Handy hints on...
Getting the best out of referencing and word processing software  for writing for science.

I'll hopefully be posting more PDFs here for worksheets that help you get the best out of EndNote and Word for scienctific writing. This should be most useful to those that are trying to write longe documents like theses.

'Handy Hints Worksheets': 

EndNote - The Basics
Why you want to use it... and handy hits on how to get the best out of it

EndNote is the leading referencing software that has all the bells and whistles required for formatting citations in scientific manuscripts as required by most scientfic journals. This worksheet is aimed at rapidly getting a novice up to speed, and also into the right frame of mind - like any software, you have to be thinking the right way to get the best out of it.



Other sites for worksheets:

In the meantime, Mike Dickison at giantflightlessbirds has some brilliantly crafted worksheets on making documents, graphs, graphics and better Powerpoint presentations that are really worth looking at (find them here: worksheets). Also, it's worth looking at his other site on perfecting the art of making clearly understood graphs: Pictures of Numbers