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Website,Video & Book Links Part I

Website,Video & Book Links that Promote Conditional Immortality Views

Greetings fellows Sojourners, I would like to post the following Links that
you can visit at your leisure that contain material that Advocates & Defends
the Conditional Immortality,Nature of Man (Mortalism,Physicalism & Dualism),
Intermediate State,Destruction of the Wicked (
Annihilationism) Position:

To begin...
The Homepage of
The Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand Inc., Afterlife containing many Conditional Immortality Resources, Articles & Reviews
also the Late David Burge provides a good intro to the subject
Conditional Immortality :Does It Matter? Should I Care?

be sure to view their videos in the Media Section

Articles by a Reformed Missionary Pastor in Pakistan,Dr.James
Kenneth Brandyberry & his website Sovereign
good to see The Lord opening the eyes of the Reformed.
also from the same website an article on C.I. by Steven M. Jones:
 A good intro to the subject can be found at Jewish not Greek
* Just a WARNING this website contains Idolatrous Iconography *

Sheol Know & Hell Know, which were previously 2 separate 
websites have now merged into Hell, Hades and the Afterlife 
with contributions from D.Barry & Dirk Warren
* this website regrettably also contains Idolatrous Iconography * 

The Website Resurrection or Immortality by William Robert West 
be sure to download his large book Resurrection or Immortality

This site presents a Calvinistic Soteriology with a Conditionalist Immortality Anthropology I call this a Divine Dovetail & can't endorse it enough,this just happens to be my particular theological belief, though I'm the Heretical Double Predestination Supralapsarian Type, though they also hold to a Preterist
Eschatology which I can't endorse as a Historicist.
Truth According to Scripture, check it out

Probably the foremost modern Herald, Proponent & "Prophet" of Conditional
Immortality & Annihilationism the Venerable Mr Edward Fudge
a primer or intro to the subject by Mr Fudge
The Final End of the Wicked. or
Jets Final End of the Wicked

be sure to check out his latest high quality The Fire that Consumes Video
on Youtube or Vimeo

also a debate on Hell between Edward Fudge & John McKinely

Heres a Video by Ken Bussell of Our Place Christian Church who acknowledges
his indebtedness to Mr Fudge, Hell: The Case for Conditionalism

even though this guys a Seventh Day Adventist belonging to the Conservative/Traditional Wing which rejects Justification by Grace
through Faith therefore I cant endorse his Gospel The Apostle Paul
would give him an anathema according to Galations, nevertheless I
highly recommend these Conditionalist Videos of his though,
Doug Bachelor's The Witch of Endor - What Happens When You Die?
Confusion in the Cemetery
The Rich man and Lazarus                                                                 
Cities of Ash                                                                                                          Lake of Fire       
Ghosts and Spooky Spirits                                                              

This is a book by conservative S.D.A. Theologian Samuel Bacchiocchi,see disclaimer above, with a Foreword by Clark Pinnock ,who I can't endorse
either due to his Apostasy,went from Reformed Soteriology to Arminianism
unto the Damnable Open Theism Heresy.
Immortality or Resurrection?A Biblical Study on Human Nature & Destiny.

Jefferson Vann's Blogs & his attempt at making a systematic theology from
an Advent Christian viewpoint,
have all been rolled into one at jeffersonvann.

also has this booklet that teaches the distinctive
doctrines of the
Advent Christian Church
The Five Advent Christian Distinctives

Henceforth, a journal for Advent Christian thought, being
a publication of the Advent Christian General Conference.

Here are another couple of Blogs from an Evangelical Advent Minister called
John Roller John Roller's FREE Stuff & Advent Christian Church.

& his book,The Doctrine of Immortality in the Early Church & here

Babu G. Ranganathan's Articles on Religion and Science,a web site with many
thought provoking articles like: What About Monkeys That Look Caucasian?
also has a few good conditionalist articles
Conservative Theologian No Longer Believes Eternal Torment
Traditional Doctrine of Hell Evolved From Greek Roots

Unquenchable Fire Won't Burn Eternally!

The Bible Vs. The Traditional View of Hell

an article on Conditional Immortality by Adventist Miles Grant

Leroy Froom a leading 20th Century S.D.A. Scholar penned a large 2 Vol work
on C.I. called,The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, That Contains a Theological Defence of the Doctrine as well as a Historical Survey, the late great Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave it an endorsement "This Magnificent Conditionalist Faith Volume is characterised by your Customary Careful Scholarship". Its probably the most comprehensive book written on the subject to date,
can be found here: Vol I & Vol II
*Just a warning though, It contains your typical S.D.A. 2nd Commandment 
 Breaches showing Idolatrous Images of The Lord Jesus Christ *

a review of the above
The History of Conditionalism by Alfred Felix Vaucher    

Heres a website called Consuming Fire - Conditionalism,
Mortalism,Physicalism, contains many good articles like:
What part of "Will Consume" Did you not Understand?

with a title like this, its just asking to be read, Endless Hell Ended
a Site Dedicated To A True, Biblical Understanding of Hell.
Well that was till he changed the name of his website to Doug Smith
don't forget to request the free e-book
Endless Hell Ended
I believe from a
Contributor to the Afterlife Website, Doug Smith.

Dr Glen Peoples website Right Reason also known as Say hello to my Little
Friend primarily covers issues in Philosophy, Theology, Biblical Studies & 
Social Issues.Contains Articles, a Blog & "the most widely listened Podcast on Theology or Philosophy in the Southern Hemisphere"

Rethinking Hell a website Exploring Evangelical Conditionalism
contains a Blog,Podcast & Forum, also has a groovy banner. 

also the Rethinking Hell Youtube Channel

Chris Date and Dr. Phil Fernandes debated the proposition,
"The punishment of hell will be annihilation: the everlasting loss of life and conscious existence."
Chris Date affirmed, articulating and defending conditional immortality and annihilationism. Dr. Fernandes denied, articulating and defending the traditional view of hell as eternal torment.

E.W.Bullinger author of the Famous Companion Bible, Ultra-Dispensationalist
(I guess it takes all sorts) & Descendant of the Famous Swiss Reformer of the same Surname, Here presents a refutation of the Traditionalist Position on the Intermediate State dealing with this Parable, Hades,The Apostles Creed, Christ's words to the dying thief, Absent from the Body & Paul's Desire in Philippians
1:23 makes interesting reading.
The Rich Man & Lazarus - Luke 16:19-31   

Oscar Cullmann a 20th Century Lutheran Theologian whose
Ecumenical views we can't embrace wrote a little book called
Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead?

Clark Pinnock held to Open Theism,Inclusivism & an erroneous view of
Inspiration,OK he was a Heretic but he at least got this Doctrine correct !
The Destruction of the Finally Impenitent.

Samuel G. Dawson involved with the Churches of Christ,with 20+ years 
teaching experience, we have Chapter 11 Jesus' Teaching on Hell from 
his book The Teaching of Jesus: From Mount Sinai to Gehenna.
& also his The Rich Man,Lazarus & the Afterlife