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Jomolhari - A Free Tibetan Script Font 


Jomolhari is a free, Unicode compatible, Tibetan script font named after Mt Jomolhari on the border of Bhutan & Tibet. This font can be used for Tibetan and Dzongkha text.  It was inspired by Bhutanese manuscript examples and was originally designed for use in publishing traditional Buddhist texts.

The Jomolhari font is freely available under the Open Font Licence and the most recent version may be downloaded here or from the Free Tibetan Fonts Project. You can also download the font from  THLib, or the Open Font Library.

The font is also available pre-packaged for some Linux distributions:

For Debian based distributions, including Ubuntu, open a terminal and type:
 # apt-get install ttf-dzongkha

It is also available in a jomolhari-fonts RPM package.

Jomolhari also works well on Windows 2000, Windows XP and later Microsoft operating systems - and in applications such as OpenOffice.org and MS Office 2007. On versions of MS Windows prior to Vista it will be necessary to properly install an updated version of usp10.dll (Uniscribe) with support for Tibetan script. A bold weight of this font is also under development.

Glyphs in the Jomolhari font are named according to Adobe's glyph naming convention which enables searching Tibetan & Dzongkha text in PDF files created with this font.