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Chord Chart Wizard is a free software program designed primarily for worship leaders, to automate the creation of documents like: music (chord charts), overheads, Powerpoint, song sheets (handouts), and set lists. Whether you're a full-time worship pastor, a college worship leader, a guitar player, or a jazz musican, this program can save you time and make your music and materials look more professional.

Chord Chart Wizard generates documents instantly using only a plain text chord chart like the one below.

You can enter the text by typing, by copying and pasting from the web, or even by opening your existing Word docs. This plain text file will used to automatically generate all the different types of documents we need.

Format Chord Charts. Formatting is applied automatically, saving you the time of tedious manual formatting. Complex formats like the one below, in which each of the chord lines is bolded, are applied instantly! This makes it easier to make your documents have a consistent look. A special feature of this functionality is that you can use variable-width fonts (like Times or Arial) and still maintain EXACT spacing/alignment between the chords and lyrics; this is nearly impossible to do by hand.

Generate Lyrics / Overheads. Lryics are extracted from the chord chart and formatted automatically into a document that can be used an an overhead or a singer's copy.

Generate Powerpoint. What a time saver! Powerpoint files can be generated with a single click using only the plain text chord chart we started with. The formatting and background that you choose is instantly applied.

Microsoft Word (.doc) Exports. If you want to edit the generated chord chart or lyrics, or if you simply want to save the file to share it, you can export all the generated files as Word documents.

Transpose Songs Into Other Keys. You can transpose songs instantly, just by indicating the current key and new key of the song. It's like magic!

Look, now it's in the key of E!

View Chord Diagrams. You can chord diagrams for any chord just by hovering over it. The pop-up shows five different fingerings also well as the chord's spelling.

Set Creator

Chord Chart Wizard is designed to work with individual songs. When you need to put together a set of music with several songs, you can use the companion program, Set Creator. Set Creator can generate three other types of documents: set lists, song sheets (handouts), and multi-song powerpoint.

Song Book. Browse your entire list of songs quickly and easily as you choose songs for a set.

Song Search. Use the song search to find songs with matching keywords, or search by musical key, style, tempo, or theme. This is a powerful tool for planning a set.

Generate Chord Charts or Lyrics for an Entire Set. Just one click and you can create a document with all the songs in your set to send to your musicians for practice, or to print for group rehearsal.

Generate Set Lists. A very simple set list is useful to make sure your musicians know what's going on.

Generate Song Sheets (Handouts). This automatically generated resource is great for small group gatherings.

Generate Powerpoint for multiple songs. Saving you tons of time, you can generate powerpoint for your entire set instantly!

Chord Chart Wizard is freeware. Download today!

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