#wrestlenomics Analysis: WWE Network Viability

by Chris Harrington

Twitter: @mookieghana
Email: chris.harrington@gmail.com

A collection of pieces during the lead-up to the WWE Network launch.

Majority of these pieces originally appeared online at my wrestling blog: indeedwrestling.blogspot.comWhatCulture.com and Bleacher Report

WWE Rolling 12 Month Revenue Trends – published 10/31/13

Canthe WWE Network succeed? – published 11/1/13

The WWE Whirlwind – published 11/20/13 (published in Figure Four Weekly newsletter)

WWE Network to featureWrestlemania? – published 11/21/13

WWE toredefine "Network" - speculation abounds! – published 12/6/2013

Let’s play the “Predict WWE Network Revenue” game – published 12/6/2013

PredictTV Rights Fees for 2015 – published 12/9/2013

1 million subscribers... – published 12/10/2013

George Barrios atthe UBS Global Media Conference – published 12/11/2013

Streaming Statistics by Age Group - published 12/17/2013

WWE readies to spin the giant Network Roulette Wheel – published 1/6/2014

Questions to ask at tomorrow’s WWE’s Network Launch Event – published 1/7/2014

WWE Network is Announced – published 1/9/2014

Vince claims he turned down the TV Channels – published 1/11/2014

Right model, Right formula, Right time -- Network Conference Call- published 1/14/2014

10 Controversies of the WWE Network - published 2/21/2014 at WhatCulture

WWE Network Launch Day Estimates – published 2/25/2014

WWE Network Launch: All Key Questions Answered – published 2/27/2014 at Whatculture

WWE Networks Numbers 7 Days Later – published 3/3/2014 at F4W/WO

14 WWE Network Risks that WWE worries about – published 3/5/2014 at WhatCulture

WWE’s Current 15 Year Stock High is tied to their Domestic TV Future – published 3/5/14 at WhatCulture

What does 667,287 subscribers mean for WWE? - published 4/7/2014 at WhatCulture

Reaction to WWE Network Subscribers Numbers misses Real Story - published 4/8/2014 at WhatCulture

WWE Network Does Another Free Trial Week suggest Desperation? - published 4/15/2014 at WhatCulture

One Hour Special #Wrestlenomics Radio Podcast discussing WWE Network Numbers
(w/ Chris Harrington & David Bixenspan) 4/7/14

WWE Reports 400,000 Domestic Buys for Wrestlemania 30 - published 4/16/14 at WhatCulture

The Future of Domestic PPV - published 4/26/14 at WhatCulture

What Investors Want to Learn at Thursday's Q1 Update - published 4/29/14 at WhatCulture

WWE's Q1 Conference Call - everything we learned - published 5/1/14 at WhatCulture

WWE Investors remain confused over TV Rights Negotiation Delays - published 5/7/14 at WhatCulture

MLS' surprising large deal fuels WWE TV Rights Speculation - published 5/13/14 at WhatCulture

WWE's new TV Deal - What We Know - published 5/16/14 at WhatCulture

10 Key Questions to ask at Monday's Conference Call - published 5/18/14 at WhatCulture

Calculating Global Demand for the WWE Network - published 5/24/14 at WhatCulture

Three Big Dilemmas that the WWE Network faces - published 5/28/14 at WhatCulture

Has WWE killed their PPV business? - published 6/17/14 at WhatCulture

On the pernicious topic of international WWE Network growth - published 7/7/14

10 Remedies for an Ailing WWE Network - published 7/15/14 at WhatCulture

Important Questions WWE must Answer in their Q2 Call - published 7/28/14 at WhatCulture

My 6/30/14 WWE Network Subscriber Prediction - published 7/30/14

WWE 2nd-Quarter Conference Call Announces Global Launch - published 7/31/14 at Bleacher Report

Biggest Ramifications of the Latest WWE Network Subscriber Numbers - published 8/1/14 at Bleacher Report

Analyzing the WWE Network's Ambitious Global Launch - published 8/12/14 at Bleacher Report

Breaking Down the WWE's Hard Sell of the $9.99 WWE Network - published 8/18/2014 at Bleacher Report

Breaking Down What WWE Must Do to Improve WWE Network Adoption Rates - published 8/29/2014 at Bleacher Report

I’ve been chronicling the day-by-day machinations of the WWE for the past year.  They’re wrestling with two enormous hurdles: launching the WWE Network and completing important TV Rights Fee Negotiations. Almost weekly I pulled together the speculative data with the known details and offered my thoughts. As you go through this compendium you’ll see how the facts on the ground continued to evolve leading up to launch day. You’ll see an evolution of thought – from a premium Channel to an over-the-top Network. As a fan, I remain excited and optimistic about the future of WWE, especially with such an innovative approach to content delivery.  As an analyst, I’ve remained guarded about the financial prospects for success and intrigued at the ever-evolving landscape.    
Chris Harrington,
Mar 6, 2014, 8:50 AM