Behaviour Assessments

"We hire people for their technical skills, we would like to fire them because of their lack of behavioural competencies"
Ever heard that before?

Your company's answer to "Selecting & Developing of Top Performers"

Recruiting the Right Candidate for the right Job and save thousands in staff turnover, training, and hiring costs!

We have the ideal solution to:

  • Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes
  • Hire Top and Successful Performers
  • Put the Right Person in the Right Job the First time
  • Identify & Develop Leadership Skills for Managers, Supervisors, and Executives
 Harrison Assessments (HA)

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Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments capability provides you with a revolutionary new basis for selection, enabling your firm to develop, retain, and maximize suitability between people, jobs, and your organizational culture. Learn how and why numerous International & Malaysian companies find Harrison Assessments to be the key to selecting, retaining and developing top performers. This user- friendly tool harnesses a capability to deliver a cost- effective, web-enabled evaluation of your people and their jobs. With Harrison Assessments, your managers are able to identify job-fit to improve bottom-line results.

Applications that Harrison Assessments can be used for:

  • Enabling Management to better screen and select New Hires, High Performers; in addition identify Poor Performers in the pre-selection stage.
  • Providing a mechanism for more effective individual Coaching and/or Training for employees by Line Managers.
  • Enhancing Team Effectiveness through personalised coaching
  • Facilitating Organisation Alignment, Planning & Development
  • Providing essential data to facilitate Culture Change and Awareness
  • Improving the Succession Planning process

"Empowering Business Organisations to select Top Performers"

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