About Me

"I try to be objective. I do not claim to be detached."
C. Wright Mills

I am a student at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in Sociology with minors in Gender and Interdisciplinary studies. Education has long been a passion, along with a desire to help my fellow man. One day I hope to be able to say that something I did changed the world, even if in a small way for the better. This ambition to be a positive impact in my environment is part of what drew me to sociology. One can make a better impact if there is understanding about the current situation and flow of the world around a group of individuals.
Much of my research and essay composition has focused on understanding the circumstances different sub-groups (such as race, gender, ethnicity, etc.) enter or are forced into. Professionally, I have learned how to properly use Microsoft Office, my research skills have grown tremendously, I am learning how to navigate the SPSS program effectively, my teamwork and leadership skills have been expanded as a result of group projects, and I have come to recognize when I need to seek help instead of struggling through on my own.
Growing up I always felt that college was a place that you should be able to ask scholarly questions and reason out problems through research and discussion. A time when your care for your community and surrounding should be nourished so as to create engaged citizens who are impassioned about their community, no matter what stage of their life. As I look towards the completion of my bachelor's, I hope to continue this exploration of cultural conditions in grad school or a work environment.