By enrolling in the California Heights Parent Participation Nursery School, you and your child are becoming part of a Long Beach tradition that dates back to 1947. That’s right, our school is over 70 years old! It’s been around so long because it works!

A parent participation nursery school, or co-op, is by definition, an organized group of parents working toward a common or mutual benefit. Families who choose to invest their time in a co-op find that they often get as much or more back than they invest into it. We all share the small and large tasks that make our co-op work well. Our shared goal is our children’s well being.

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"CHPPNS has not only been a great place of learning for our kids, but a supportive community for our entire family!" Heather, Parent 2017

"Being part of CHPPNS has been an extraordinary experience! My daughter has thrived in the program not only academically but socially!" Parent 2011

We fondly recall our time there as a positive experience. The opportunity to meet children and their parents was a treasure." Brendan, Parent 2008

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