Our Story

Chris and Emma met on Thursday 19th August 2010 at Andrew Cuerden's Latin Technique class at Stardust Ballroom. They were partnered to work on a cha cha cha routine and got on well, but it was during the group's post-lesson drinks at Putney Station that they really hit it off. Chris often tells the story of how his food went cold in front of him three lessons in a row because they were so engrossed in each other, and that he felt he had to ask Emma out so that he could stop wasting food.
Unfortunately he couldn't get her alone to ask, so he turned to every stalker's best friend - Facebook - to ask the question. He didn't know her surname, but he knew that Emma was friends with someone he was friends with so he searched that person's friend list for "Emma" and sent her a message.
Their first date was in Putney and featured Toy Story 3 (which made Chris cry) and an Italian restaurant called Enoteca Turi - which established their shared passion for wine.
They only got one more date in before Chris jetted off to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but fortunately Emma remembered who he was when he got back and the relationship began to blossom. They took the First Big Step of our time by putting the relationship on Facebook on 25th September 2010.
Unfortunately Chris then got sent to Edinburgh 3 nights a week with work. Apparently absence succeeded in making the heart grow fonder in this case, as they spent most of their time together when he was in London.
Their first holiday - and their official dry run for being in each other's presence 24/7 - was in Florida (Emma's inner nerd wanting to see Harry Potter World) and New Orleans for Mardi Gras. They didn't kill each other, so they started looking for flats to rent. They moved in together in early April 2011.
Time passed - parents were met (and weren't too disapproving), a shared life was built. A holiday was booked in Rome for the beginning of June 2012, and Chris thought this would be a good opportunity to ask a Very Serious Question.
But where to pop the question? There was only one thing for it: google for "best places to propose in rome". Various options presented themselves, and one forum discussing the topic mentioned hiring a photographer to take candid photos without the lady's knowledge. Next google: "wedding photographer in Rome", which turned up one Andrea Matone. A deal was done and a time and location was plotted.
Getting Emma in the right place at the right time was easier than expected - and luckily, she said yes. See the shoot at Photos.