WWF 1996

Source of data: http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling/cawthon777/96.htm

Mark Henry debuts, Psycho Sid disappears (to play Softball?), Mankind joins WWE, Austin feuds with Savio Vega, "IYH: Beware of Dog" PPV goes terribly, Rikishi wears a turban and becomes "The Sultan", Rocky Maivia - smiling babyface, Hardys wearing their JINX costumes, TL Hopper and more!

Undertaker Clean Singles Losses in 1996

6 = Lost to Bret Hart (twice), Mankind (twice), Goludst (twice).

Bret Hart Clean Singles Losses in 1996:
4 = Lost to Owen Hart, Psycho Sid, Vader, Sean Michaels

Ahmed Johnson Clean Singles Losses in 1996:
3 = Davey Boy Smith (Owen Hart interference), Vader (Owen Hart interference), Goldust (reverse decision)

Psycho Sid Clean Singles Losses in 1996:
3 = Bob Holly (In Jan, Sid disappeared until June 29), Vader (twice) Shawn Michaels Clean Singles Losses in 1996:
4 = Bret Hart (thrice), Psycho Sid

Crush did not lose any Singles matches cleanly in 1996.

Steve Austin Clean Singles Losses in 1996:
Shawn Michaels (17 times), Savio Vega (9 times), Bret Hart (7 times), Jake Roberts (3 times), Ahmed Johnson & Psycho Sid (1 time) and technically Aldo Montoya & Sonny Rogers won when Austin refused to wrestle them. Also, Jason Arndt (Joey Abs) & Eddie Jackie beat Austin in a handicap match when Davey Boy Smith interfered.

The Rock Clean Singles Losses in 1996
* Skip defeated Duane Johnson = WWF @ San Antonio, TX - Freeman Coliseum - March 11, 1996 (9,364; sell out)
* Owen Hart defeated Flex Kavana = WWF @ Columbus, OH - August 20, 1996 (2,739)
* Vader pinned Rocky Maivia with the Vader Bomb = WWF @ Hull, Quebec - Robert Guertin Arena - November 21, 1997 (1,732)

Buddy Wayne in WWF:
* WWF @ Stockton, CA - Civic Autitorium - January 22, 1996 (2,904; sell out)
Steve Steward defeated Buddy Wayne
* WWF @ San Jose, CA - Convention Center - January 23, 1996
Hakushi pinned Buddy Wayne with a missile dropkick
(Also at that show: Henry & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated James Samudo & Ed Morretti when Phinneas pinned Samudo following the Slop Drop)
* WWF @ Yakima, WA - July 23, 1996 (2,922)
Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy defeated Suwio & Buddy Wayne at 4:31 when Jannetty scored the pin following a powerbomb double team off the top; the move had to be hit twice during the taping

The Hardys started jobbing on TV more heavily with losses to Steve Austin, The Overlords, Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy, and The Smoking Gunns

Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Matt Hardy via submission with the Million $ Dream, Hector Garza, Pierroth and Rikishi (as The Sultan).