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DDC Uchen



Font Sample


DDC Uchen is a  font I created in 2010 for the Dzongkha Development Commission in Bhutan. They have made it publicly available for free distribution under the terms of the Open Font Licence.

DDC Uchen is used by Kuensel, the national  newspaper of Bhutan, for their daily Dzongkha language edition. It is also used in many books and government publications.

The DDC Uchen font is in OpenType format and compatible with Unicode text. It works under MS Windows, Linux, and OS-X operating systema. as well as in Adobe InDesign (CS3 and above). The font may also be used with GB/T20524-2006 encoded text.

On web sites the font may be freely "embedded"using the CSS @font-face.
One web site using the DDC-Uchen font in this way is the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) - a major digital library of Tibetan texts.