Choy's Ecology and Remote Sensing Lab

Department of Geography, National Taiwan University

Using remote sensing to study the impacts of climate change along environmental gradients

We use synoptic sensing methods to integrate information acquired from ground, sky and space to investigate the impacts of climate change, mainly elevated temperature and amplified drought, on tropical and subtropical cloud-affected montane forest and agricultural ecosystems.

Students, postdocs and visiting scholars interested in the topics please contact me (email is at the bottom).

-- 2022 News --

  • 07/13: We appreciate The Reporter's report on our Aliproject.

  • 06/30: Super congrats on Chi-Ching Huang awarded MOST undergraduate creative project award for her study of assessing canopy water interception in the montane cloud forest of Chilan Mountain.

  • 06/21: Super congrats on Hong-You Lin and Zih-Yu Shen awarded MOST undergraduate research grants to study the agroecosystem of the Greater Alishan tea farms from remote sensing and human geography perspectives!

  • 06/09: We welcome Lino Garda Denaro to join our lab as a postdoc fellow.

  • 06/09: Lab alumni KT Hu (Boston University) and Hung-Chi Liu (Arizona State University) received MOE study abroad scholarships. Super congrats!

  • 05/06: Chi-Ching Huang received the NTU best undergraduate thesis award. Super congrats!

  • 04/15: Jonathan Wang lands a job at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Super congrats!

  • 03/23: Chi-Ching Huang got admitted by NTU School of Forestry and Resources Conservation. Super congrats!

  • 03/22: New publication: Discontinuity of diurnal temperature range along elevated regions. Link

  • 03/15: New publication: Assessment of spatiotemporal dynamics of diurnal fog occurrence in subtropical montane cloud forests. Link

  • 01/30: Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow Keerti Gopal's write up about our Alishan project. Link

  • 01/30: New publication: Analysis of canopy gaps of coastal broadleaf forest plantations in northeast Taiwan using UAV lidar and the Weibull distribution. Link

-- Notable events --

  • 2017/06/21-23: Crossing scales and disciplines to identify global trends in tree mortality as an indicator of forest health, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Hannover, Germany.

  • 2014/10/20-23: International and Interdisciplinary Workshop on Tree Mortality, the Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany. Report Review

  • 2013/09/04-06: A workshop on Remote Sensing of Vegetation Mortality: Challenges, Solutions, and Ecological Understanding. Santa Fe, NM, USA. Earth and Environmental Science Division, Los Alamos National Lab, NM, USA. Photo Publication Video

-- Highlights --

  • The Reporter (2022): Climate change and Alishan high mountain tea. HTML

  • Global Association of MDP Programs (2021): MDP student research: Observational and numerical research of Taiwan's mountains. PDF

  • Malvern Panalytical (2019): Assessing forest canopy productivity using active and passive remote sensing. HTML

  • Cal Poly News (2017): Cal Poly assistant professor takes on vexing global problem of dying forests. HTML

  • F1000 Research (2017): Estimation of canopy water interception of a near-tropical montane cloud forest in Taiwan. HTML

  • Academia Sinica Highlights (2016): Rewrite a classical theory: When evolutionary biology encounters macroecology. PDF

  • NTU Highlights (2016): Daily variations have opposite effect to seasonal fluctuations on species distribution. HTML

  • AAAS EurekAlert! (2016): Tolerance to daily versus seasonal temperature changes may dictate fitness. HTML

  • Science Perspective (2016): Thermal trouble in the tropics. HTML

  • Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (2016): Cover image. PDF

  • ScienceDaily (2015): Glimpses of the future: Drought damage leads to widespread forest death. HTML

  • The New York Times (2015): Climate change threatens to kill off more aspen forests by 2050s. HTML

  • Pacific Standard (2015): The trembling aspen Is in trouble. HTML

  • The Week (2015): How climate change is killing the aspen forests of the American Southwest. HTML

  • Colorado Public Radio (2015): Listen to aspen trees having 'heart attacks' due to drought. HTML

  • Nature World News (2015): Drought damage will cause widespread forest death by 2050. HTML

  • Woodworking Network (2015): Aspen trees threatened by hot droughts. HTML

  • The Independent (2015): Climate change could eliminate aspen forests in the western US. HTML

  • Carnegie Science highlight (2015): Glimpses of the future: Drought damage leads to widespread forest death. HTML

  • Trends in Plant Science (2015): Cover image. PDF

  • Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences (2014): Cover image. PDF

  • IOP highlight (2014): Vegetation in Taiwan is strongly affected by El Nino. HTML

  • Landsat news (2011): Consequences of aspen die-off. HTML

  • DIREnet highlight (2011): Large drought-induced aboveground live biomass losses in southern Rocky Mountain aspen forests. PDF

  • Photo gallery (2007): Postfire stand structure. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 88:23. PDF

-- Passengers and traces--

  • 2019/12/30: We welcome Evan Liang, University of Western Australia Engineering major senior joining our lab this winter for 6 weeks.

  • 2019/08/05: We welcome UCLA Civil Engineering major Ariel Kuo joining our lab this August.

  • 2019/05/31: Time of year again for graduation. Super congrats to Lai GY, Tsai SF and Rau HT! Photo

  • 2017/07/11: Chung CH passed his dissertation with flying colors. Super congrats Dr. Chung!

  • 2017/03/30: Our former undergraduate Liu PH has been admitted by the EBS University for Business and Law MBA program. Atta girl!

  • 2017/07/03: We welcome Geography major Abbey Wong (KCL) and Venessa Ng (NUS) joining our lab this summer. Photo

  • 2016/07/26: We welcome Tai TC, UCL Geography major sophomore and Basant Apurva, Lakeside HS junior joining our lab this summer.

  • 2016/07/04: We welcome Stella Yuan, UCSD Environmental Sciences/Psychology major senior joining our lab this summer for 6 weeks.

  • 2015/07/21: Miao R, a 3rd year Nankai University Environmental Sciences major college student is staying with our lab for 8 weeks for the NTU summer intern training program.

  • 2015/06/14: Our lab's first PhD Wang H. Super congrats, Dr. Wang!

  • 2014/07/02: We welcome Xiong D, a 3rd year UCLA Civil Engineering major college student. She will stay in our lab for 8 weeks for the NTU summer intern training program.

  • 2014/06/06: Our Hu KT and former summer intern Liu PH will graduate this year. You go girls! Photo

Litterfall in Chilan Mountain (English)

Field NPP protocol (Chinese)

Doing Geography in the Anthropocence (Chinese)

To the sunny side of the cloud forest (Chinese)

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