Daily Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule

9:00                  Working parents arrive and begin setting up materials

9:15                  Children arrive

9:30                  Teacher leads children in welcome song and share time

9:45                  Playtime on volleyball court (e.g., bikes, chalk, balls, etc.) & children taken to restroom

10:15                Group Learning (e.g., weather, songs, alphabet sounds)

10:45                Snack time at picnic tables (snack provided by one working parent)

11:00                Daily activities (e.g., one-on-one teacher/student workbook time, dress-up and role-playing activities, fine motor skill activity center, and art                                    projects)

11:45                Story time

12:00                Clean up and dismissal for open play supervised by working parents. Teacher is available for conferences during this time.

12:30                Pick-up time