RAW, Smackdown! and PPV Matches (2000-2013)

... last updated through 4/15/2013... does not include Battle Royals and other Rumbles...

Chris Harrington (indeedwrestling@gmail.com)

How often do we see the exact same people in the ring?

The dataset I was looking at was just RAW, Smackdown! and PPV results since 2000. 
(This leaves out the secondary [i]and tertiary[/i] shows including ECW, NXT, Superstars, Main Event, Sunday Night Heat, pre-PPV shows on Youtube/WWE.com, Jakked, Velocity, Metal, Saturday Morning Slam and any other shows I forgot.)

The definition of what I called an "original" match was- "did all the people in the ring appear in another match on RAW/Smackdown!/PPV in the past?".

So, under this definition both a tag match with four people and a four-way singles match would count as a duplicate, for instance:
5/7/2012 RAW: Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio defeated World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus & Randy Orton at 13:05 
5/20/2012 PPV: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio at 15:54

However, every single person had to be the same to count it as a repeat, so while Hell No and the Prime Time Players have wrestled a number of times (at least 10 between RAW/Smackdown/PPV), 6-man tags with additional people are counted as a fresh match-up.

For instance, these are counted as separate, fresh matches:
9/10/2012 RAW: Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated Darren Young & Titus O'Neil at 8:31 (this was during Lawler's heart attack) - this was the first Hell No/PTP tag match.
11/30/2012 SMACKDOWN: WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston, WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated Wade Barrett, Darren Young & Titus O'Neil - this is a 6-man with two new people.

I'm going to focus on the last 7 years because I'd really need to add 96-99 data to ensure the 2000-2004 data is accurate:

Obviously, whenever we add a new star, particularly a new top star (like Sheamus, ADR, Dolph Ziggler), that generates the potential for new matchups.

Looking at the last year of RAW, on an average show of about 7.3 matches:
A. 44.9% = 3.5 matches are brand spanking new (4/22's Shield vs Undertaker/Hell No)
B. 18.3% = 1.4 matches are being repeated for the first time (4/15's Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler which happened on last year's 6/18/12 RAW)
C. 20.7% = 1.6 matches are being repeated for 2nd-4th time (4/22's R-Truth/Cesaro)
D. 16.1% = 1.3 matches are being repeated for the 5th+ time (4/22's Ziggler/Jericho)

Since 2007, the people with 100+ matches across RAW/Smackdown/PPV who have the largest percentage of their matches in each bucket: 

A. Brand New Matches (Ted Dibiase Jr, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, Natalya Neidhart, Layla, Drew McIntyre, R Truth, Mickie James, Finlay, Great Khali, Kelly Kelly, Santino Marella, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Cody Rhodes, Carlito, Michelle McCool, John Morrison, MVP, Eve, Mark Henry)

B. Matches on their first repeat (Michelle McCool, Ted Dibiase Jr, Layla, R Truth, Cody Rhodes, Natalya Neidhart, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Kelly Kelly, Christian, Santino Marella, Great Khali, Mike Mizanin, Jack Swagger, Eve, Finlay, Rey Mysterio Jr, John Morrison, Alberto Del Rio, Carlito)

C. Matches on their 2nd to 4th repeat (Melina, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Eve, Alberto Del Rio, Undertaker, Carlito, Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, Beth Phoenix, Mark Henry, Christian, Michelle McCool, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes)

D. Matches on their 5th+ repeat (Randy Orton, Undertaker, Edge, John Cena, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Kane, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio Jr, CM Punk, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Shawn Michaels, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Matt Hardy)

Orton leads the final category by far - 119 times versus Cena's 83 and Kane's 73.
However, the feud that never ends?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston: 22 times on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett: 18 times on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Randy Orton vs. Triple H: 17 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Edge vs. John Cena: 17 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
John Cena vs. Mike Mizanin: 16 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
John Cena vs. Randy Orton: 16 on RAW Smackdown/PPV
Big Show vs. Kane: 16 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Edge vs. Kane: 15 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Chavo Guerrero Jr vs. Rey Mysterio Jr: 15 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Chris Jericho vs. Edge: 15 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Mizanin: 14 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
CM Punk vs. John Cena: 14 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria: 14 on RAW/Smackdown/PPV

(Bold = feuds active in 2012/2013).

I was looking for feuds that took place in consecutive weeks. 

2005-2006 had some gems of consecutive week feuds....


  • PPV 11/5/2006 WWE Women's Championship Tournament Finals: Lita pinned Mickie James in a lumberjill match to win the title at 8:09 
  • RAW 11/6/2006 WWE Women's Champion Lita pinned Mickie James with the DDT at 1:27; prior to the bout, Jonathan Coachman joined Jim Ross on commentary for the remainder of the show; before the match began, Lita announced Bischoff ordered the challenger to wrestle the match with one arm tied behind her back; after the match, Lita introduced Bischoff as the guest referee for the main event
  • RAW 11/13/2006 Mickie James pinned WWE Women's Champion Lita in a non-title match with the DDT at 2:59 by hitting her in the face with a giant sausage after Triple H, who sat ringside with Shawn Michaels, sprayed Lita in the face with mustard
  • RAW 11/20/2006 WWE Women's Champion Lita pinned Mickie James in a non-title match at 1:22 with the DDT and moonsault; Mickie was forced to wear a blindfold for the duration of the match
  • RAW 11/26/2006 Mickie James pinned WWE Women's Champion Lita to win the title with the jumping DDT at 8:20; after the bout, Lita called Lilian Garcia into the ring so she could announce her as the greatest women's champion of all time; Lita then grabbed the mic away and said she was disgusted by the crowd's lack of respect for her; Cryme Tyme then appeared with the box stolen from Lita's lockerroom earlier in the night, said it was her stuff, and they were going to have a ho-sale; moments later, they started selling all her clothes and an empty box of Monistat, with JBL attempting to buy a pair of her used panties but they stole his money and gave the panties to someone else; they then sold what appeared to be a dildo and then sold the box itself (Lita's last match)

Yes, we had mustard bathes, one-armed women's wrestling and JBL buying underwear. What a way to go out!

2. Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley (did they continue this feud in TNA?)

  • SMACKDOWN 6/2/2006 WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley pinned Booker T (w/ Sharmell & William Regal) in a non-title match with the running powerslam at 5:29; after the bout, the champion was triple teamed for several minutes by Booker, Finlay, and Regal; moments later, Booker sat on his throne inside the ring and forced Lashley to kiss his feet to end the show
  • SMACKDOWN 6/16/2006 WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley fought Booker T (w/ Sharmell) to a no contest in a non-title match when Finlay and William Regal jumped the champion as he made his way to the ring, with Finlay repeatedly hitting Lashley's knee with his shillelagh; moments later, Booker stomped the knee several times before Matt Hardy and Gunner Scott came out to hold the three heels off; it was announced later in the show that the match would be rescheduled for later in the show
  • SMACKDOWN 6/16/2006 WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley pinned Booker T (w/ Sharmell) in a non-title match at 16:00 by catching Booker running off the ropes and hitting a running powerslam
  • SMACKDOWN 6/23/2006 Booker T (w/ Sharmell) defeated WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley via disqualification in a non-title match at 20:38 when the champion hit an interfering William Regal as well as Booker with a steel chair after fighting off an interfering Finlay; later in the broadcast, Booker & Sharmell told Teddy Long that Booker would never again wrestle Lashley, with Long telling them that Booker would battle Lashley next week in a steel cage match
  • SMACKDOWN 6/30/2006 WWE US Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Booker T (w/ Sharmell, Finlay, & William Regal) in a steel cage match at 15:04 by escaping over the top

You had Regal (not wrestling, sigh!), the lovely Sharmell, a "kiss my feet" stipulation and a Gunner Scott run-in.

3. Booker T & HeWhoShallNotBeNamed

  • 11/25/2005 SMACKDOWN Chris Benoit fought WWE US Champion Booker T (w/ Sharmell) to a draw at 17:05 when both men's shoulders were counted down by two referees following a superplex from the champion and a cradle by Benoit; after the commercial break, Teddy Long addressed the situation, saying neither man was the US Champion, the title was vacant, and a Best of 7 series would take place between the two men to determine the championship, with the first match taking place at Survivor Series
  • 11/27/2005 PPV Best of Seven Series for the US Title: Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Chris Benoit with an Oklahoma side roll at 14:39 with his feet on the ropes for leverage, and Sharmell grabbing Booker's leg's for added leverage, after Benoit failed a diving headbutt; Benoit: 0, Booker: 1
  • 12/2/2005 SMACKDOWN Best of Seven Series for the US Title: Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Chris Benoit with the scissors kick; Benoit - 0, Booker - 2
  • 12/9/2005 SMACKDOWN Best of Seven Series for the US Title: Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Chris Benoit with the scissors kick at 18:53 after hitting Benoit in the back with a steel chair, brought in the ring by Sharmell; Benoit: 0, Booker: 3
  • 12/18/2005 PPV Best of Seven Series for the US Title: Chris Benoit defeated Booker T (w/ Sharmell) via submission with the Crippler Crossface at 20:11 after reversing a Bookend attempt into a DDT; Benoit: 1, Booker: 3 (this was slightly more than a week later)...

I think Booker T suffered a groin injury in that last match, so Randy Orton ended up being his "stand-in".

There's a lot of people who had three matches in consecutive weeks including
David Otunga/Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston/Michael McGillicutty
Rob Van Dam/William Regal
Jeff Hardy/John Morrison
Batista/Ken Kennedy
Crash Holly/Hardcore Holly
Beth Phoenix/Eve/Kelly Kelly/Natalya Neidhart
Dolph Ziggler/MVP
Big Show/Kane (never forget the chain-wrestling match)
Kofi Kingston/Randy Orton
Bill DeMott/Rikishi (because, the world needed to see it)
CM Punk/William Regal
Andy Simmons/Umaga (technically, this was all in one night)
Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler
Bobby Lashley/Finlay
Dolph Ziggler/Kane
Antonio Cesaro/Justin Gabriel
Finlay/William Regal
Jack Swagger/Jerry Lawler
Booker T/Christian
Jinder Mahal/Sheamus
Booker T/Rey Mysterio Jr
Randy Orton/Triple H
Bradshaw/Hardcore Holly (men hit men hard)
CM Punk/Mark Henry
Bubba Ray Dudley/D-Von Dudley/Lance Storm/William Regal
Cody Rhodes/Mike Mizanin
Bubba Ray Dudley/D-Von Dudley/Spike Dudley/Tazz
Daniel Bryan/Darren Young/Kane/Titus O'Neil (will the PTP ever get a run with the belts?)
Charlie Haas/Eddie Guerrero/Shelton Benjamin/Tajiri (a great feud)
Daniel Bryan/Sheamus
Charlie Haas/Hardcore Holly/Joey Mercury/John Morrison
Dolph Ziggler/Great Khali
Chavo Guerrero Jr/Hornswoggle (GAWD did this never end?!)
Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston
Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho 
Edge/John Cena/Triple H (three way dance!)
Chris Benoit/Randy Orton
Evan Bourne/Jack Swagger
Chris Benoit/Rikishi
Gene Snitsky/Shelton Benjamin - baby-kicker vs guy who took the best superkick in history
Chris Jericho/Eddie Guerrero
Jack Swagger/Rey Mysterio Jr
Chris Jericho/Evan Bourne
Jeff Hardy/Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho/Steve Austin
John Cena/Rene Dupree - 
Chris Masters/Cody Rhodes - masterlock vs mustache!
AJ/Brie Bella - technical masterpieces!
Kofi Kingston/Sheamus
Christy Hemme/Trish Stratus - proof Trish could work with anyone.
Randy Orton/Wade Barrett - all told, these guys wrestled 3 times on PPV, 7 times on RAW and 8 times on Smackdown!
Chuck Palumbo/Finlay
Sheamus/Wade Barrett - UK violence~!
Chuck Palumbo/Jamie Noble
Cody Rhodes/David Hart Smith/Drew McIntyre/Tyson Kidd

I really need to add in ECW results, because I'm sure that Chavo/Hornswoggle feud had at least ten million matches.

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