By Chris Dillon. Version 3.2, 7 September, 2009. Latest version at:

TreePad is for organising hierarchies of notes. It is installed on WTS at UCL, but you can get Windows versions from and Linux, Mac and Solaris versions from

TreePad consists of a tree (the left part of the screen) and notes, called 'articles' — the right part of the screen. The tree part consists of 'nodes', which can be connected to each other in a hierarchy.

Every node is itself an article where you can store information.

If a node is selected the associated text is displayed in the right part of the screen.

1. To add a node:

Press the Insert key in the node above which you wish to add the new node.

2. To expand or collapse a node:

You can click the little "+" to expand the node (in the left part of the screen).

You can click the little "-" to collapse a node.

3. To move a node into another node:

Click the node you want to move. While holding the mouse button, drag the node to the destination node and release the mouse button. The node you wanted to move will now be a child node of the destination node. Important: the node, its text and all of its child nodes are moved to the new location.

4. To move a node:

This command moves the node to the position just after the destination node. The difference with the previous command is that the node will appear just after (NOT below) the destination node.

The mouse action is the same as above, except you need to keep the Shift key pressed when dragging the node. Note: press the Shift key BEFORE you start the mouse operation.

5. To delete a node:

Click the node and press Delete.

6. To change the node name:

Click the node. Wait. Click on it again. An edit cursor will appear in the node name.

Alternatively, click the node and press F2.

7. Printing

To print a single TreePad article, go to File | Print | Article.

To print part of a tree, select the top-most node of what you want to print and go to File | Print | Nodes and articles.

8. Exporting TreePad data to a file

Highlight the node below which you want to print, and go to Export | Subtree | As HTML (or As text file) on the File menu.

9. Searching TreePad:

Highlight any node in the left pane, and press Ctrl-F.

It is usually best to have Subtree, Nodes and Articles selected under What to search.

10. Links

To link to an address on the Internet, put it in double quotes, e.g. "".

Activate the link by clicking it and pressing Ctrl-H.

To link to another TreePad node, right-click the node you want to link to and select Copy | Node Hyperlink Address. Return to the node from which you want to link, and go to Edit | Paste. Activate the link by clicking it and pressing Ctrl-H.

11. Further information