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ScreenShot 2

This is a Windows application (requires .net) to capture screenshots from the Relook.  It automates the manual tasks of installing the files, and using FTP to get the captured file.

To get the ScreenShot application, download the zipped files and unzip them to a directory.  Run the application.

The usage is easy.  Change the Relook address box to your address, and user and password boxes and Relook directory boxes if necessary.  Change the Windows directory box to where you wish to put the screenshots (or leave it alone and you can set the directory when the picture is saved.

Use the "Install Grabber" button, the first time that you run the application.  This will FTP three files (grabber.ko, grabpic, and fb2bmp) to the Relook directory, chmod these files, and then execute insmod grabber.ko.  If grabber.ko is already installed, a status message will show this and it won't be installed twice.

Use the "Screen Shot" button to capture a screen shot.  The first time it is pressed, a telnet login is processed, so there are a few seconds delay for the first shot, but the next shots are done without a re-login.

The captured file can be several different bitmap sizes, but the aspect ratio is not correct.  This is corrected by loading the file into a pictureBox on the screen in the correct aspect ration.  The 4:3 or 16:9 buttons change the view.

The "Save the Shot" button saves the image to a file in the Windows directory (you can change this at Save time) with a unique name picXXXX.bmp in the aspect ratio chosen.

When captured, the aspect ratios are typically not correct: 4:3 480 X 576, 544 X 576 720 X 576, 16:9 544 X 576, 720 X 576,  NTSC 4:3 720 X 480.

These are all saved as: 4:3 = 720 X 576, 16:9 = 1024 X 576 to correct the aspect ratio.

There is a problem with capturing NTSC pictures.  I'm not sure if this is because the only NTSC I know may be 4:2:2 encoded or is a basic issue with grabber.

This version captures only the video.  I plan to add the menu in the next version.

Tested with DGS 2.16, Neumo 2.13.6, and Fantacy 2.13.6.   Good luck and happy capturing.  Let me know any bugs.

Charles Putney