Limonero Family

We are an international band playing choro and samba from Rio de Janeiro.

We are from Finland, Israel, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Germany and Spain.

We love music so much we make it our profession.

We will caress your ears with instrumental melodies, some 100 years old, mixed with fresh ideas, created recently or in the moment.

We will move your feet with groovy sambas, famous all over Brazil for their swing and lyricism.

We will enlighten your spirit with the good energy of the music flowing through us.

You are welcome to join us! You can dance, listen, drink beer or update your facebook profile. You can love it, like it, ignore it or hate it. We don´t mind. We love you anyway. See You Then!

Limonero Family History:

The energy of Choro music in our family has been shared by many people since we started in 2011. 
We started as a typical choro quartet joining flute, cavaquinho, pandeiro and 7th string guitar; lately adding trombone and mandolin to our classical sound. 

Several Limonero members  did hit the road for a while, spreading our message around the world; Brazil, Portugal, Spain,...

...and after some time  sharing love and music with different fellows, The Limoneros come back to the original Quartet setting:  Anders,  Falk, Maite and Olmo.


Alon Celnik

Directly from Tel Aviv this amazing Drummer and Percusionist has conquered the world with his beats.
Inspired on his trips to Brazil, Mexico and Spain, he masters the Pandeiro from the subtlest touch to the heaviest groove. We call him the Jewish Shaman.

Photo: Erika Prüfert Borrel

Anders Perander

Despite he was born in Helsinki, this multinstrumentalist can warm your soul up with the sweet sound of his Cavaquinho although he could break your hips with his rhythm and voice too. A master of balance ready to drive you through the flow of love.
                                          Haffner/Perander  Website

Photo: Erika Prüfert Borrel

Falk Schrauwen

His love for music is an expanding spell that can hit anyone's ear, so intensely that we named him our official speech maker, and the purity of his  Pandeiro groove drives the citrical experience to a new level of music revelation. Therefore when Falk is the leader we become Falk's Band. 

Roman Sielert

Born in Kiel (Germany) with a Brazilian soul, Roman's humble spirit makes the Limonero train take off to rhythmical extasis through his Pandeiro magic. 

Sarai Ferrer

The Mistress who started everything!  Her sweet personality brought us together to create Choro a Quatre, where we forged our soul through the coast and mountains of Catalunya. With her Flute and Love, she is the one who turned the engine on. Thanks Sarai!

Photo: Erika Prüfert Borrel

Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

Photo: Charo Aymerich

Photo: Matteo Bowinkelmann

Maite Neri

The sweetest of our lemons brings  delicacy and  beauty to the quartet. Her classical and jazz universes blend as a caipirinha into refreshing melodies and fierce improvisations. No doubt she is from Pamplona,  the Bull Fighter of the Flute.
Check: Maite Neri´s Website

Photo: Erika Prüfert Borrel

Olmo Marín

Groove and joy are mixed into his 7 String  Guitar style, suitable for the mellow tones and the afro tunes. This Basque shepherd will guide you through the gates of harmony into a garden of musical delights. Be ready!

Photo: Erika Prüfert Borrel

Ioannis Marinos

The language of choro is expanded to mediterranean latitudes with the mastery of the Wizard of Zakynthos (Greece), adding sweet Mandolin lines and intense Trombone depth. 


Francisco Medina

Directly from Portugal, Chico mixes his modern jazz knowledge with a solid brazilian heritage, injecting creativity and fantasy into his Cavaquinho spontaneity.