Unit 2: The Possible Origins and Evolution of Life

September 22 - October 11, 2008
Overview: The diversity of organisms on this planet is amazing and leads to great questions about their possible origin and history. This unit analyzes various scientific theories that have attempted to explain the origins of life as we'll as the mechanisms responsible for its development over time. We start by defining the characteristics common to all living things, then move to a critical analysis of outdated as well as current theories of biogenesis. Armed with an appreciation for the age of the earth and timescales beyond human generations, we can discuss evolution (defined as 'gradual change') in an atmosphere that encourages analytical thinking and a solid respect for individual beliefs.

Unit 2 Resources - text book ---- websites ---- GoogleNotebook ---- objectives

    The schedule below is not current for 2008... it will be soon.  :)



    Today's Topic & Activities



    Unit 1 Review
    -review test and passbacks
    -Bill on Measurement

    bring all unit 1 papers to class tomorrow


    Unit Overview and Perspective
    -topics and timing
    -science theories and personal views
    Personal Views


    Definition of Life on Earth
    -you, you & partner, your table
    -start textbook comparision chart

    Characteristics of Life


    Definition of Life on Earth (day 2)
    -common characteristics (notes from 3 books)
    -dynamic definition and dilemmas


    Early Theories of Origins of Life
    -spontaneous generation & experiments to disprove it
    -biogenesis theory & the Miller-Urey experiment




    Age of the Earth Conceptualization Analogies
    -how big is a billion?
    -start Earth's Age Analogy Timeline ([3])
    Read BugEye book ( all of pgs 276-278 and "your" page of 279-282)

    Earth's Geologic History
    -teamwork activity
    -Fossils & Geology Track ([4])

    finish [4]
    Fossils and Geology Track


    Earth's History Timeline
    -Football field analogy
    -finish Timeline ([3])



    Earth's Geologic History
    -finding things that change over a larger time scale (NC)
    -Eyewitness video = [5]

    Read workbook 137-142
    do workbook page 143
    bring workbook to school tomorrow


    Basic Paleontology
    -overview of fossil layers and Blue Book
    -fossils and geology review game = []



    Theory of Evolution
    -adaptations from variation
    -arguments for and against (my notes)

    Evolution and Nat. Selection


    Natural Selection
    -review the process
    -examples and Bill on Evolution



    Evolution Summary
    -Bill on Evolution
    -insects & DDT, germs and antibiotics



    Unit Review
    -Unit Review Questions

    use objectives, assignments, and books to study for the test


    Unit Test
    -any last-minute questions
    -take test and get corrections

    Components of full credit answers



    Unused Lines

    Simulation of Natural Selection
    -species, variation, and environmental pressure
    -play 10 rounds & start graph

     [12] Graph/Analyze Results

    -fossil types and formation
    Earth Age in Clocks (hints)

    Geologic History of Earth's Crust
    -rock layer deposition and dynamics
    -core samples & interpreting events[] Rock Layers

    review of Bobcat 6-5


    Read Bobcat 210-211
    and 215-217 then do
    []: review questions