What I Believe

 I Believe the Scripture teaches a Reformed or Calvinistic Soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation)
I'm of The Heretical Double Predestination Supralapsarian Kind & that it also Teaches
Conditional Immortality, that is that The Sovereign Tri-Une Lord God Jehovah alone is
Immortal, that man was created a Living Soul as opposed to possessing an Immortal Soul, which False Doctrine brought into The Church from paganism has led to a myriad of Errors
& Falsehoods.Man
having died in Adam, who by His Federal Covenantal Headship  ruined
his posterity,
is flesh & blood & construed to be mortal in his entirety, at Death he is both Senseless & Lifeless, & he shall receive his Reward at the Second Advent of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, when The Resurrection of the Righteous & the Wicked, the Quick & the Dead,  for the Purposes of Judgement shall take place.
 The Righteous are bestowed that Everlasting &
Immortal Life Promised by God to them,
those He has Chosen before the foundation of the World unto Faith in his Son The
Jesus Christ, & the rest as vessels of wrath fitted to Destruction,shall be Consumed by the
Eternal & Unquenchable Fire which is the Second Death as a Just Recompence for their
Sins, Iniquities & Transgressions,comprising of Unbelief, Unrighteousness & Ungodliness.