1/5/19 - Happy freakin' new year! I look forward to doing 2018 all over again but with an odd number. More live shows on the live shows page, a new episode of The Song Lounge every Monday morning, a youtube collection of my favorite cover songs to perform and what else? Hmm, I think I'll do a new full length album of brand new songs that I have yet to write!

10/24/18 - November's schedule is filling up, lots of chances to see me live - go here!

9/15/18 - news! i've started a weekly youtube series called "The Song Lounge" where i reveal the backstory to one of my songs and then perform it for you! it's also supposed to be a bit silly at times because i certainly wouldn't want to be boring. HA!

you'll get a new episode every Monday morning. watch episode 1 right now:

9/1/18 - lots of NEW MUSIC of mine is OUT THERE! behold, these tasty links:



8/23/18 - yeah, it's been over 2 months since my last update, but i've been busy - busy writing and recording all kinds of new songs. and the best part: i'm releasing a ton of new singles digitally so you don't need to wait so long! here's a bunch on itunes already. and here's a bunch on Amazon. some of the singles are brand new songs and some are new recordings of very old songs (one of 'em was written in 1984. did you get that? 19 friggin 84!). in other news, i booked a few more shows!

6/18/18 - NO NEWS! well, except a few more shows booked. i guess that qualifies, right?

3/31/18 - NEWS! i've just finished up the artwork for my 6th solo album, to be called "Obfuscation Ahead"! all the songs have been mastered thanks to Michael at soundmixology.com. looking at a release date somewheres in the neighborhood of the first of May. stay tuned!

3/6/18 - here's the latest news! the new album is recorded and now is waiting to be sonically tweaked (in the biz, they call that "mastering") and the artwork to be firmed up. it's likely that i can release it at the beginning of May 2018. it'll be called "Obfuscation Ahead" and the theme is kinda about the overcomplication of things that are already just fine in their simple form. deep, huh?
in other news, i booked more shows!

2/12/18 - NEW SHOWS BOOKED! in other news, i'm halfway through recording a new album for the 2018 RPM Challenge. gotta go! :D

1/9/18 - it's now 2018, so calm down everyone! we made it through '17, thank goodness. i had an idea the other day & i'll take some time to flesh it out: i think i want to record a live album, just my voice & my piccolo bass. don't know if that's a good idea or not, but if you have a thought, let me know which way you lean!

12/26/17 - merry day-after-Christmas! i'm ready to get back in action - next show: thursday jan. 4th at the Mellow Mushroom in Aiken, SC, 7-10pm. also, i might be performing at the Augusta TEDx event on feb. 3rd next year. WUT? yup, stay tuned!

12/11/17 - ack, i'll be turning 53 tomorrow!!! O_O  well, at least it's a prime number. anyway, to commemorate this event, i've booked some more shows! go see 'em now!

11/14/17 - ok, all moved and no major injuries to speak of! back to music. Larder tomorrow night and then nothing till DecemBRRR. i'll update if anything changes. promise. no, really, i will..... maybe.

10/30/17 - non-music-related news: just got the keys to my new home in South Carolina, so i'll be a bit scarce for a bit. looking forward to the future moving-related injuries i undoubtedly will sustain...

9/19/17 - arr matey, new shows be booked in octobARR and novembARR. (yes, it's "talk like a pirate day" today)

8/30/17 - hot diggedy dog, more shows booked for September! LOOKY!

7/9/17 - so the cat's out of the bag (and how someone managed to get a cat IN a bag is rather incredible) - i've gone and released a new EP called "Seven Monkey Fury"!

this EP is rather special because all the songs are about COFFEE, so it's a concept EP. and not just digital, but in CD form as well!

both can be ordered/downloaded from my Bandcamp site, but the buying options don't end there. there's also itunes, amazon, spotify, cdbaby and a bunch more i can't remember right now. but a little coffee could cure that, ha.

listen to the first track, the super-catchy jazzy pop-ish "drip drip drip":


6/19/17 - upcoming stuff! got new shows on the music page and some compelling news about an event on 7/7/17. go see what it is now! :D

6/12/17 - in the news today, i've gone and signed with a small indie "Retro Brit Pop" record label out of California called Unlimited Power Records. check out my first offering from "Chris Hardy & the Far Outs" here! and please spread the word as much as you can! :D

6/3/17 - hey looky, i was on tv yesterday! yeah, it has my name wrong, but believe me, it's me. :D

Chris Hardy on The Dish

4/26/17 - Lake Murray Resort show booked for May 6! details HERE!

4/1/17 - MORE SHOWS BOOKED! and no, this is no april fools joke. here's the proof!

3/27/17 - today i booked a show at the Hammond's Ferry Larder over in North Augusta, SC on 5/17 (that's a wednesday night, fyi). my very first show there! go to the Live Shows page to see it listed next to all the others!

3/21/17 - this just in: more shows booked - including two at a fancy resort on Lake Murray! details on my Live Shows page...

3/17/17 - it's St. Patricks day and i'll be up in Greenwood tonight at Inn on the Square, but this time i'll be splitting a show with Greenwood music legend Ashby Stokes! the fun starts at 6pm. oh, and i booked a couple more shows...

2/28/17 - yup, i didn't win the Tiny Desk Contest. shocking, i know. but i booked a couple more gigs in Greenwood, SC - go see my Live Shows page!

1/28/17 - late news: my video entry for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest has been accepted and posted on their site - go see it here! and spread the word throughout the world!

1/26/17 - added a new show on the Live Shows page.......

1/9/17 - I just booked a season's full of 2-hour performances at the Augusta Market! See the exciting results on my "Live Shows" page... Never been to one of my Market shows? Well, they look and sound kinda like this:

1/4/17 - another show came over the wire yesterday! ok, so it was a text message, therefore wireless. sue me. anywho, i've updated my "Live Shows" page accordingly. let's see how far into the new year this "updating" thing will last, haha.

1/1/17 - so it's 2017! doesn't seem so bad so far. i have some fun things planned for this year: a new album coming, a series of monthly "themed" mini-concerts, maybe more. now let's see if i can make these ideas into reality! oh,and i've updated my "live shows" page appropriately.

12/20/16 - and for my final act of 2016, i'll be at the Fox's Lair in Augusta, GA on 12/30/16 to slam the door on this "less than stellar" year. music at 9pm, no cover! in other news, i have some brilliant ideas for 2017. stay tuned....

10-3-16 - ok, for my show this thursday in Greenwood, SC, i thought i'd post my setlist (subject to change according to my unpredictable whims, of course) so you can get an idea of what's in store! here it is:

things are looking up (original)

golden years - david bowie

she's a loud thinker (original)

Beginnings - chicago

there's a fine line (original)

fresh start (original)

kid charlemagne - steely dan

making tea (original)

no can do - hall & oates

good stands on its own (original)

it's a beautiful day & i don't know why (original)

kung fu fighting - carl douglas

hit pause (original)

message in bottle - the police

9-8-16 - aaah! almost 3 months since my last update? fer shame! ok, honestly, i've been really busy - playing shows, recording & engineering the new album by Billy S., and doing freelance lyric writing like mad. so that's my excuse.

that being said, here's a look at the next couple of weeks in my world:

9-9-16 - i'm back at Uchi E Asian Kitchen in Greenwood, SC from 6:30-9pm.
9-10-16 - from noon-2pm, i'll play at the jazz tent at The Augusta Market.
9-16-16 - it's Arts In The Heart of Augusta again! this time, i'm performing indoors from 8-9pm at the Doris building on Broad Street (next door to the Book Tavern).
9-17-16 - back on the 8th street stage at The Augusta Market, noon-2pm

hope to see you out & about!

6-19-16 - this coming week is a bit of a light one!
friday night the 24th i'm at Uchi E Sushi in Greenwood, SC from 6:30-9pm and then saturday the 25th, i'm back on the 8th street stage at the Augusta Market from noon-2pm.

5-31-16 - ok, this is the big week! and big it is, i've got no less than FOUR shows! here's the schedule for this weekend:

thursday 6/2 - Aiken Farmers Market, i'll be performing at TRIO Bar & Kitchen from 6-8pm for all the farmers and the marketers.
friday 6/3 - i'm at Whole Foods for their "Wine Not?" wine tasting event from 5-8pm.
saturday 6/4 - i'll be at the river stage at the Augusta Market from noon-2pm.
saturday 6/4 - IT'S THE TROLLEY RIDE NEW CD LISTENING PARTY! hey, if you couldn't get tickets but still want to join in the fun, we'll be pulling in to The Highlander at around 7:30pm and i'll be performing a short set inside while the drinks flow and food is eaten.


5-26-16 - hey now, still 4 seats left on my big "new cd listening party" aboard the Southstar Trolley on June 4th. get yours here!

5-25-16 - lately i've had people interested in my first two solo albums "i'm not going anywhere" and "metaphorically blind", which are both out of print. but you can still get them in digital form here!

in other current news, there are only 4 seats left on my mobile cd listening party, so grab your seat now! i'll also be the guest on Brenda Durant's Arts Weekly radio show this saturday at 9:30am on Smooth Jazz 92.3FM. i understand that you can hear a song or two from the new album then!

5-9-16 - ok, we knew it was coming, but now it's here: MY NEW CDS ARE IN STOCK! get a copy or a download here, but i recommend getting the actual disc so you can admire the amazing artwork by my friend Ruby Culpepper!

Moonsocket-approved music!

4-27-16 - this just in: booked 2 shows at Whole Foods Augusta! this friday april 27 and friday may 13th, both 5-8pm. these are both wine tasting events, so be forewarned! :D

4-15-16 - tonight i'm in Aiken at TRIO bar & kitchen from 9pm-1am. last night i rocked Sky City in Augusta, GA - below is a piece of it, i'm playing "underwater" from my upcoming new album!

4-5-16 - hey, here's the latest schedule for April!

7 - That Place Open Mic Feature, Augusta, GA, 6pm
9 - Augusta Market jazz tent, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
9 - Whole Foods "Wine Not" event, Augusta, GA, 5-8pm.
14 – Sky City, Augusta, GA, opening for We Are The Audience, 9pm
15 - TRIO Bar & Kitchen, The Alley, Aiken, SC 9pm-1am
16 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
22 - Uchi E Asian Kitchen, Greenwood, SC, 6:30-9pm
23 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
30 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm

3-27-16 -

hey, it's Easter! have a happy one! and looky here, my song "Butter On The Brain" won me a small prize in this contest from Jango Radio! the proof:

3-26-16 - i got rained out today at the market, but last night at Uchi E in Greenwood, SC went great! next weekend i WILL NOT BE at the market!
anywho, here's the forecast for some chances of chris hardy in the coming month:

April 2016
9 - Augusta Market jazz tent, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
14 – Sky City, Augusta, GA, opening for We Are The Audience, 9pm
15 - TRIO Bar & Kitchen, The Alley, Aiken, SC 9pm-1am
16 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
23 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
30 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm

3-13-16 -
ok, so my show last night at Carolina Ale House got cancelled unexpectedly. hey, that's life, right? at least i got a Reuben while i was there, haha.

well, this week you have TWO opportunities to take in a little 4-stringed fun! here's how the rest of this month looks:

March 2016
18 – TRIO Bar & Kitchen, The Alley, Aiken, SC 9pm-1am
19 – Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm
25 – Uchi E Sushi, Greenwood, SC, 6:30-9pm
26 - Augusta Market 8th street stage, Augusta, GA, Noon-2pm

2-29-16 - for "leap day", i decided to scrap my Reverbnation calendar and actually update my website like normal people do. let's see how long i can keep this up, haha. check out all the shows here!

2-26-16 - every friday since last july, i've been posting a different free song download on my "Free Song Friday" facebook page. since i have so many original songs, it might take you 20 years to get 'em all for free! go here and give my page a "like"!

2-15-16 - here's an interesting thing i did yesterday: a client of mine is a DJ with a classic rock show and he wanted me to record some jingles for the show. so i suggested that i should recreate the intro to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" but with the name of his show & other custom lyrics in it. watch it below!

and here's a link to Rocketman Robert's Classic Radio Show!

2-9-16 - hey, while i'm busy recording my 5th solo album, please consider chipping in a little visa/mastercard/paypal support to get this thing real. and get some fun perks in the process! want your name in the liner notes? can do! details here!

1-30-16 - i just submitted my entry to the NPR 2016 Tiny Desk Contest! i performed my brand new song "shake my head like a rattle". wanna see? of course you do! behold:

1-28-16 - happy new year! guess what? since new years day i've been working feverishly on my 5th solo album! the working title is "spelunking" and here are a few of the song titles, which may or may not be on the album: "shake my head like a rattle", "the sky is green", "hit pause", "one molecule at a time" and "the folk singer told us". hey, if you'd be interested in contributing to the project in a monumental way, here's how!

5-21-15 - so, not only did i get my picture in The Augusta Chronicle today...
...but today the Noise Land Arcade released their episode 3 featuring ME! :D have a look:

5-9-15 - TODAY is the day my new album is released INTERNATIONALLY! WOOT! and looky here, i'm already on Amazon. oh, and that other album listed there is NOT mine - i guess there's another "Chris Hardy" out there making music. who knew? AND i've been getting some press recently. let's watch and see what happens next...


5-7-15 - i'm a bit late in announcing this, but my NEW ALBUM "Hey Goliath" is out! go to my Bandcamp site to order either the digital version or the actual physical compact disc version! now to book some more shows....

3-15-16 - ooh, it's the ides of march! whatever that is. anyway, i finished writing & recording my album from the 2015 RPM Challenge and i'm raising funds to get it manufactured. as usual, with the expenses i'm looking at, i could use a little help - but there are perks involved! yes, from an mp3 of the new single "Space Cats" for a $1 contribution all the way to me playing my CD release at your house anywhere in GA or SC for a modest $600, there are all kinds of fun things. click here to get more info!

1-1-15 - hey, i made it to 2015! i'm working on some fun things for this year including but not limited to my NEW BAND "Trio904" (go see video from our debut show here), a performance on a boat, more contests to enter and some radio appearances, the first of which is this sunday 1-4-15 in Columbia, SC. plus, i swear that i'm gonna firm up this website and make it a little more eyeball-friendly soon!

11-27-14 - happy thanksgiving! in other news, my site has been invisible lately due to either my own incompetence as a webmaster or 1&1 changed a setting and didn't bother to tell me. somebody is an idiot and i suspect it's me! anyway, i've booked some more gigs, so see my calendar. oh, and on december 10 i'll be not only playing at sky city for their "festivus of bands", but i'll be playing with a trio featuring Jeff Johnston on drums and Billy S on bass. i've named this band "Trio 904", which is my zip code. get it? this is the first trio i've fronted since Nervous Boy (remember them?) so come on out and witness what could either be brilliance or a big pile of dog poopy. or something in between the two!

7-29-14 - the new CD is out and is selling nicely! if you want to snag a copy for yourself, go here!

in other news, i started a personal project called "100 happy songs". it's similar to "100 happy days", where users upload a photo to instagram of something that makes them happy each day for 100 days. but since i don't carry around a camera and i'm a songwriter with hundreds of songs, i thought i'd post one of my happy songs per day for 100 days. do i even have 100 happy songs? who knows? but we find out at this site where i upload each happy song!


4-13-14 - and the new cd "Robot Dreams" is being manufactured in tangible form right now as i type! cover art and design by my pal Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman! and looky here, my official cd release party will be EXACTLY 1 year after the last one (see post below, lol). and you're invited! details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/452051531595578/

1-11-14 - well, guess i've been more of a musician than a webmaster lately! i've booked a whole bunch of 2014 gigs so fa - see 'em on the Live Shows page. in other news, i've not decided whether or not i'll be doing an RPM Challenge album in february. if i do, it'll be the night before feb. 1 when i'll suddenly decide to do one and then that whole month will be one giant scheduling and writing and recording mess. but at the end of it, i'll have a new album for 2014! :D

4-19-13 - ok, my official cd release is now on friday, may 3 (which is also a First Friday event) at 7pm at Oddfellows Gallery, 1026 Broad St. downtown Augusta. this'll be cool because my amazing wife Victoria is having a book signing at the same time! she'll be signing copies of her novel "Kicking The Goat Silly", so if you want one, get down there - very limited quantities!

3-31-13 - alrighty, the kickstarter CD project for my "2013 RPM challenge" full-length album has been fully funded! i ordered the discs yesterday and the should be in my hands on April 9th

oh, and here's a sneak preview of the artwork!

you can also preview a smattering of the songs in this video!

3-2-13 - well, i finished recording my new cd! it was my second year in a row completing the RPM challenge (to write & record an entire full-length album in the month of February).

this one will be called "Metaphorically Blind".

11-05-12 - too late to mention this i reckon, but tomorrow night (election night) i'll be competing in a singer/songwriter contest at First Round in downtown Augusta, GA. great fun! if i'm good enough, i'll make it to the finals on dec. 4th. and if i'm better than everybody else, i'll win fabulous prizes!

10-15-12 - many new gigs booked on the "live shows" page and i'm working on a few new cover songs by Ray Lamontagne, Steve Miller Band and a couple more. can i really pull off that Styx song i want to do? hmmmm......

9-21-12 - new show booked on 10-5-12! i'll be playing in front of the Metro Coffeehouse (11th & Broad) from 6-9pm for First Friday!

9-12-12 -My wife Victoria's first novel is now up on amazon.com for kindle (click to go see for yourself)! it's called "kicking the goat silly" and it's only $2.99 - support independent authors who don't have the luxury of a marketing team, ok?

oh, and speaking of Joe's Underground, i managed to get 2 more shows there for october: the 11th and the 20th!


booked 3 shows today! this prompted me to get a live show widget from reverbnation.com, so now when i get a new show it will automatically update my website! yeah! go see it on my "Live Shows" page! now i can spend more time practicing that three dog night song i'm learning...


ok, looks like i have 2 gigs booked - one is for tomorrow night (8-2-2012) at Joe's Underground in downtown Augusta, GA. the other is also at Joe's, but it's not until 8-30-2012. so either write it down or show up! :D


been super-busy with voiceover work! gonna get back to some musical projects soon, like a theme song for a certain minor league hockey team.... gonna book some more solo shows too!



I am now located in Augusta, GA. does this shock anyone? Already have a show booked for July, too!

this is me ^^^ playing at the June 2012 First Friday. it was quite toasty that day!


psssst - hey bud. wanna get a digital copy of my new album for only 5 bucks? just go here - it's easy!


just finished the 9th & 10th song for my entry in this year's
RPM challenge!
10 songs written and recorded in the month of february.
the new album is called "i'm not going anywhere" and all
the songs are in chronological order.

you can listen to all the new songs here in this player:

chrishardyworld's player: