I am involved with a number of ongoing research studies, including:

Adaptive Tests for Long-Term Conditions (ATLanTiC) - NIHR PDF 2014-07-028 

A 3-year study to develop and evaluate computer adaptive tests for quality of life and user experience for patients with long-term conditions in the NHS. 

NIH Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information Systems (PROMIS)

An international initiative to improve health outcomes by developing, maintaining, improving, and encouraging the application of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System in research and clinical practice. If you'd like to use or help validate PROMIS measures in the UK please contact me

 A a 5-year programme grant to improve the quality of care planning in the NHS mental health services. 

Lead investigator for Cochrane review (Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group).

 Lead investigator for Cochrane review (Neuromuscular Disease Group).