One thing that was discussed with the three hour RAWs was the idea that we'd start seeing longer matches and more pro wrestling on Monday nights. We're at an interesting juncture now because there have been 28 3-hour raws since 2012 (4/23 and 7/23/12-1/21/13) which leaves 28 2-hour RAWs starting from 1/1/12.

2-Hour RAW (1/12 to 7/12)
Average time per match: 4 minutes 43 seconds
Average matches per show: 6.11 matches/show
Average wrestling minutes per show: 28 minutes 49 seconds

3-Hour RAW (7/12 to 1/13)
Average time per match: 6 minutes 17 seconds (+33%)
Average matches per show: 8.14 (+33%)
Average wrestling minutes per show: 51 minutes 16 seconds (+78%)

Now, this isn't completely like-to-like because we're looking at January-June for the 2-hour RAWs (Rumble, build up to WM, post-WM) versus the July-December (Summerslam to end of the year). You could argue there's different priorities between the two timeperiods. I will need to go back to many earlier years to start getting fair comparisons. (And look at similar WCW Nitro facts.)

I counted "jumped before the match started" (which happened at least 15 times including 1/2, 1/9, 1/16 and 1/23) as zero-wrestling time. Even though that's not exact, it's all I had to work with.

the below chart is the number of wrestling minutes/# of matches by week (purple = 3 hour RAW)

It's interesting to look at the people who were on RAW both before and after 3 hour RAWs:


More time
Heath Slater - went from the mystery opponent of the week gimmick to 3MB
Alberto Del Rio - ADR got 3 more minutes per match
Eve - became Divas champion, large increase in time per week
Epico & Primo Colon - moved into the tag team hunt for awhile
Sheamus - Sheamus got 2 more minutes per match
Mike Mizanin - Miz got 1.4 more minutes per match
Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow - Damien didn't have a baseline, but clear that this tag team (and Sandow as a singles) got more time, likely because of the 3 hour incrase
John Cena - interesting to see that with the added time to the show, he got almost 4 more minutes per match
Beth Phoenix - Eve needed someone to feud with
the Big Show - spent months hunting Sheamus before winning the belt in October
Dolph Ziggler - interesting to see that with the added time to the show, he got almost 2 more minutes per match

Less Time
Tensai - went from a Lord Killing Machine to a guy with his head wrapped like a mummy and acting like a falling goof
Khali - not a guy they want to give more time to in his matches
Zack Ryder - his main event storyline was how he was being cuckolded by his woman
Otunga - after the Laurtinitis gimmick, he faded to the background
Santino Marella - he was the US Champion from March to August

On average, there was 16.7 people wrestling on a 2-hour show (not counting managers/valets/accompanied by) versus 21.8 people wrestling on a 3-hour show (again not counting the people carrying the ring jackets).

Lastly, I looked at length of match by titles involved.


It's really interesting to see that:

* Matches among people who currently hold no titles went from 3:42 to 6:00 each
* There was barely any change in the length of matches for people with WWE World/World Heavyweight titles (those matches are in theory already at "optimal" wrestling length)
* Tag Team Titles did get more time - two more minutes per match - up from 5:46 to 7:46
* Matches involving the IC title holder jumped from 6:40 to 8:03
* Matches with the US title holder also jumped two minutes - 4:52 to 6:55
* Biggest single increase was with the WWE Divas title that went from a sub two minute affair to 3:36 per match
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