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 A list of artists and scientific illustrators on my artwork website.

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 Manta Ray & Whale Shark Research Centre

Based in Mozambique, the centre is being set up by Andrea Marshall (researching manta rays, biggest ray in the world) and Simon Pierce (researching the whale shark, biggest fish in the world). Both are my fellow PhD students in the Bennett Lab, UQ. Hats off to them, they've performed the amazing feat of setting up research station from scratch on the East coast of Africa (visualise Gilligan's Island as starting point) and have acquired significant funding for the project. I'm sure most poeple, even supposed biologists like myself, are unaware of how little we know of these two large species. This spot in Mozambique has unusually high numbers of both species and is revealing many aspects of their biology. 



Mike Dickison, a 'kiwi' himself, has researched the biology of large flightless birds, with an interest in what happens to the biology of animals (particularly birds) when their body size changes. Also has had a career as a graphic designer. It's really worth looking at his handy hints to better Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, and graphs and graphics. He also has some great collection of random zoology facts on the site.

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Always interesting; news and thoughts on evolution and developmental biology and random stuff. Bewilders many how PZ Myers manages to keep this vibrant site ticking and hold down a decent researcher's job (I suspect he's been dabbling in cloning experiments!).


Evolving Thoughts

John Wilkins, a Philosopher of Science. Yes, such people still exist and don't wear togas. His main interest is evolutionary theory and species concepts. A fellow inhabitant of Uni of Queensland.