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Daily Quests

  • Daily quests can be done once every 4 EL days (3 if the global quest reward is in effect).
  • That means you'll have to wait for 0:00 EL time to pass 3 (or 2) times after finishing the quest before you can take the quest again. You don't have to be online.

Haidir's daily fighting quest

  • Talk to Haidir in Tirnwood Vale in White Stone [380,311]. He will send you to another NPC, who will tell you what you need to kill.
  • Ways of killing that work: Melee weapon, item while in combat, spell while in combat, ranged weapon.
  • Ways of killing that don't work: Spell while not in combat or somebody else in combat..
  • When you've killed enough of them, you will get a message telling so.
  • Then return to the NPC that told you what you needed to kill. (not to Haidir!)

Daritha's daily equipment quest

  • Talk to Daritha in Tarsengaard barracks entered from [177,189] and she will ask you to bring her certain pieces of armor or weapons for the reward.

Xaquelina's daily harvesting quest

  • Talk to Xaquelina in Portland, at the docks. She will tell you what you need to harvest.
  • Note: the amount is amount of harvests, not amount of the item, so if you wear excavator cloak you'll have to harvest twice the amount.

Minel's daily engineering quest

  • Talk to Minel in Nordcarn [in a house entered at 142,69]. He will tell you to go talk to one of his customers, who will ask you to go place mines/caltrops/wards in a certain place.
  • To place the mines/caltrops/wards, stand in the right area, use the items in your inventory while moving a step per item in the area.
  • You don't necessarily have to place all the mines at once, say if you needed 10 and placed 9 in the right place and one too far, you can go back later to place one in the right place to complete the quest.

Tatu's daily delivery quest

Items needed

  • 2 Mule Glyphs and mule level for at least 1,200 EMU.
  • 1 set of essences for Teleport to Portals Room spell
  • 1 c2 ring
  • some Creature Food (5-10)


  • Go to Tatu in Desert PinesCrystal Caverns [108,16] and choose option "Need help?"
  • You will need to have 1,200 EMU available. Shapeshift to mule form before accepting the package.
  • You will get 600 quartz in inventory and will need to deliver it to an NPC
  • Easiest way to move to the NPC in mule form (mules can't use magic):
    • Shapeshift to mule form and get the package.
    • Use any c2 ring.
    • Shapeshift back (use yourself).
    • Cast teleport to portals room spell.
    • Shapeshift to mule form again and walk to the portal of the map you're going to.
    • Walk to the NPC and deliver the package.
  • Talk to the NPC and give them the quartz for the reward.

Kaleb's daily dung quest

  • Talk to Kaleb in Tarsengaard [135,148] and give him the dung for some harvesting exp (depending on your harvesting lvl).

Dorel's daily quest

  • To start the quest go to Dorel in White Stone [132,581], he will tell you that he needs workers for various tasks.
  • If you can't or don't want to complete the quest you can cancel it, however you will have to wait for 48 hours(6 EL days) to get another task.