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Welcome to Chows_First List. 

 A list for all chow lovers.

We appreciate all posted messages

about this great oriental breed.

All messages should be chow related meaning anything to do with the chow chow. Be it  showing in conformation or obedience, your pet, rescue, health information, testing such as OFA, CERF, and others that responsible chow owners prefer to complete.

Announcements may include upcoming auctions, government regulations and bills proposed for different states. Breed specific laws and resources for your area.   Seminars of interest to all.

Chat Schedules will be started if

there is enough interest.

Chow Chow Topics  are for sharing

chow related experiences.

List Members Sites will offer links to

members web sites.

Brags and photos maybe displayed by members.


Flaming will result in your being placed back

in your crate  and deleated from the list.


 Marge  &  Pat