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Choros Limoneros is very glad to present their first album "LIMONEROS"oficially released in Holland at DE DOELEN, Rotterdam, the 14th of June of 2013.

"Limoneros" was recorded at Korenbeurs (Schiedam) and mixed at SoundPort (Rotterdam) by Thrilling Sound Productions during February, March and April of 2013.

The album conteins 10 songs, being 7 of them original compositions by Choros Limoneros.

All the artworks of the album are designed by Falk Schrauwen, and the graphics made by Sarah Cook.



Choros Limoneros is an international group based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
They play "choro" and "samba" in their own way, weaving together their backgrounds and influences into an unique adventure through musical landscapes ranging from classical Swiss alps to Amazonian rainforest. Mostly they stay in Rio de Janeiro, though on the beach of Copacabana or in the bars of Lapa, where the music tells the story of everyday life and brings out the happiness and need to dance.



The album "Limoneros" takes a step from the traditional "choro" repertorie out into new territories. It moves from the bars of Rio de Janeiro to the Argentinian countryside where jazz meets folk. It explores the funky grooves of North America and returns to the European continent with it´s passion for love stories. Finally it takes the listener back to Brasil where the sounds from the streets mixes with the smell of Brazilian, Spanish, Belgian and Finnish cooking. 
Boa viagem! Buen viaje! Goede reis! Hyvää matkaa!

Het album "Limoneros" neemt een stap van het traditionele choro repertoire naar nieuw gebied. Het beweegt van de bars in Rio de Janeiro naar het Argentijnse platteland, waar jazz folk ontmoet. Het verkent de funky grooves van Noord-Amerika en keert terug naar het Europese continet met zijn passie voor liefdesverhalen.
Tenslotte brengt het de luisteraar terug naar Brazilië, waar de geluiden van de straat zich vermengen met de geur van Braziliaanse, Spaanse, Belgische en Finse keuken. Boa Viagem! Buen viaje! Goede Reis! Hyvää matkaa!



Anders Pernander: cavaquhino & vocals
Olmo Marín: 7 string guitar & backing vocals
Falk Schrauwen: pandeiro, extra percussion & backing vocals
Maite Neri: flute & backing vocals


Album Price: 15 €

To get a "LIMONEROS" album please contact us:   choroslimoneros@hotmail.com