The Land of Eire

Welcome. Emily and I have moved to Dublin, Ireland! Below please find our contact info and updates below...

Dublin Address
Chris & Emily McCarley
14 Linden
31-33 Merrion Road
Dublin 4

Email Addresses

Dublin Phone Numbers
Dublin is 5 hours ahead of U.S. East Coast time.

Emily Mobile:  085  1269403
Chris Mobile 1:  085  1158695
Chris Mobile 2:  303-437-9950
Chris Work:  tbd

To make a call to Ireland from the US:
> Dial 011, the international access code.
> Dial 353, the Irish country code.
> Drop the 0 from the beginning of the city code and dial the remaining digits.

Audio / Video Conference (free)
Emily and I both use Skype and Gmail for free online audio and video calls. You can sign up for a free Skype account at You can sign up for a free Gmail account at Once you have signed up and logged on to either service, simply search for our below user names, check to see if either of us is online and audio (just need a computer with a microphone) or video (need a computer with a webcam) chat for free.

Chris Skype User Name: chrismccarley
Chris Gmail User Name:
Emily Gmail User Name:

Planning a Trip to Visit Us in Dublin?
If you're planning a trip to come visit us in Ireland, please click here for our availability as well as other trip planning info.