My solo albums from 2012 - present...

here's my 2017 coffee-themed EP created for a coffee-themed art show!

here's my 2016 album "The Spillover Effect":

Here's my 2015 album "Hey Goliath" in both digital AND physical CD form -

Get the digital or CD version of my award-winning 2014 album "Robot Dreams" here:

get my out-of-print 2013 RPM Challenge concept album "metaphorically blind" in digital form here:

get my out-of-print 2012 RPM Challenge album "i'm not going anywhere" in digital form here:

my 2014 project "100 happy songs" is available here:

and now for the rest of it....

my former minimalist rock duo "3 feet up" (2004-2011) featuring my wife Victoria on drums - all 4 digital releases are here:

my old band Nervous Boy - one actual full length release and another unreleased EP are here:

and here's some of my music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s:

also on the web:

We have pop/rock:

Here's some instrumental music...

Now here's that wacky music that I'm somewhat famous for...