vocabulary set 13 (CCW) quiz tomorrow

1. discuss 17-1 then quiz
2. last day of science fair in-class work time

1. dictionary game
2. lists of words with alternate definitions

1. current events:  Emma, Elliot, Kiya, Panda, Hayden, Bruce
2. Plains Indians magazine and the QnA sheet

Monday, April 23, 2018

1. 3. Kids Discover on Pioneers (link) and the each-one-teach-one process (doc)
2. Story of US: Heartland (decide if we want to watch it)

1. Thomas on electrical charges and static electricity

1. new book groups
2. make a single G-doc shared with everyone in the group (xHHG) and include the following sections
1.  Reading schedule page (that all agree to do)
2.  One discussion topics page per section with a table and each person has a row
3.  Vocabulary page with a table that has one column per person
4.  A themes page
5.  An other page

After Lunch
1. Reading until 2
2. history videos that we didn't do this morning
3. science fair project work time

Friday, April 20, 2018

1. lighting a bulb with a battery and a wire
2. science fair work time (design challenge testing will be on Maker Day... June 11)
3. progress document progress check

1. punctuating quotations

1. current events: 
2. Transcontinental Railroad (BBC, ModernMarvel, HistoryChannel)

Thursday, April 19, 2018
-P1 math today cuz rm 26 to NASA early
-hw pass for those (2) that completed anything on the quizlet
-VoD: WII Theme
-room clean-up:
1. stuff on my desk
2. stuff from the desk corner to couch
3. your stuff (including sci fair stuff) out of computer pits
4. front counter
5. white-board & pen tray
6. wood from my car
7. "library" books on ground and shelves
-your (and our) plan for tomorrow's walkout
-bench plan for 8th grade gift: one per class, painted by one group per room

1. Current events (connect to monitors): Winston, Zach, Andy, Lance
2. Story of US: Westward

1. cupcake tasting and fill out the form


After Lunch
Read until 2
Current Events Jamie, Bitanya, Elizabeth, Ariana

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
-talent show

1. Current events
2. Avani & Jamie, Yaseen & Bruce, Adi & Hayden

1. energy production from wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear (video)


Tuesday, April 17, 2018
-town hall (or room 2) from 8:45 to 9:45 (or earlier)

1. finalizing book groups
2. a few more word pair slides 
3.NRI assignment on capitalization.  Because errors are still too common

1.  Assemble "Work, Machines, Energy" packet (printout = cover sheet)
2. Science fair work time... update the SFPD (science fair progress document)

1. current events

Monday, April 16, 2018
-new table groups (sticks?)
-DD's email... any Chromebook problems that might obstruct CAASP?

Science Fair Stuff
2. Greenhouse effect, thermal conductivity, and specific heat (science book 284-286)

0. CE days
2. Alex & Andy on Jackson and the Bank
3. Betina & Bitanya on The Oregon Country
4. Winston & Benjamin on Independence for Texas

1.  Browse the GoodReads summaries and reviews of the "top" 12 books on this list
2.  Show your timelines & read (revise) your paragraphs

After Lunch
1. Reading until 2

Tuesday to Friday, April 3 to 6, 2018
-San Francisco Trip

Monday, April 2, 2018


-scooter & helmet check
-group text list
-names grid
-meal prep & clean up crews 
-live bus maps (ie. 28)
-drawing the bridge (6:10) and advanced (2:39) and crazy good (4:40)

-discussion about timeline and paragraph answers for bio books
-next book:  "High School Required/Recommended Reading" (list)

Social Studies
-11-1 From Adams to Jefferson (Zach)
-11-2 Jacksonian Democracy (Lance & Samek)
-11-3 Conflicts Over Land (Aine Panda)

Friday, March 30, 2018

-ice melting
-science fair work time

-information sheets
-sandwich list? 
-packing list
-scooter & helmet status
-one pagers (I'll bring for you)

Social Studies
-current events


Game Time
-non computer, please

Thursday, March 29, 2018
-anyone want to beta-test class management Chrome App with me at break?

-read 10-2 and/or
-science fair work time

Social Studies
-current events
-KiyaMaya on Unity & Sectionalism

-check, review, and collect the Titanic sheet
-NoRedInk on conjunctions (FANBOYS)

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. EmmaElizabeth on Monroe Doctrine

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
-P1 Math

9:35 to 9:50
How to make the best use (for you and them) of the k-5 science expo?
What ideas do you have so far for your project?

Social Studies
-current events

-let's repeat the nut-burning and take data this time

San Francisco
-add names to itinerary
-meal crews to food doc
-pizza order
-21 tour guide sheets to print, 2 done

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
-SF: sauce types & numbers, and sandwich list
-SF information sheet for parents
-work time volume & off-task patters that I notice

-vocabulary set 12 quiz (I used mostly your slides' sentences or definitions)
-biography assignments work time (if quiet & productive)

Social Studies
-current events: Emma, Avani, Yaseen, Elliot, Betina
-history section work time (first two tomorrow)

-definition of calorie (& Calorie)
-calories in a cashew (or peanut)
-put water in a test tube and peanut on a pin
-light peanut & put it under the tube (capture as much as possible)
-measure amount of water and the temperature change
-enter data onto this form
-Science Fair project recap and exploration

Monday, March 26. 2018
-P1 math today
-new seats and CE days

Social Studies
-to cover the material up to the Civil War, let's divide up... (chart)

-what makes some reading engaging, if it isn't the subject matter?
-read this article about the Titanic and post-it some places
-the worksheet

Book Clubs
-mystery book session 4 of 4
-concluding discussion
-if worktime then in groups/tables please

After Lunch
-read until 2
-SF tour guide document worktime

Friday, March 23, 2018
-suggestion box
-10 minutes of room cleaning please

Social Studies
-current events
-36 questions (by quizziz in GC) about this week's readings and videos

-Alex's quizlet on vocab set 12
-choose a skill in NoRedInk and practice/prove it (see Aine)

-convection current video

Offline Game Time

Thursday, March 22, 2108

-finish the "Conquest of Cold"
-discuss last night's reading if you want

-finish words
-revise (if needed) and turn in the assignment
-should we try (not free) NoRedInk
-please sign up for NoRedInk and use the code pale pen 89

Social Studies
-current events with Ariana, Zach, Bitanya, Aine, Panda, Jamie
-we're skipping this documentary on Jefferson

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

-buddy time preparation (board & card & other games, Thursday or Friday at 11?)
-SF train tix, tour guide docs, routes, rooms, and Razors
-parents who help us out and how to (find and) show sincere appreciation (roles trips, etc)

Social Studies
-current events
-let's compare notes for 9-3 (A Time of Conflict) mine

-Conquest of Cold (video and worksheet)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Social Studies
-Thought Provoking Video (and discussion... what did they leave off?)
-current events
-reading & notes: first part of 9-3 "A Time of Conflict"

-vocabulary slide teaching
-clauses (subject and verb) -- independent and dependent (worksheet)

-review & turn in 9-1 & 9-1 questions sheet
-finish photosynthesis-respiration sheet and turn it in

San Francisco
-get your tour guide document at least half done today/tonight

Monday, March 19, 2018

1. Questions from the first 2 sections of chapter 9 (energy types and conversions)
2. The energy flow of photosynthesis and respiration

Social Studies
1. cnn 10
2. take notes on "The Jefferson Era" (GC) while it is being read to you

1. vocabulary slide teaching
2. biography book club meeting (3 of 4)
3. start drafts of the two biography book assignments

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. SF Tour Guide Document until 2:45
3. Games (inside or out) until 3:15

Friday, March 16, 2018
-no school today; enjoy your day off

Thursday, March 15, 2018
-by the end of today, have curiosity slides 17, 18, 19, and 20 done and at the top and spreadsheet filled in PLEASE

Social Studies
1. current events for Thursday people
2. citizenship test in honor of Miguel (in pairs: interviewer and interviewee)
3. SF destinations onto a map

1. check, review, and collect apostrophe assignment
3. Perfect score on these ten = all done

1. three pulley systems with same weight
2. wedge:  chopping wood
3. next topic... energy (kinetic, potential, mechanical)

After Lunch
1. reading until 2
2. current events for Friday people

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
1. Homework check

Pi day activities from 9:00 to 10:30 (recess at 10:30)
1. chart shows that middle school activities are in almost all middle school rooms
2. courtesy, engagement, appreciation

11:00 to 12:00
1. Current Events:  Adi, Andy, Emma, Samek, Alex, Avani, Winston
2. Pies from parents
3. Axe & mallet to chop wood
4. Grammar kahoot 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1.  Define a machine & confer.  Mechanical advantage and efficiency
2.  A "film" from when I learned physics (Eureka ep13
3. Types of simple machines: 8-3 and/or this video
4. Pulley system
5. HW: Finding, using, and explaining/demonstrating one of the types of simple machines

1. start teaching vocabulary set 12
2. what grammar thing could you get better at?
        -take this quiz and review the results, then this one
        -go here, then choose a grade level and an area of focus, then learn from their "game"

Social Studies
1.  current events
2. West Wing "The Supremes"... how Supreme Court justices get their jobs

Monday, March 12, 2018
-passbacks & update score sheet

Social Studies
The Jefferson Era
1. read 277 to 280
2. watch Mr Belcher (to 4:45) and John Green (to 8:45)

1. machines: a device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force
2. work in vs work out and the force-distance trade off
3. mechanical advantage and mechanical efficiency

Biography book groups session 2 of 4
1. are you on track with your reading schedule
2. read about the two assignments
3. vocabulary set 12 will be a word that can be used to describe a person (a characteristic) (GC and spreadsheet)
4. Time magazine's "100 most powerful women of history" issue

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. science stuff that should have happened this morning
3. SF teaching topic choice
4. Meal proposals (3 "supplement" breakfasts, 3 "field" lunches & 3 dinners)

Friday, March 9, 2018
-P1 math

Social Studies (9:45 to 10:40)
1. How a bond works.
2. Current events for Friday people and others who haven't presented this week
3. Review (you run it) and then quiz on the stuff you saw/read/discussed this week about Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson
4. West Wing pieces on gun control:  CJ after church shooting, Ainsley vs Sam, CJ after president shot at.

San Fransisco Planning (11:00 to 12:00)
1. Tour Guides topics (and links).  Decide on one by Monday or suggest another
2. Documentary... a bit dramatic at parts but very informative
3. Room configurations (doc)

1. Preparation for Monday's book club meetings

Laps for Learning (12:00-1:00)

Thursday, March 8, 2018
-passback yesterday's quiz & lazy editor
-remaining packets?

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. Some cycle-back-move-forward videos:  ConstitutionFederalist PapersHamilton, Washington (first 13 minutes)

1. Spend some time looking at (and appreciating) others' quote cards
2. Vocabulary set 11 quiz

SF Trip Planning
1. Finish your slide(s)
2. Put post-it-pointer on a map
4. The public transit systems in SF

After Lunch
1. Reading until 2
2. Games inside and out

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
-lotsa work today... and a code blue drill

Social Studies
-current events: Kiya, Emma, Aine, Alex, Andres, Winston, Benjamin
-read about Washington & Hamilton & early government on pages 257 to 261 in the red book

-putting your quotes onto backing cards and into sheet protectors
-Lazy Editor: Stonehenge Brand Manners Cat

-remaining packets in for 2xc
-force + motion = work... work + time = power
-4 questions about power quiz
-PG & E and our home power use

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
-last 20 minutes of IDK time (Kiya & Ariana whole class)

1. unit packets in today = 3xc to U3
2.-overview of the year's topics
3. next unit: work, machines, energy, and heat
3. quiz from last night's reading (first part of section 1 of chapter 8
4. balancing forces on a teeter totter (graph paper then wood & weights)

Social Studies
1. current events for Avani, Elliot, Elizabeth, Betina, Dominick, Lance
2. studying history through any/all of 3 areas of focus

1. Get quote cards done by tomorrow so you can put them on background and in protector sheet
2. Let's see how well you remember the "Commonly Confused English Words" you taught each other

Monday, March 5, 2018
-Ms Garcia will be here in the morning and I"ll be back after lunch.

8:40 to 10:00
1. take roll using seating chart (on clipboard)
2. CNN10: Nor'easter, Penguins, Pancreatic Cancer, BlueIce
3. Interest Driven Knowledge... please explain the purple chart to Ms Garcia and get your row filled in
4. Quote cards... you should be able to have all 4 done before recess today
5. Reading time... you can do the 20+ minutes this morning instead of after lunch

11:00 to 11:55
1. Get into book club groups according to this spreadsheet (Ms Garcia for Teresa?)
2. If the class has extra time, they can finish presenting Vocabulary set 11

1. science of deep fry and making chips
2. passbacks & updating score sheet
3. SF destinations:  ideas to slides (like this)

Friday, March 2, 2018
Social Studies
-current events for Thursday people now, Friday people at 11 
-amendment presentations

-what exhibits taught you something
-work packet for Forces & Motion unit

-vocabulary set 11
-biography book reading schedule onto spreadsheet
-today could/should be when you finish your 3rd (of 4) quote cards

SF Trip
-VTA Class Pass request form
-Caltrain group ride ticket request
-SF geography (maps)
-SF places/areas of interest onto this table

Thursday, March 1, 2018
-P1 math

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
-P1 math today
-no new "lessons" or assignments today; it will be a catch up day with lots of coaching and accountability if needed
1. Current events for Tuesday people
2. Curiosity slides:  work backwards from 18 and update spreadsheet (checked by Elliot, Emma, Samek)
--- recess
4. Current events for Wednesday people
5. Amendment Presentations
6. Vocabulary set 11
7. IDK teaching sessions to whole class: Hayden, Jamie, Andy, Aine

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

1. 5 to 10 more biography presentations

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. Amenement presentations
3. Constitution USA episode 4: Build to Last

1. Fluid motion demonstrations doc
2. Forces & Motion paperwork packet...  papers out and in order

Monday, February 26, 2018
-we're all homeroom for the rest of the year

Social Studies
-what is resulting from the school shooting (doc with links)?
-amendment presentations... make them great

-HW:  demonstrate someone how moving fluids create low pressure; take a pic, post it here

-the spreadsheet, the problem, and the result for today
Biography One-Pagers (GC)
1. Choose a person from this list (or not) -- 5 minutes
2. Find and read information and images -- 20 minutes
3. Go to your slide and build it with non-copied writing and annotated images -- 20 minutes
4. Write note cards -- 5 minutes
5. Present 1:1 to your group parent.  You'll present to the whole class after lunch -- 2 minutes

-biography presentations
-SF trip destination ideas

Friday, February 16, 2018

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 24)
2.  Use this form to tell me three things that you've learned during our intensive 

Room 25
1. Current Events (8:45 to 9:00)
2. Food & Games

Thursday, February 15, 2018
-current events

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 23)
1. The last two presentations
2. Electoral Dysfunction (36 minutes)
3. Free time if you're done with the KD Constitution magazine questions
4. What do you want to do tomorrow?

Room 25
1. Amendment presentations... those that are done and great should go today, regardless of order
2. Quote cards or IDK teaching/learning

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
-rotation today: math-intensives-recess-intensives-homeroom-lunch-home

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 22)
1. Constitution USA Episode 4: Built to Last
2. Amendments presentations
3. Kids Discover magazine on the Constitution and questions (do at least top half of side 2 today)
4. West Wing: "Mr. Willits of Ohio"

Room 25
1. Current Events
2. Amendment presentations
3. Quote cards

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
-new scores:  CE 20, 8 quotes on time, CS 13-16
-current events by Benjamin, Elliot, Emma, Andres, Bruce, Betina

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 21)
1. Kids Discover magazine on the Constitution and questions (do at least top half of side 2 today)
2. Amendments presentations
3. Constitution USA Episode 4: Built to Last

Room 25
1.  Amendment presentations:
2. progress report student comment (GC)
3. IDK
4. quotes cards (4x6)

Monday, February 12, 2018
-Finish By Friday:  IDK, Quotes, Amendment Presentations

Room 29 (9:00 to 10:40)
Government and Constitution (day 20)
1. Amendment work time (15 minutes and then presentations (hopefully about 4 can get done today)
2. Discuss possible quiz question at the end of each presentation.  Someone write them down
3. Kids Discover magazine on the Constitution and questions (do top half of side 2 today)
4. Constitution USA Episode 4: Built to Last

Room 25
1. Book club meeting #4 of 4 and discussion about possibilities for next round (bio/autobio books)
2. Reading until 2
3. Assembly line for scoring the vocabulary set 10 quizzes
4. Constitution USA Episode 4: Built to Last 

Friday, February 9, 2018
-current events round 1:  Zach, Hayden, Dominick, Jamie, Josh
-study vocabulary set 10 (quiz at 11)

Room 29 (9:00 to 10:40)
Government and Constitution (day 19)
1. Amendment work time (15 minutes and then presentations (hopefully about 4 can get done today)
2. Discuss possible quiz question at the end of each presentation.  Someone write them down
3. Kids Discover magazine on the Constitution and questions (finish side 1 today)
4. Go to this TedEd page, watch the video, answer the questions, and do the discussion if you have time

Room 25 (11:00 to 11:55)
1. Current events round 2:  Lance, Maya, Aine, Avani
2. Quiz for vocabulary set 10
3. Amendment presentation work time

Thursday, February 8, 2018
-passback 7- & 7-2 quiz & discuss as needed
-tomorrow is IDK intensive and I'm not here

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 18)
Amendment Presentations
1. How long depends on how good
2. Score sheet
3. Quiz question at the end (yours or mine)
4. Kids Discover magazine on the Constitution and questions (just top half of side 1 today)

Rm 25
1. Current events
2. Progress report -- on paper with explanations & examples then on this form
3. Amendment presentation
After Lunch
4. Read until 2 (math: Maya, Yaseen, Jamie)
5. IDK and/or quote book

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
-assembly and buddy time

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 17)
-Constitution USA episode 3: Created Equal
-work on your amendment presentations
-can 3 groups present today?

Rm 25
1. Reading quiz for 7-1 and 7-2
2. Air flow activities
Social Studies: 
1. Current Events: Zach, Elizabeth, Bitanya, Winston, Aine, Samek
2. Amendment presentation preparation
1. quizlet live (just 3 rounds)
2. quote card materials

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
-turn in your buoyancy device diagram

Social Studies
-current events: Benjamin, Elliot, Emma, Andres, Bruce, Betina

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 16)
-Constitution USA episode 3: Created Equal
-work on your amendment presentations

-pass back gift essays & discuss how my "scores" might help you
-some samples
-Quotes cards: intro, samples, find some (5 to 10), and enter them on this form

Monday, February 5, 2018
-Westmont and Prospect reps here to do scheduling (others in 25 with me)

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 15)
-work on your amendment presentations (review the 5 parts & add a quiz slide)

Room 25
1. Mystery books (session 3 of 4)
2. Reading until 2
3. Seats, CE days, CE sample
4. Amendment presentation parts 
5. Work time:  CS, CE, 11-27, and/or IDK (finish most of your column today?)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 14)
-I'll describe and show samples for the Amendment Presentations

Rm 25
Current events (8+ people)
Amendments to the Constitution
1. teaming up & creating presentation
2. initial research
3. the five slides
Interest Driven Knowledge
Curiosity Slides

Thursday, February 1, 2018
-passback CE 18 & update (restart?) scores spreadsheet
-discuss and turn in the elevation/depth pressure picture you explained
-teaching and learning words in vocabulary set 10

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 13)
1. Bill of Rights scenarios and amendments they involve
2. finish C-USA episode 2 (It's A Free Country)
3. pair up and find an amendment from 11 to 27 that interests you

Room 25
1. current events
2. discuss Archemedes principle
3. pair up and find an amendment from 11 to 27 that interests you

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
-grade sheets missing from ADJYZ
-start teaching and learning words in vocabulary set 10

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 12)
-videos about the Bill of Rights
-finish C-USA episode 2 (It's A Free Country)

Room 25
1.  Math class list confirmation
2. Current events
3. IDK whole-class presentations?
4. Reading outside (so tomorrow core time can be chaos-dodgeball)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
-grade sheets
-test your access to the online selectives selecting appspot (discovery-selectives.appspot.com) w/ mdk8

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 11)
1. Branches of Government
-here are the quiz questions that you wrote
2. Bill of Rights
-what Constitution-stated rights do you know of?
-find the Bill of Rights onine
-write them on your 11x17 sheet
3. Constitution USA episode 2 "Its A Free Country"

Rm 25
1. Gift Essay: post-it, paper clip, and turn in each of the 5 "deliverables"
2. Vocabulary: make your slide for vocabulary set 10

1. more videos about air pressure:  balloon in bottle, man up, history under pressure

Monday, January 29, 2018
-grade sheets?
-vocab word possibilities on post-it

Room 29
Government and Constitution (day 10)
1. guest speaker, Mark Alvares:  SJ PD
-overview of his job
-questions/topics that interest you 

Room 25
1. Mystery book discussions (session 2 of 4)
2. Reading until 2
3. Science:
Air pressure definition, applications, and drawing
Notes template for chapter 7
Section review can be done (ahead of time) in place of my quiz
4. Gift Essay deliverables and the "no one ever told me" due dates
5. IDK whole-class teaching sessions

Friday, January 26, 2018
-turn in grade sheets if signed
-current events

Rm 26
Government and Constitution (day 9)
1. Tell me something you've learned in our 2 weeks together (no overlap)
2. Finish poster & make sure each person knows all the questions asked & where info is
3. Post posters, get in triads, start teaching!
4. Waffles & West Wing

Rm 25
1. Big I.D.K. day... whole-class teaching sessions

Thursday, January 25, 2018
-grade sheets
-gift essay draft check

Rm 26
Government and Constitution (day 8)
1. finish poster today
2. enter question today
3. West Wing: The Supremes

Rm 25
1. Current Events
2. Bill of Rights scenarios
3. IDK teaching sessions
4. GIft Essay peer editing

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. SJ trip discussion and planning

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
-finish slide set 9 explanations
-lets finish the "vocab" slides (signs & symbols & icons)
-all-8th panoramic photo

Rm 26
Government and Constitution (day 7)
1. review then continue the process...
2. make poster with great content well presented
3. one multiple-choice per person, all different, and all stuff everyone agrees to teach
4. videos about the three branches

Rm 25
1. current events
2. quiz and videos on momentum (activity tomorrow)
3. Bill of Rights:  review and discuss scenarios

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
-current events

Rm 26
Government and Constitution (day 6)
Branches of Government
1. get into branch groups
2. how to go from the info-flood to organization & meaning
3. what is most important; group view and my list
4. poster layout ideas & samples from previous years
5. start your poster... many hands & skills at once

Rm 25
-rm 15 hosts games/activities for us (5 groups of 5)

Monday, January 22, 2018
-passbacks & update your percentage sheets (from last week too)
-score sheets (find your totals and percent)
-new seats after lunch

Rm 26
Government and Constitution (day 5)
Branches of Government
-created by articles 1-3 of the Constitution (lets write them in on your big paper)
-get into groups of 3
-decide who will learn (then teach) about which branch
-do initial research (book, videos, websites)
-gather with common-branch groups
-gather information and discuss

Rm 25
-mystery book meeting #1 of 4 (Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12)

After Lunch
-seats and current events days
-physics of braking cars (brilliant.org/numberphile)
-are you interested in a San Jose trip (probably via bus/lightrail and scooters)?
-IDK project work and teach time

Friday, January 19, 2018
-slide set 9 explanations

Rm 26
Government and Constitution Intensive (day 4)
-version 2 is what we still have today
-the original is on display in the National Archive: 4 pages, well preserved and guarded (image)
-four parts: preamble, articles, bill of rights, amendments
-sections on front of 11x17 paper
-preamble translation discussion

Rm 25
-current events for Friday people
videos on Newton's second lawAlex & Cam & Space

Newton's Third Law

Thursday, January 18, 2018
-current events for Thursday people

Rm 26:
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 3)

Colonies Grow
-how people made a living depended on climate & soil
-cultural differences between colonies
-British colonies and (vs) French colonies & the battles
-war-cost recoup, taxation, and regulations/control from across an ocean
-Declaration of and war for independence; then the "pressure" of having won

The Constitution(s)
-Articles of Confederation intentionally didn't provide a strong (enough) central government -- why?
-fedaralist and anti-federalists (website and DCS analogy)
-start "Constitution USA" episode 1: A More Perfect Union

Rm 25
-current events for Tuesday people
-slide set 9 explanations
Newton's Second Law
-your questions then my questions
-applications & analogies: the falling object thing, making money, paddling canoes, pushing the car
-videos: Alex, Cam

Block A
-to rm 24: Yaseen, Jamie, Andres, Emma, Josh, Andy, Lance, Bruce
-reading until 2
-IDK menu (or whatever your next step is) and/or gift essay outline (or whatever your next step is)

Wednesday, January 17, 2017

Rm 25:
8:45 to 9:35 (other classes doing buddy time)
-current events (on screens)
-slide set 9 explanations
-finish, print and post your IDK menu

Rm 26:
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 2)
-understand latitude-longitude then finish map questions

-how do flat maps represent a round planet?

-Projection types; maps & bias, West Wing scene

US History You Need to Know
-reasons and timeline of European exploration of North America
-my fill-in-the-blank notes from CC US History, Ep2
Rm 25 (11:00 to 11:55)
Newton's First Law
-your questions then my questions about Newton's first law
-videos: car, Davevideo ideas then do your own

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
-same seats (this is second week of current configuration)

Rm 29 Government & Constitution Intensive (day 1)
-4 people per table, 2 facing forwards, 2 on the sides

-Overview of this intensive and the big-picture questions doc

Geography of the US
1. connection between US history & geography
2. what do we already know about US geography?
3. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book), then answer my 12 questions

Homeroom Time
1. CE #17 sheets (be prepared to present/discuss them on screens this time)
2. Gift I Gave essay: paragraph topics and bullet points
3. "Vocab" slide set 9: signs or visual symbols: traffic, science, technologysymbols, etc
4. IDK menu creation-print-post-X
5. Curiosity Slides start up again this week (#13).  Make yours and update spreadsheet.

Friday, December 22, 2017
Mystery Books:  please get yours over vacation (Sherlock people have to decide which story of collection & communicate with Joel)

9:00 to 10:00 Do the following then you get free time AFTER they're all done
Current Events -- anyone who hasn't gone yet this week
IDK -- please do your link from the curiosity slides spreadsheet; teach at least one person what you've learned so far
Gift Essay -- list of five ideas, one you've chosen, and 4+ paragraphs (topics) within the choice

10:00 to 10:40 . Food & gift exchange

11:00 to 11:55  Free time (in the room or in the alley)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

-fish tank talks with Taylor (doc)
6-1 discussion
-testing Aristotle & Galileo
-calculating velocity (and distance) of falling object
-the quiz

Social Studies
-current events
-CCUSH#10 and book info on Thomas Jefferson

Other Stuff
-meet Olivia & chat with her about note taking, group work, rules, & high school life
-IDK:  cover card, menu sheet, spreadsheet link

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
-are you all committed to go on the SF trip, April 3-6, 2018?  I have to pay $4k for lodging this week
-DP: no tackling
-current events

9:00 to 10:00
Stella's drawing lesson:  coast scene then your cover card (or ?)

10:00 to 10:40
-gravity and falling objects (6-1)
-sky diving, iFly, and terminal velocity

11:00 to 11:30
-discuss then turn in Sherlock paper
-vocab set 8 quiz scores:  sentence done (Monday) = 10/10, not done = 0/10
-Gift I Gave essay impetus & overview

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
-JoD:  Texas man meets college students...
-current events

9:00 to 10:00
1. How you'll be teaching each other what you've learned (and care) about
2. Making your menu and cover sheet
3. Link your topic on this spreadsheet to your document/slides/site (in progress)
4. Work time!

10:00 to 10:40 & 11:00 to 11:20
Finish Sherlock Holmes movie, questions, discussion

11:20 to 11:50
Abbi's lesson(s) on reading & writing

Monday, December 18, 2017
-school Chromebooks need to be here over vacation
-passback CE & CEE scores and update your spreadsheet
-new seats and CE days for this week

1. Physics Scenarios:  one of each kind per person
    1. read and understand it, then decide on your answer and write it (in pencil)
    2. explain your scenario to your table and get their ideas; alter yours if you get convinced
    3. get with others who had same situation, discuss it, and alter yours again, as needed
    4. create a group demonstration and show/explain it to the class

Other Stuff
1. DCS student survey (link)
3. write a sentence for your vocab set 8 word using this form

1. Parent will pull sticks and gather group at a table
2. Take a look at the mystery book list and discuss.  Each kid choose one book and write name and book on post-it.
3. Discuss Scandal in Bohemia; perhaps doing a close read of a paragraph or two.  The writing is rich, dense, and wonderful (IMHO)

Friday, December 15, 2017
-VoD:  Wet vs dry tree and cardistry

Social Studies
1.  Current events
2.  Who is "they" and how did they change rules about internet access?

1. finish words of vocab slide 8
2. common English errors... let's see how well you taught and/or learned 

Wednesday-Thursday, December 12-13, 2017
-Living History program on Angel Island

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Angel Island
1. be here early tomorrow (7:15) because you have to get to Tiburon by 9:45
2. water bottle, hat, gloves.  Be able to stay warm outside in the middle of the night.
3. changes to groups

Social Studies
1. current events for Tuesday & Wednesday people
2. finish Constitution USA episode 3: Created Equal

1. shuffle yourselves into groups of 4 at a table
2. "Probes", one of each kind per person
    1. read and understand it, then decide on your answer and write it (in pencil)
    2. explain your scenario to your table and get their ideas; alter yours if you get convinced
    3. get with others who had same situation, discuss/demonstrate it, and alter yours again, as needed
    4. create a group demonstration and show it to the class

2. Watch more of Sherlock Holmes, fill in answers & discuss 

Monday, December 11, 2017
-SRI Fall (ha) inventory (your link, my link)
-fill in Samek's homework survey

Social Studies
1. current events sheet #15 (2 people Tuesday, 2 people Friday)
2. Constitution USA episode 3: Created Equal (progression of the right to vote & equal protection for all)

1. shuffle yourselves into groups of 4 at a table
2. "Probes", one of each kind per person
    1. read and understand it, then decide on your answer and write it (in pencil)
    2. explain your scenario to your table and get their ideas; alter yours if you get convinced
    3. get with others who had same situation, discuss/demonstrate it, and alter yours again, as needed
    4. create a group demonstration and show it to the class

1. How to decide on books and groups... can/should we do it today?
2. Review your story and evidence from the "checks" from last week.
3. Narrator to tell story, maybe others to add info... or maybe voice/act it out???
4. Read "A Scandal in Bohemia" as a group

Friday, December 8, 2017

Stella: Hamilton Character Analysis

Mark Alvares: Police work

Thursday, December 7, 2017
-thanks for being so flexible and responsive yesterday (math surprise & buddy games)
-this is a "continue routines, but nothing new added to your workload" day... make the best use of the time.

-words of vocab slide 8

Social Studies
-current events Samek, Bitanya, Josh, Panda, Aine, Dominick, Zach
-what did you learn from John Green last night (volunteers or sticks, no repeats)
-lets try this not-fun Kahoot and see what it can teach

-questions (yours and mine) about the reading on gravity
-quiz questions

-status: topic, areas of research, what have you found out
-worktime... and be sure you link your topic from the right cell on the curiosity slide spreadsheet

After Lunch
-read (or other quiet schoolwork task) until 2

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
P1 math (so parents can set up teacher-lunch in room 2 at 12)

Social Studies (9:45 to 10:40)
-current events
-after December 15, 1791....
-big book 257 to 261 (Washington and Hamilton)

English (11:40 to 11:55)
-next few words of vocab slide 8
-ideas for your next writing assignment (what do you need the most?)

Science (11:00 to 11:40)
-return 5-3 quiz
-how did you react to the video?
-explanation of the effect of "normal force" on friction, and "coefficient of friction"
-continue taking accurate friction readings of friction on various weights on various surfaces

Buddy Time (11:55 to 12:45)
-get set up!
-you'll do your activity with 5 groups of kids, 8 to 10 minutes each
-participate & be kind/fun/personal

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
-buddy class game instruction & materials

1. First 5 words of vocab slide 8
2. What mystery books did you find? (here is our list)
3. Common English errors teaching & learning session 2

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. Finish "It's A Free Country"

1. review speed vs acceleration and then turn in scooter graph
2. Friction
-show me notes if you took any
-any questions before quiz?
-how to measure friction?
-how to take a "good" reading of force needed to overcome friction?
-same surfaces, varying weight; same weight, varying surface (make chart & fill it in)

Monday, December 4, 2017
-Happy Birthday Olivia... and others in November-December (Joel organized food for you/us today...)
-passback Lazy Editor papers by group... compare... enter into assignment spreadsheet
-new seats & CE days
-some of you need improvements to the layout of your vocab slide 8

5 squads of 5 and 1 of 6 for Civil War (Angel Island) "Living History Program" (list)

Buddy class activity ideas, groups, preparation, and instructions

IDK worktime

Constitution USA episode 2: It's A Free Country

Data tables & graph types

Scooter ride graph

Book club theme:  mystery
1. Books that have been done before
2. "Checks" activity

Friday, December 1, 2017
-HW passes for Lance, Adi, Samek, Winston, Maya, Ariana, Josh, Bruce (and Maya, Samek, Ben? for last Quizlet live)
-passback CE 17 (fill in spreadsheet) and the Lazy Editor sheets
-fill in your gaps between tasks with IDK work

1. Walkabout Reflection: samples, prompts, time
2. Vocabulary Slide Set 8: trendy/current words (samples)
4. Bill of Rights
-what rights/freedoms do you have here that people in other places don't... and why?
-fill in your Constitution slide with the 10
-start Constitution USA episode 2: It's A Free Country

Thursday, November 30, 2017
-movie all morning (Spiderman Homecoming)
After Lunch
1. reading
2. Walkabout presentations from...
coastal redwoods
coastal towns

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, November 27, 28, 19, 2017
-CalCoast Walkabout

Friday, November 17, 2017

Walkabout Worktime
-the grid, circle-up, and cross-check
-finalize print page, learn the stuff, answer the questions when I come to you

1. meet with same-article groups, discuss answers, then turn them in together (remember, all same ≠ all right)
2. last 5 words of vocabulary set 7
3. Quiz for set 7:
1. go to quizlet and then set 7 and then test.  (link?)
2. set options to be 25 word matching (only).  
3. take & repeat until satisfied.  Show me the score page.

-what did you learn from the force vector simulation?
Scooter Races
1. overview & practice timing
2. two timers at 5 meter increments with a clipboard and a three-column chart
3. a few scooter racers; accelerate for first 20 meters, then decelerate for last 20 meters
4. making the chart for one person and starting the line graph

Social Studies
1. CE for anyone who hasn't done it yet, then everyone turn in the sheet.
2. put

Thursday, November 16, 2017
-cards for kids in Mr. Kim's class

1. passback quiz for 5-1 and 5-2 and add phrases to the back
1. motion is relative
2. velocity is speed in a direction
3. acceleration is the change in velocity
4. the newton is a unit of force
2. how did you test your accellerometer and what upgrade did you design (turn in the paper)
3. what did you learn from the force vector simulation
4. practice timing physical events for scooter races tomorrow

Walkabout Preparation
1. printed copy of the packing list
2. joining my "remind" class group
3. tour guide document table of contents and parent invite

Social Studies
1. current events
2. finish Constitution USA episode 1
3. name a copy of the components of the constitution slide (GC)

1. List book genre and possible examples
2. passback the literary devices assignment and compare yours with a 7/7 person
3. next 5 words of vocabulary set 7
4. Scope's "Lazy Editor" exercise... one of each kind per table

After Lunch
1. Read until 2

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
-What I felt yesterday at recess and realized after (deflated, thwarted -- mismatch of desired atmosphere)

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. Remind me where we left off

Walkabout Preparation
1. Meal teams (doc)
2. Pizza (doc) and sandwich (doc) preferences
3. Tour guide group minimum questions to answer (link)

1. next 5 words of vocabulary set 7
2. Figurative language exercise from Scope magazine "My (Not So) Genius Plan"

1. Please show me your notes and let's discuss successful techniques
2. Any questions about what you read in 5-1 or 5-2?
3. The Quizzes for both sections
4. Discussion of
    1. position and motion
    2. speed (units, instantaneous, average)
    3. velocity (adding, subtracting)
    4. acceleration (understanding, calculation, centripetal)
5. making a simple accelerometer

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
-how my plans get diluted
-what do you give to the class, to the learning environment?

-why are there so many words that mean almost the same thing?  video
-next 5 words of vocabulary set 7
-Pay it Forward (2 hrs) as 'kindness' movie AND the basis of your next short-term writing assignment

Monday, November 13, 2017
-JoD: I wondered what my parents did to pass the time before the internet
-Today: HR until 9:20 then intensives.  Assembly, call-out, dance 11:00 to math.
-this week's kindness activities
-who usually deserves high respect, looks out for everyone's good, has no personal agenda?
-CE #13 with current tables (does everyone know their day?)
-first 5 words of set 7

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 22 of 21)
-thanks to many/most of you for 'playing along' during these 21 days and learning/contributing lots
1. Turn in the remaining KD Constitution assignment even if blank (names on 'em)
2. Amendment presentations for all that didn't do it Thursday (what it says, why it was added, and impacts)
3. Use this form to tell me three things that you've learned during our intensive 
4. I'll see you again in here on December 13-14, when Bonnie takes my class to Angel Island

1. Meter stick activity:  describe, predict, discuss, do, adjust, explain, learn
2. Preview the content for the rest of the year (4 of the 10 units show here)
Forces & Motion (chapters 5, 6, 7)
Work, Machines, Energy (chapters 8, 9, 10)
Electricity & Magnetism (chapters 17, 18, 19)
Waves, Sound, & Light (chapters 20, 21, 22, 23)
3. The reading, review, quiz, activity routine
4.  Learning to take notes so that they serve you (process & product)

Walkabout Work Time
1. Room assignments team
2. Car assignments team
3. Clean-Up coordinators
4. Meal prep & clean teams
5. Tour guide group work time

Thursday, November 9, 2017
-CE or Thursday people

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 21 of 21)
-thanks to many/most of you for 'planing along' during these 21 days and learning/contributing lots
1. Turn in the KD Constitution assignment when you get it done
2. Amendment presentations (what it says, why it was added, and impacts)
-add files to the GC assignment
3. Constitution USA Episode 3: Created Equal

Rm 25
1. Monday's Kindness Day activities:  presentation, call-out, dance, workshops(?)
2. Zach's science demo
3. CE for Friday people snd everyone turn in the pape
4. Walkabout Tour-Guide Preparation
1. Gather by groups, make one doc, make it public, invite me and each other
2. Find a bunch of websites on your topic and paste links into your doc (label the section "Useful websites"
3. Do the same things with images but paste the images into a table
5. IDK investigation time!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
-how were you yesterday?
-current events for Wednesday people

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 20 of 21)
-how were you yesterday, how was the environment, and how much did you get done?
1. Show me how much you've gotten done on the KD Constitution assignment
2. Amendment research & improving your 3 slides (what it says, why it was added, and impacts)
3. Finish episode 2 and maybe start episode 3

Room 25
1. give me your list of three words.  If you like one over the others, please circle it.  You'll make the slide tonight.
2. Walkabout overview and tour-guide groups

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
-Elizabeth Dilley is teaching class this morning
-current events for Tuesday people

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 19 of 21)
1. Amendment research & making your 3 slides (what it says, why it was added, and impacts)
2. Work on KD Constitution for a while if you want to and have time.

Rm 25
1. vocabulary set 6 quiz
2. science demo: Andres, Zach, Avani
3. IDK project research time!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 18 of 21)
-there are three things left to do in 4 days...
Bill of Rights Scenarios
1. review the Bill of Rights (video)
2. stories, your reaction, connection to Constitution
Amendment Investigations & Presentation
1. get quick glimpse of all and choose yours
2. learn about it!
3. create slides (text & translation, historical context & fiction, impact on life today)
Kids Discover Magazine on the Constitution
1. homework each night; due Thursday (potential copy problem)
2. the pdf is online and questions are on paper

Rm 25
0. I need to update CE spreadsheet with topics from week 10
1. Passbacks & update your percents sheet
2. Grade printouts for social studies and English... home, discuss, sign, return tomorrow
3. Last words from vocab slide 6
4. Book club meeting #4 (of 5 for some books)
5. Reading 1:40 to 2:00
6. Walkabout overview and tour-guide groups
7. The I.D.K.
1. Choose your topic. Move it to column 1 of the chart
2 10(!) initial questions on paper and then into column 2 of the chart
3. choose three initial directions of research
4. begin!
8. Quizlet live is there is time and desire
9. National Park: Panda & Ariana & ?
10.Current Events #12 groups and sheet

Friday, November 3, 2017
-science demo
-next 5 words from vocab slide 6

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 17)
-here is your BoG quiz
-it's a food & (educational on-topic) video day
Constitution USA Episode 2: It's A Free County

Rm 25
Branches of Government quiz (rm 25)
-same as rm 26

Thursday, November 2, 2017
-science demo: Bitanya's lava lamp
-next 5 words from vocab slide 6

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 16)
0. Constitution USA:  finish episode 1 (about 5 minutes)
1. finish posters and questions (set of what you'll all teach)
2. type your question into the form on my computer
3. when you and your row-mates are all 3 ready, start teaching each other
your view/knowledge about level of government influence/control (GC)
5. citizenship quiz (from US CIS website)
6. try this Balance of Power game from iCivics

Rm 25
1. Branches of Government
-groups of three, each of which will learn about a branch using books, posters, videos, etc
-you'll teach the other 2 what you learned and they will do the same for you
-then you take my "most important stuff" quiz
2. What article did you read for homework and what did you learn?
3. The Cal Coast Walkabout
-overview: itinerary & pictures
-job(s): location tour-guide, car groups, room groups, meal prep/clean, clean-up leader
4. The I.D.K.
-overview and topic ideas (three possibilities and a bit of expansion on each... on paper)
-10(!) initial questions and then three initial directions of research (and a bit about research itself)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
-science demo: Josh's butane bubbles
-next 5 words from vocab slide 6
-buddy time from 9:05 to 9:35 in room 16 (pairing up and paining rocks)

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 15)
-list of topics and your view/knowledge about level of government influence/control (GC)
-citizenship quiz (from US CIS website) 
-finish posters and questions (set of what you'll all teach)
-type your question into the form on my computer
-when you and your row-mates are all 3 ready, start teaching each other
-let's do a simulation:  propose a few ideas for "bills" about a school issue and we'll choose 1 and track it through the system
-OR try this Balance of Power game from iCivics

Rm 25
-National Parks
-Constitution USA: more of episode 1
-start the Branches of Government EOTO

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
-Halloween parade!

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 14)
-poster making and content organizing
-compare to posters from previous years.... visual appeal and content organization
-start your individual m.c. question; something important that everyone will learn

Rm 25
-first 5 words from vocab slide 6
-science demos: Adi, Ariana
-passback Name Essay and 5-1 FiB assignments
-English & history grade sheets (return signed for xc)

Monday, October 30, 2017
-JoD: Buying insect spray
-Demo: Kiya, Adi, Betina, Emma

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 13 of 21... this week and next)
Branches of Government
-created by articles 1-3 of the Constitution
-get into groups of 3
-decide who will learn (then teach) about which branch
-do initial research (book, videos, websites)
-gather with common-branch groups
-gather information and discuss

Rm 25
Book club session 3

Friday, October 27, 2017
-lemme show you the internet problem and the fix
-first 5 done slides of set 6

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 12)
The Constitution
-4 parts:  preamble, articles, bill of rights, amendments
-preamble:  copy (in format I show) then we'll translate together
-Constitution USA, episode 1 "A More Perfect Union"

Rm 25
-quiz on what you (hopefully) read last night
-same as above

Thursday, October 26, 2017
-science demo for Alex and Kiya
-set 6 words chosen and entered onto spreadsheet

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 11)
-add political spectrum line and characteristics to front of sheet
-draw two-axis (social & economical) grid on back during video
The Articles of Confederation
-the founders first government rule-book
-maintained most control at state level, but established a limited central government

Room 25
-same as above (as much as we have time to do)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
-p1 math today

Rm 26
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 10)
-scores on the 5-1 FiB assignment; the problem & solution(s)
-so, the colonists win the war & Britain agrees to their independence.  Now what?
-what do you think they wanted to have and what did they want to avoid?
Types of Government
-portions of a few of the videos listed on this doc
-filling in the chart on your slide (in GC)
Political Spectrum
-what views do you associate with terms like conservative & liberal, right & left (& moderate, wing, extremist)?
-two realms of government involvement:  social & economic
-lets go though the pages from this workbook

Rm 25
-rm 25:  ten things I appreciate about you
-current events #10 (again, discussion with parent)
1. Finish vocabulary quiz if you didn't yesterday
2. Grammar "Challenge Board" (play in pairs, show me scores at the end)
3. National ParksAine, Andy, Ariana, Avani
4. War for Independance
-browse each book's chapter with me, reading section titles only
-discuss History Channel's "Story of Us" episode 2: Revolution

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
-JoD:  Did you hear about the kidnapping in the park?
-vocabulary set 5 quiz (matching on front, 5 sentences on back)

Government & Constitution Intensive (day 9)
-internet down today, so we're gonna use the books...
War for Independence
1. browse each book's chapter with me, reading section titles only
2. History Channel's "Story of Us" episode 2: Revolution

Room 25
1. Bruce's science demo
2. Pooja on Diwali (ppt)
3. finish vocabulary quiz

Monday, October 23, 2017
-new seats
-short days (conferences) until next Thursday
-no intensive rotation today (rm 29 ropes) or Thursday (rm 26 ropes)
-JoD:  Two muffins in an oven
-passbacks (slowly) and updating your (and my) spreadsheet

1. Hayden's demonstration (& Emma?)
2. What have you learned in chem so far?
3. Density and buoyancy (building boats that hold the most cargo per gram of boat)

Social Studies
1. current events sheet #10 (with parent again)
2. History of US episode 1 ("Rebels") from 20 minutes to end

1. A few quick rounds of quizlet-live
2. Book club meeting #3 of 5

Thursday, October 19, 2017
-JoD: Rolex and Timex
-graduation letter returns?
-turn in your current events sheet
-what kind of vocab quiz proves your understanding of word and likelihood of use?

Rm 25 and 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 8)
1. John Green on Taxes & Smuggling (CC USH #6)
2. Read this newer version of what I read/skimmed yesterday
and fill in the blanks on your (GC) copy of this document 
3. A Kahoot I found covers this stuff and a bit more (link)

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. ????

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
-JoD: what's the last thing to go through a bugs mind when it hits the windshield on the freeway?
-curiosity slides 5-8 not printed (not ready) for many of you
-note from our tech support company
-remaining 6 words from set 5... and Omnibear did the Quizlet set.  Quiz Monday

Rm 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 7)
1. Seeing both sides of the situation:  Englands' issues and actions vs. American attitudes and reactions
2. Story of US: finish the "Rebels" episode (20 min to 43 min)

Rm 25
1. science demo: Maya
2. Rianna and Will and Nikta about high school

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
-graduation committee member
-picture day #2 is Wednesday
-What kind of bagel can fly?
-next 4 words from set 5
-my plan for you and rm 26... same place soon, then back to SS curriculum

Rm 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 6)
1. How do you learn stuff and how do you show it?
2. French & Indian War ("local" part of the Seven Years War)
four videos; post-its, and circles on your table
4 minute discussion as a table
3. cinnamon rolls

Rm 25
1. discussion about yesterday
2. how current events will work this week
3. Lance's science demo
4. 15 minutes of work time then 4 more national parks presenters
5. Santa Rosa fires from firefighter's GoPro (video)

Monday, October 16, 2017
-p1 math
-redwoods hike and ropes course

Friday, October 13, 2017
-weekly check-in
-curiosity slide check-in

Rm 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 5)
British Colonies
1. Each One Teach One
    -when I come to your group and point to you, tell me something important that you'll teach your partners
    -get back into triples and rotate through posters, teaching and leaning
2. video comparing the colonial regions
3. let's try this Kahoot
4. Crash Course US History Ep4 and the Quizizz I made
5. Waffles & Malcolm

Room 25
1. current events
2. next 4 words from set 5
3. science demos: Winston & Benjamin
4. ???

Thursday, October 12, 2017
-JoD: Why is sand yellow?
-ropes forms
-current events

Rm 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 4)
British Colonies
1. Each One Teach One
    -get into groups of 3 and decide who is north, middle, south
    -group with others of your region (double tables)
    -read red or brown book and write group notes/pics/facts on big paper
    -get back into triples and rotate through posters, teaching and leaning
2. video comparing the colonial regions
3. let's try this Kahoot
4. Crash Course US History Ep4 and the Quizizz I made

Rm 25
1. current events
2. next 4 words from set 5
3. lets make cinnamon rolls again

After Lunch
1. reading
2. widening thinking on the space experiment (fill in your row of this chart)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
-any more ropes forms?
-JoD: who said "itself, itself, itself"?
-current events

Rm 26 
Government & Constitution Intensive (day 3)
-return and discuss map questions as well as format, spelling, caps, & neatness in a points-driven world
-geography done now, but yesterday I jumped into early settlements before discussing...

Native Americans
2. flocabulary video, RnR, and quiz (link)
3. John Green's Crash Course: Natives and Spaniards (link)

Early American Settlements
-History Channel's "History of US" episode 1 (first 20 minutes)

Room 25
1. next 4 words in set 5
2. Elizabeth's science demo (set up, do, explain the science, maybe repeat/revise)
3. National Parks: 10 minutes of work time, 20 minutes of teaching time (present or rotate through screens)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
-JoD: A row of books fell on my head
-ropes course forms
-current events

Rm 26 Government & Constitution Intensive (day 2)
-recap yesterday: intreractions & my overarching goal
-finish map questions
-flocabulary class (R63V6F) on US geographical regions (video, quiz, read-respond)
-some introductory videos (JayWalking, Regions, Expansion, StateRap, 25 Maps)

-how do flat maps represent a round planet?

-Projection types; maps & bias, West Wing scene

European Exploration/Immigration to North America

-who was here pre-European exploration?

-why did people come here?

-challenges of those early settlers

-video: The Story of Us: Rebels (first 20ish minutes)

-my fill-in-the-blank notes from CC US History, Ep2

Rm 25
1. vocab process adjustments: 4 words well explained each day & put on hw sheet (set 5)
2. Fall writing benchmark (describe an impactful field trip experience you've had)

Monday, October 9, 2017
-intensives (almost) every morning for the next 5 weeks
-new seats and current events days
-ropes course permission form (due Thursday)
-passbacks & update your spreadsheet

Rm 26 Government & Constitution Intensive (day 1)
-4 people per table, 2 facing forwards, 2 on the sides

-Overview of this intensive and the big-picture questions doc

Geography of the US

1. connection between US history & geography

2. what do we already know about US geography?

3. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book)

4. my 12 questions

Rm 25: English
0. newspaper article week sign-up sheet
1. get into book groups (big ones might choose to split up)
2. create a reading schedule (Oct 9, 23, 30, Nov 6) and each person writes it down somewhere
3. play "Zip-Stop": 
zip pages and stop at a random one.  Read a few paragraphs.  
group tries to guess/create context, backstory, nexts, etc.
4. run out of things to talk about? do a group read aloud somewhere outside

After Lunch
1. book reading until 2
2. vocabulary set 4 quiz
3. write down 3 possible words, get approval, create slide 5

Friday, October 6, 2017

Class Meeting
-you, class, world
-how do you learn and show what you've learned

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. French & Indian War ("local" part of the Seven Years War)
4 minute discussion as a table
3. National Park work time (2:30 to 3:00)

1. Demonstrations to calendar (by entry approval order)

1. Choosing book club books& groups
To Kill A Mockingbird:
Maze Runner:
Ready Player One:
The Darkest Minds:

Curiosity Slides
1. Make sure you have 7 or more) and that 7 is on top
2. Update the spreadsheet

1. Malcolm in the Middle vs. Growing Up Fisher

Thursday, October 5, 2017
-JoD: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day...
-science packets w/ parent comment/signature = 3xc (2xc tomorrow, 1xc Monday)
-SSEP people go to rm 26 at 2:25 (during PE) for a scientist QnA

1. More words from Vocab set 4 (please only add constructive comments  & questions)
2. Let's choose book club books
3. Interview to article work time

2. Science demo status... ideas --> proposal --> approval/revision -->calendar --> perform/present

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. The 7 Years War (aka French & Indian War OR World War 0)
3. National Parks -- make them highly visual and focus on the landscapes

HeadRush:  An Offensive/Insulting Competitive Trivia Game

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Buddy Time (8:50 to 9:35)
1. Get a copy of their roll sheet, a pencil (or pen), and a clipboard.
2. Outside by room 29; set up tables in a long line, us on one side
3. Pairs onto chart paper?

English (9:45 to 10:40)
1. April's newsletter article idea 
2. Writing a newspaper-style article from an interview transcript.  Choose one, read it, and start  (from Scope magazines)
3. More books to our list?

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. Letter from the School Oversight Board
3. National Park work time and presentation schedule

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
-JoD: Instructions for falling down the stairs
-buddy class is JimmyKim's 5th grade; tomorrow... "speed dating"

1. Finish candle observation with notes/diagram and claim-evidence (sheet)
2. Assemble unit 1 packet and fill in the cover sheet
3. Science demonstrations (page)

1. Next words in Vocab set 4 (please only add constructive comments  & questions)
2. Book proposals and recommendation sheet

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. National Park... good, productive worktime.  Remember the geography focus

After Lunch
1. Reading
2. Curiosity slide(s) and spreadsheet
3. TrT?

Monday, October 2, 2017
-JoD: Beethoven's grave
-why I get mad about doc-tampering

1. SSEP overview and guageing interest
2. passback measurement quiz
3. papers that will go into the unit work packet
4. candle observation with notes/diagram and claim-evidence (sheet)

Social Studies
1. Passback CE 5; avoid overly-biased summaries or discussion
2. Crash Course US History Ep4 and the Quizizz I made

English (11:00 to 11:55)
1. Essay feedback document -- draft needing your feedback
2. Random groups to discuss Thank You Ma'am
3. Discuss your ideas on how to choose book club books & groups this year
4. (after lunch) Vocab set 4:  quiz Friday, quizlet done, first 6 words now or after lunch

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. PE until 2:45

Friday, September 29, 2017

Parent Presentations Today
1. April Fuchs on Car Safety (9:00)
2. Robert Hintz on 3d Drawing (11:00)

Things To Do
1. reading time:  read "Thank You Ma'am"
2. finish measurement quiz*
3. turn in photo essay edits if you have them*
4. vocabulary slide 4*
5. "what I learned from you" letter to parent* (& rewards discussion)
6. card, board, and/or word games*

candle observation
curiosity slide 6 and spreadsheet
San Jose scooter trip idea/plans
SRI or Fall writing sample
SSEP interest group
current events
percentages spreadsheet

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Two Parent Presentations Today:
1. Marie's Improvisation Games (9:45)
2. Kieran on Social Science Research (2:45)

Social Studies
1. current events
2. video comparing the colonial regions
3. learning more via the E.O.T.O.
4. let's try this Kahoot

1. lets see how well you remember the common English errors you were taught
2. vocabulary set 3 quiz
3. photo essay editing & improvement sessions

1. candle observation
2. anything you want to go over again before you...
3. finish the measurement quiz

After Lunch
1. Read until 2:10 (or finish science quiz)
2. PE 2:10 to 2:45
3. Kieran Sullivan until 3:20

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
-P1 math today
-JoD: my racing snail

Science (9:40 to 10:20)
1.  check, review, and collect the lab safety assignment
2. any questions before the quiz... gotta bridge (or three?)

English (10:20 to 10:40)
1. quizlet live for vocab set 3
2. photo essay timeline reminder

Sherri on Procrastination (11:00 to 11:40)

Social Studies (11:50 to 12:50)
1. add and discuss content of your colonies "poster" and come up with the big three
2. teach your partners about your region

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Andrea on Salad Wraps (9:00)

1. lets finish the vocab slides (test Thursday)
2. photo essay work time

Social Studies
1. current events for Benjamin, Elizabeth, Kiya, Betina, Lance, Alex
2. scores for last night's Flocab quiz & r-r are in gradebook
3. British Colonies (E.O.T.O.)
    -get into groups of 3 and decide who is north, middle, south
    -group with others of your region (double tables)
    -read red or brown book and write group notes/pics/facts on big paper
    -get back into triples and rotate through posters, teaching and leaning

Teresa on 50/50 (2:00)

1. review then turn in the dimensional analysis problems
2. prepare for measurement quiz (why metrics good, bouncing decimal point, dimensional analysis
3. lab safety

Monday, September 25, 2017
-new seats
-happy birthday dad
-how was your 3-day weekend?
-JoD: How much does it cost a pirate to get his ears pierced?
-do you still have CE4 or the scores on your grade sheet?
-passbacks and grade sheet updates

1. teach/learn more vocabulary set 3 words
2. photo essay reads then worktime

Social Studies
2. my fill-in-the-blank notes from CC US History, Ep2

1. Dimensional Analysis (review)
-math agreements:  
    1. anything over itself or its equivalent equals 1; 
    2. one times anything is anything; 
    3. over-under cross canceling
-another way to do metrics if you forget the prefix list
-necessary for most standard conversions
-the easiest way to do between-system conversions (homeland & bridge)
what bridges can we list for each dimension?  choose one to memorize
2. a few more dimensional analysis problems
3. animal races

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. Animal races productivity rating (on this scale)
3. PE
4. Candle observation
5. San Jose scooter tour idea (class of 2015 map)

Thursday, September 21, 2017
-VoD:  Jamie "hosts" video on Transgender Kids

1. any questions of the metric mania sheet?
2. how dimensional analysis works
3. making cinnamon rolls by weight (instructions)

Social Studies
1. Current events for Thursday people
2. ???

11:00 Barbara on Oragami

1. next 6 words (we skipped this yesterday)

After Lunch
1. Read until 2
2. Current events for Friday people
3. Frank on maps

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1. Lets do some more of the metric math
2. Tomorrow, bring in a product that has both metric and standard values
3. Overview of the SSEP and DCS's involvement

1. Passback caps packets and vocab quiz and show spread & scores (="curve")
2. Photo essay work time (where/how are you getting photos?)

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. DWW reflection is due today
3. National Parks work time (and preview of phase 3)
4. Hang Har on Viet Nam (11:00 to 11:45)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
-return curiosity slides 1-4 printout, current events 4

1. lets go over the increments and accuracy sheet
2. TedEd on metrics
3. cutting up a meter to dm, cm, mm, and then visualizing the really small ones
4. how to convert units by jumping the decimal point (direction and number of jumps)
5. how to do the problems on the back: picture, converting units, doing calculations, answer with units

-first 6 words of vocabulary set 3
-correcting line for caps packet and vocabulary test
-photo essay worktime

Social Studies
-colonization of North America (quick HC video)
-Story of US, episode 1 as overview of next few weeks' topics
-current events for Betina, Ariana, Maya, Yaseen, Andres, Dominick, Elliot, Josh
-National Park project worktime

After Lunch
1. Reading until 2
2. Diane on China (2:00 to 2:45)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Selecting Selectives

Vocabulary set 2 review and quiz
Name essay components & scores
Photo essay topic ideas/choice and next steps

Top 5 why metrics rocks
Making out an amount by weight (vs weighing an amount)
Graduated cylinder, tube diameter, meniscus, & displacement method
Increments, accuracy, and the "ish" factor

Social Studies
-DWW write-up; finish by Wednesday (no need to print this one)
-National Park phase 2 (and description of phase 3)

1. Aspects of Us information as basis of a Kahoot

Friday, September 15, 2017
-selectives assembly then papers out (we choose on Monday)

Wayne Hall on Online Photo Editing (9:15 to 10ish)

1. review sides 5 and 6 of caps packet
2. Next writing assignment... the photo essay

1. measurement systems chart, metric advantages
2. using a triple beam balance and a graduated cylinder

Social Studies
1. current events for Friday people, all turn in sheets
2. National Parks project: phase 2 is making the presentation, phase 3 is presenting the presentation

After Lunch
1. Read 1:40 to 2:00
2. Indoor, f2f games
3. Curiosity Slide #4 (1-4 "due" = printed & scored this weekend)
4. Hang Har on Vietnam (2:45 to 3:15)

Thursday, September 14, 2017
-JoD: What blod type am I? & UK Kids Label US Map

1. Passback & go over lab reports
2. Review results of flocab on measurement tools
3. My measurement ppt; draw the chart; write reasons why metrics rocks

1. Sheet 3 of the caps packet and turn it in.  No more cap errors (lazy or otherwise) anymore
2. Books you've read spreadsheet

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. Thomas on Germany (questions)

After Lunch
1. Read 1:40 to 2:00
2. Nate 2:10 to 2:45
3. Curiosity Slide #4 (1-4 "due" = printed tomorrow)
4. Pictures 3:10 to 3:20

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1. Next set of words of vocabulary set 2 (study a few each night)
2. Go over page 2 of the capitalization packet
3. Finish teaching each other from your common English errors sheets (I only have 2)

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. Last thing about Native Americans (CCUSH1)
2. I'll read a bit to you about things in Europe that encouraged exploration west

1. Analysis of the results of the Flocab tasks from last night
2. Measurement tools slides

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
-VoD: Coconut song (JH)
-JoD: Woman walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a salami under the other.
-overview of class jobs and see if anyone would be interested and what they want in return
-passback CE#3 and update score sheet

Social Studies
1. Current events
2. An idea: "hosted" documentaries as a way to learn & share learning & build leadership
Sample:  Reggie Yates on South Africa Today (prompts for response in GC)

1. Lets go over page 1 of the caps packet
2. Vocabulary set 2... remember, learn & practice a few each day/night instead of all at once

Brian Daniels on coins at 11:00

1. Discuss then turn in apple lab report
2. Discuss then turn in superstition story and testing
4. Tonight:  tools that measure things (fill in your slide with an image and a description)

Kushlani Hall on software at 2:45

Monday, September 11, 2017
-new seats by entry-order numbers
-JoD: I adopted a camel that has no hump
-what I'm willing to restore and not

1. First 6 words of vocabulary set 2
2. Capitalization videos  (Brits)and exercises, (join Flocabulary, watch video, do quiz, do read-respond)
3. Capitalization assignment (2 sides per night)

Social Studies
1. table-level agreements about CE topics, presentation, and particpation
2. European exploration of North America
3. National Park: start phase 2

1. "Habits" of scientists
2. Lab report progress?

After Lunch
1. Read until 2:00
2. PE until 2:45
3. ??? until 3:15
4. Clean up until 3:20

Friday, September 8, 2017

-experiment analysis and graphing
-how to write the lab report for your apple preservation experiment

Social Studies
-current events for Friday people
-how to make the CE idea and process better?
-finish DWW (1 hour left)

-Marina Lamas on Advertising
-small-group games (board, card, word)
-whole-class game?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Group Cooperation Challenge: 
1. stacking cups with tri-string apparatus
2. making a load-bearing bridge with pieces shorter than the span to be crossed

Social Studies
-CE: Aine, Alex, Elizabeth, Dom, Adi, Avani
-DWW and the writing assignment prompts
-John Greene on The Columbian Exchange

-any problems with your apple thing?

-last day to turn in name essays w/o decreased points
-vocab slide 2
-common English errors (how to fill in the form and how you can get xc)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Class Issues Continue/Resurface
-too many of you are "out of control", like one is out of milk -- you don't have any/enough
-new rules and restrictions
1. no more phones on or out; school rules apply. (I'm not willing to ignore/defy school rules for you... yet)  
2. no food in class (too much trash left out or sharing issues too distracting)
3. no more break time during morning block
4. only one person out of the room at a time and use the name-stick clip
5. if you don't have hw done and here, you stay in at recess to do it and/or extra work
6. if you miss current events, you can't make it up (too many of you are forgetting)
7. time wasted = time made up or p.b.q. (except for TPEL people)
-finish logging in scores onto your sheet (vocab slide 1, mouse trap, sequences, sentence improvement, vocab quiz 1)
-HWP for CS if followed directions (slide 2 done, labeled, and at top)

Marina's activity on "culture"

Social Studies
-quiz on the Labor Day & History of Black Labor videos that you watched last night
-Current events (form) for Wednesday people:  Zach, Winston, Emma, Yaseen, Andres, Bitanya
-Assimilation of Native Americans (video)


-Hayden, Samek, and Avani in bags
-remaining Name Essays turned in (the five parts)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
-passbacks and update your scores sheet

Hoda & Tessa on Coffee (9:00 to 9:45)

-vocabulary quiz
-organize your essay components, use color post-its, and paper clip in chronological order

Social Studies
-Current events (form) for Tuesday people:  Benjamin, Elliot, Betina, Bruce, Lance, and Kiya
-Assimilation of native Americans (video)
-more DWW

Ellen & Pie Crust
-each table will make its own apple pie
-two people prep crust (roll, cut base, strips for top)
-two prep apples (peel, slice, mix w/ sugar)

Friday, September 1, 2017
-Sophia in a bag
-Got any jokes?

Joan's Chickens!

-c.r.c. mousetrap & sequences papers
-engineering challenge: 
    -how to bridge a gap (river, ravine, street, etc) that is wider than your materials are long
    -load-bearing and rule-conforming solution video

-finish learning Vocabulary Set 1 words and check Quizlet enrollment
-you in a bag: Dominick & Panda
-increasing sentence complexity (and interest) using this doc (on paper) and put your best sentence here
-status of your essay and what will be turned in Tuesday

Social Studies
-current events for Maya, Josh, Andy, Panda, Hayden, Samek, Jaimie, Ariana (then turn them all in)
Native Americans
-get History Alive book and in 3s at a table (or place)
-preview the maps, migration, lifestyle, and (8) regions
-read about each, clustered by region, putting questions and statements here 
    (if you want to look at last year's doc, look here)

Thursday, August 31, 2017
-JoD: Why does Waldo wear stripes?
-tomorrow, try to have a joke to tell
-Joel & board games

Sequencing Activities
1. sequencing as a science activity (Rube Goldberg mousetrap)
2. sequencing assignment (linear, diverging, converging) my sample

Social Studies
1. Travel plans:  check, review, collect
2. Current events: Aina, Alex, Elizabeth, Dominick, Adi, Avani

1. You in a bag; Betina, Dominick, Jamie
2. next set of vocabulary words from Vocabulary Set 1
3. Name Essay: what gets turned in on Friday (or Monday)

1. Remote cup stacking
2. Stick bridge

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
-more restrictions for some:  ZDYHLA stay separated when not at your seat (back computers, reading, movies)
-JoD:  What's the capitol of Washington?

-next set of vocabulary words from Vocabulary Set 1
-how peer editing should look and sound
-as long as you're most/all productive, we'll keep going (up to 40 minutes)
-You In A Bag: Maya, Aine, Andres

Social Studies
-current events for Zach, Winston, Emma, Yaseen, Andres, Betina
-learning local geography by using a map and making a travel plan

Scientific Method assignment:  review then turn in

Code Breaker
-overview of the process
1. gather information about people (on paper) and more than you need
2. decide on your criteria and your people
3. when its your turn, call up your people and put them in order; they field questions
4. others guess at your "code" or progression
-starting with someone who has an easy code
-call up your 5 people & we ask them questions to decipher sequence or commonality

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
-JoD:  Its THAT guy in the red hat
-help me fill in CE topics from last week on this spreadsheet

-any questions or problems on the hw from last night?
-preview sides 3 and 4
-BigBang Theory tests SciMeth

1. Bag people:  Bitanya & Alex (no "this is my..." or similar stuff)
2. Outline to draft, focus on style & strength since content is already set (quiet writing time)
3. Vocabulary Set 1: five or six people, use your slide to teach us about your word

1. Current Events
2. Early Native American peoples (chapter 1 section 3)... read-aloud?
3. Graham Greene & Kevin Costner movie, if time and atmosphere

Curiosity Slides
1. in your mdk8 account, make a new slide deck
2. change slide layout to "title and body"
3. think of a topic that interests you and put that topic in the title (top) box
4. write 2 things you know, 2 things you wonder, and an image
5. make sure that your slide has a number on it
6. add the topic to this spreadsheet and link your name to your slide-set

Monday, August 28, 2017
-JoD:  Can you help me round up my sheep?
-modifications in my behavior this week to force modifications in (some of) yours:
-futility of reminders/requests and power of accountability/consequences
-non-choice and choice seating (and new current events days)
-name-call tabulation and progressive consequences
-passbacks: US map label & shade, current events, attribute activity, science branches
-create your "Personal Gradebook" sheet (I'll show you how).  Add papers above plus career slide, words about you, map questions

1. You in a Bag:  Adi, Bruce, Ariana
2. "Aspects of Us":  Fill in form if you haven't..    Edit your column in the spreadsheet if you want. 

Scientific Method
-science as a verb and science as a noun
-the "traditional" scientific method (ppt & examples), printed notes
-start Scientific Method worksheet (do sides 1 & 2 tonight; what I'll look for on each page)

-weekly process for learning lots of useful words, usually of your choice
1. start a "useful vocabulary" list (bookmark or other paper or online)
2. choose one word and make a slide (in GC) that contains info & image(s).  See slide 1
3. finish slide by required time so I can print them all (in color) at the same time.  Posted on wall
4. 6 people present/teach their word each day
5. quiz on Friday (or Monday if class decides)

Friday, August 25, 2017
-problems I sense developing
-passback the US map sketch and questions
-chapter book check

Parent Presentation
Shilpa Young manages/plays card games

1. Name Essay progress check and outline discussion during card game time
2. You in a Bag for Andy, Zach, and Lance
3. creating the group "LearnLots/BeGood/HaveFun" doc

Social Studies
1. Current events for Andres, Aine, Emma, Jamie & Bitanya, Josh & Hayden, Yaseen...  all sheets get turned in
2. What did you learn about maps (video from yesterday)
3. European exploration towards/of North America (fact-packed video)

1. Basics of an engine and how/why to add oil

1. line up in various configurations and shapes
2. say-do (them opposite) activity
3. centipede circle

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Social Studies
1. Current events for Zach, Andy, Elizabeth, Kiya, Adi, Dominick (you'll all turn in your sheets on Friday)
2. Finish your US map. Use the Reference Atlas pages from the big red history textbook, or any other resources
3. Check your final product against the grading sheet (here)
4. Watch this Vox video about map types (individually or as a class)

1. Finish presenting the Science Jobs slides


1.  Finish (improve if you say you're done already) your outline for the My Name essay.  Remember, have 3 or four distinct topics.
2. Watch this video about writing single-topic paragraphs, but stop at 6:45.
3.  You can start writing your draft (turning each topic of your outline into a paragraph) if you want, BUT it would be a good idea to meet with Elizabeth (or someone else you trust to be a good writer) first so she/they can confirm that your outline is excellent.

Math & Lunch

Silent reading from 1:40 to 2:00

PE from 2:10 to 2:45

Class game/activity lead by Elizabeth from 2:45 to 3:20

Other things to do if you have extra time:
1. Finish your word cloud (wordart.com) and turn it in using this form.
2. Practice more lettering and finalize how your drawer magnet will look (I'll have them by Monday)
3. Gather more data for your "code breaker" chart if needed, then come up with your code.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
-Elizabeth Lewis is teaching things today and tomorrow.  Help run things smoothly.

Social Studies
1. Current Events fo Benjamin, Maya, Betina, Bruce, Ariana, Samek.  Same routine as yesterday. (8:45 to 9:00)
2. US Map:  each person will color and label a large (11x17) paper map.  (30 minutes today, 30 minutes tomorrow)
  1. Get the 11x17 map from front of the room.  It shows some basic geography and state lines.
  2. Get the big red history book and find the Reference Atlas section (green strip at top)
  3. Label and highlight oceans, lakes, rivers, and other water areas you deem important
  4. Label and lightly shade mountain ranges (colored pencils are on front table)
  5. Label and lightly shade environments (or biomes or climate areas)
  6. Label most of the states and some (about 5) major (big) cities
  7. Label some parts of our bordering countries (ie Canada's provinces, Cuba).
  8. Point to and describe (in the white-space of the margin) 3 things of personal interest and educational value.
  9. Grading sheet is here.  Make sure you have all of the components done well. 
3. Elizabeth Lewis' presentation about her trip to Spain and "The Camino" (9:30 to 10:00)

In-class break time (10:00 to 10:10)

1. Please put the "Life/Earth/Physical" assignment we did in class on Monday into your tray
2. Science Jobs slides:  half of the remaining people need to present their slide today (10:15 to 10:40)

Recess, then go to TLC at 11:00 for a "tour". (11:00 to 11:20)

1.  Analyze the pre-write paper that you created for your My Name essay.  Find 3 or four distinct topics.
2. Create an outline on lined paper or a doc.  Write a topic on a line and then put bullet points for the details of that topic.  Repeat 3x
3. Please keep a quiet writing focussed environment for the 30 minutes (11:20 to 11:55)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
JoD: shark tactics

Social Studies
-Pooja Chopra on India & Pakistan
-Current events for  Elliot, Winston, Alex, Lance, Avani, Panda

-You In A Bag: Elizabeth, Emma, Kiya
-Name essay pre-write
-name clouds form and slide deck


-learnlots/begood/havefun (fill in your row on this GC doc)
-Say and Do:  outside in a line then in a circle
-"freeze" improv game

Monday, August 21, 2017
-JoD: Pteradactyl
-stable seats for the next 2 weeks
-math and PE (M-Th 2:10 to 2:45) start this week
-eclipse starts around 9 and is at max (75%) cover at 10:15 (NASA's website & Vox Video & TEDvid, NASA live)
-the assignment wall
-preview current events process and choose a person for T, W, TH, F
-Chromebooks distributed and charging if necessary

Preview of the Week
0. Elizabeth Lewis here Wednesday and Thursday
1. General: Aspects of Us, parent presentations start, learn/good/fun doc & poster, curiosity slides, teamwork
2. History: Current events and native cultures
3. English: Vocabulary routine, start the My Name essay 
4. Science: Career slide; definition & divisions; science methods
-loose ends: code breaker, word cloud, name info, drawer magnet, learn/good/fun

-You in a Bag presentations: Winston, Josh, and Benjamin

Science (interrupted/augmented with eclipse viewings)
-define and describe "science" as you see/know it
-divisions, subdivisions, and overlap/integration of science(s)
-front of worksheet together, back is classwork (or homework)
-engineering: science applied to structures, machines, devices, etc


SSR (1:40 to 2:00) 

Current Events sheets (2:00 to 2:10)

PE (2:10 to 2:45)

Your Name essay (12:45 to 3:00)
-overview and example
-start your "pre-write" -- unorganized ideas, images, and diagrams

Friday, August 18, 2017
-JoD = afraid not
-name card and question 3
-what planner do you use?

Choosing dates for You In A Bag:  
   5 things that represent or mean a lot to you and provide "material" for your first speaking session.
  1. something soft
  2. a gift you received
  3. a meaningful quote (on paper)
  4. a sealed container with a secret inside
  5. and a family tradition
Geography of the US
1. what do we already know (group knowledge)?
2. some introductory videos (JayWalkingRegionsExpansionStateRap25 Maps)
3. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book)
4. my 12 questions


You've Changed
-two lines facing each other
-one person takes pose and/or decorates themselves
-other person turns around as first person makes a change
-partner turns around and tries to see the change
-trade roles and repeat

Attribute Activity
-observing common attributes
-finding single and multiple traits and confirming with yes/no cards


Reading (1:40 to 2:00)

Science books out.  Get your (purple) number, take home, keep at home

-circle of chairs with stool in center
-"switch up if you..."
-elimination round:  center person says something true about someone else and takes themselves and chair out

Code Breaker
-overview of the process
1. gather information about people (on paper) and more than you might need
2. from that chart, decide on your criteria and your people (or repeat step 1)
3. when its your turn, call up your people and put them in order; they field questions
4. others guess at your "code" or progression
-starting with someone who has an easy code, we ask them questions to decipher sequence or commonality

Energy Control
1. peak out (increasing energy to half-way then decrease)
2. whoosh, bang, pow

Thursday, August 17, 2017
-JoD: 27!
-name card and question 2
-debrief yesterday
-when expectations and performance are discrepant
-can your table's collective brain reconstruct the path through the grid?
-email list accuracy and additions

Homework Check
-tech use agreement, list of words, have chapter book

Similarities & Differences
-random groups of 4
-get sheet and I'll give instructions
-find the most interesting thing that you all have in common and not in common

Name Plate for Your Drawer
-view videos and try some letters on scratch paper
-bubbleangled block3dFanFold
-tomorrow I'll get your magnet and you can start the permanent one


Your Letter to Me, My Response, LL, BG, HF
-overall clarity and often details/visuals
-paper with three sections and explanations/intentions for each

Word Cloud
1. go to www.wordart.com, click "get started" and create an account
2. import words and try various options of each feature then choose the best
3. click "save changes" and you can revise/export later (stored in gallery)

Balloon Challenge 
-blow up a balloon (to minimum) and tie it to ankle
-last two balloons alive "win"
-second round, un-popped decide when game over

Your Name essay (12:00 to 12:45)
-overview and example
-start your "pre-write" -- unorganized ideas, images, and diagrams


Reading Time

Balloon Towel Toss
-groups of 4 with 4 balloons and one towel
-1. toss and catch a beanbag and then a ball
-2. toss and catch a balloon
-3. toss to another group to catch
-4. simultaneous cross-team toss
-5. challenge another team to the "sitting duck challenge"

Homework Preview, Chairs Up & Clean Up

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
-tell me who you are if I don't check you off the list
-four per table, two with five
-name card (big, bold, both sides) and question 1
-JoD: guy and his giraffe
-welcome assembly 9:00 to 9:15ish

Summer recap conversation (9:30-10:00)
-move tables towards door and chairs into a circle
-tell us, in one minute (not much less, not much more)
-overview or instance

The cyclical pattern of school start attitude & year long consequences

Break (10 minutes)

Following directions practice (link)

The 64 square challenge (10:20-10:40 & 11:00-11:20ish)
-3 groups of 9
-the grid, team locations, the process, and the rules
-trial & error, learning from mistakes, and creating/communicating/revising a system
-discussion afterwards?

Creating Table Configurations (11:50-12:10)
-four forward
-one on each edge
-two and two
-double-table (2 on each edge)
-board room (crates at legs)
-amphi theatre

Make a list of words & phrases that describe you (10 min min)