Current Events

The world is an ever-changing realm of new ideas, inventions, events, or perspectives. When people care and know about the world in which they live, they are better equipped to understand and improve it.  To that end, we have a current events time on most days.  Each day, one student per table serves as the "host" by providing an article and facilitating the discussion.   

Do current events on paper, with adult discussion for the week of October 17 to 20, 2016
Do steps 1 and 2 and 3 below, then fill out  and have a discussion with a person over 18.  They add their comment and signature.

Preparing for Your In Class Current Events Session:
  1. In order to prepare for this, you (students) must make it a practice to browse a good news source (newspaper, magazine, news-site) routinely and find an article of interest and appropriate complexity and worthy of discussion.  Although the occasional human interest story is ok, please avoid gossip, tabloid, and pop-star topics.
  2. Read your article carefully, write up a summary paragraph and a discussion questions.  This should be a 30 minute investment of your time and effort.
  3. Then, on "your day", arrange your table into "one on an edge" formation, then introduce your topic to your group and read your summary and excerpts from the article.  
  4. Engage your table in a discussion about the article and facilitate that discussion in a proper and productive manner.

Weeks of February 5 to 9, and February 12 to 16, 2018 
  15 6
 Tuesday ZachHayden BetinaEmmaBenBruceAvani
 Wednesday AlexElliot AineWinstonAndresAriana
 Thursday AdiLance ElizabethDomJamieKiya/Samek
 Friday PandaYaseen MayaJoshAndyBitanya

General Current Events Websites
  2. (use class code SNNKO)
  4. BBC
  5. New York Times
  6. Reuters
  7. Here is an article and list about unbiased reporting
  8. Aljazeera America.
  9. Cartoons in the Classroom

Science Current Events (websites):

Current Events

Current Events Spreadsheet

It is a 5 point assignment but kids can get 6 points.
2 points for having the article printed out (if they only have a link to it or just the text copied to a doc, they get 1 point)
2 points for having a summary that they wrote
2 points for having discussion questions written out.

Not Current Current Events (eg. searching old newspapers)

 Name9/16-9/209/23-9/279/30-10/3Oct 7-17Oct 21-24
Oct 28-Nov 1
 Audrey  CO Floods 1D
 Addie Macklemore Kenya  Gov't resol. Renewable 
 Oscar Facebook Insomnia Art forgery Chess Apt Fire Google mystery
 Kinsey Flood Kid Dies    Dog Treats
 Theodor Agent Or. Iran Nuke Kor Nuke Egypt Gov't Shut Women Drivers
 Luka Heat wave  UW Car   
 Lukas AC Solar Sails 3D in space Shutdown  Lost Marine
 Gabi Rapper Miley Cy Daddaughert Speed cop  
 Rahul Pizza Kenya Mall 5s FP hack iPhone hack Katy Perry iPad Air
 Maya Bus crash Pakistan Firefighters Communitas Skull 
 Tuisku Rebecca   Bedtime Sugar Kenya
 RyanS Transplant  DeLorean Old macs Nat. Am. Hwy Apple Building
 Alec Molasses Mars Rollercoast Blackberry  
 Lesley   Unsp. Und.  Bear Ball 
 Ali Ear Wax Eagle Cancer Hand light Surface Predictability
 Katy  Dead Baby McD's Bus fly? Cop CamHomeless Pizza
 Russell  Endagered Animals Shutdown Gov't Shut 2 Pandas
 Naya Voyager 1 Am. Cup Curiosity Global warm World View Spying
 Elise  Poaching building coll.  Kid Shot Orcas
 Prerna Tortoises DQ Joe bombers Dog runs Addiction Syndrome X
 Nate   Nose Antarctic School Shoot 
 Devan JWST  Author Wallet test Kid Killed 
 Avi Miley C AC 34 Space Clean Leadership iPad Google Glass
 Liam  Fly Dog  NSA email Dino Fossil 
 RyanC Oil Bio Leg Mars Volc Sharks Galaxy Google Glass

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