Welcome to 2017/2018 School Year!

All are welcome to attend School Council meetings.  Next meeting: April 9

2017/2018 Council Members

Chair: Jackelyn Maiatico 
Vice Co-Chairs:  Dianne Storey, Madhu Maren
Treasurer: Sarah Eapen Sen
Secretary: -
Teacher Representative: Nancy Wagner
Admin Representative: Michelle Jackson 
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Cheryl Wright
Movie Night Co-ordinators: Nikki Munro Houlton
Lunch Co-ordinator:-
Special Events Co-ordinator: -
Fundraising Co-ordinator: -
PIC Representative: Nicolia Sandiford, April Bond
Grants: Emily Kaija
Website Administrator: Jasmine Davidson

Hena Fatima


The purpose of the Chris Hadfield School Council is to provide assistance and support for the regular and extracurricular programs at the school and to enhance programs and facilities through fundraising initiatives. We aid in communication between the school and parents and make reports and recommendations to the school administration relating to matters affecting the students in the school. We function as an advisory body and respond to requests from the Halton District School Board and/or Ontario Ministry of Education.