Our wonderful teacher Miss Rosy!

Rosa Hernandez started teaching at CHPPNS Fall 2019 and has quickly become a central part of the CHPPNS community. Her experience, easy going nature, and ability to adapt to the kids is a treasure and we are so thankful to have her!

A few questions for Rosa...

What do you enjoy most about preschool?
I enjoy watching the developmental growth in every single child as the year goes by. I also love the uniqueness and authenticity every child brings into the classroom. And teaching preschool is FUN. I get to engage in play everyday!

What do you like about teaching at CHPPNS?

-CHPPNS is a home away from home.  I love the fact that parents work one-on-one not only with the teacher but also with their children, and are fully engaged in the social, emotional and cognitive growth of their child.  Teachers and parents working together form an exceptional team in shaping young minds.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is 
Love You Forever by, Robert Munsch

Something we might not know about you:
Becoming a teacher was my dream since 3rd grade.

What is your teaching philosophy?

As an Early Childhood Educator, my goal is to provide and meet the needs of all children regardless of nationalities and abilities.  I believe that children learn and achieve goals if given the opportunity and freedom to be a child. Children need an age appropriate curriculum which will allow them to explore his/her authenticity and unique strengths.  I use a curriculum that allows the child to socialize, communicate and especially define him/herself. My job is to provide a lesson plan that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the children and not my own.