WWWF/WWF/WWE Matches by Age

Represents 1963-2012 WWWF/WWF/WWE.  I used ages from Wikipedia or other online sources.
May not include some masked identities (i.e when others were playing Doink the Clown).

Peak is at 33/34 years old.

Average age when you first work 100+ matches in a year: 30.3 years old
Average age when you last work 100+ matches in a year: 34.1 years old

Prominent Exceptions - guys that worked 100+ matches....

Starting Early
Randy Orton was only 22
Jeff Hardy was only 22
Sean Waltman was only 21
Viscera was only 22
Samula was only 21
Tonga Kid was only 21
Rene Dupree was only 20
Ken Doane  was only 21

Still Going Strong
Glen Jacobs was 45
Dominic DeNucci was 50
Mr Fuji was 49
Bob Holly was 45
Jimmy Snuka was 48
George Steele was 51
Bushwhacker Luke was 45
Bushwhacker Butch was 47
Bad News Brown was 46
Finlay was 50
Dusty Rhodes was 45
Ron Garvin was 45

Chris Harrington,
Dec 6, 2013, 7:07 AM