Chorale May
(A Japanese Male Chorus Group in San Francisco) 

About us
A male chorale group, was formed in 1995, and is a non-section group. The group sings primarily in Japanese. Chorale May has sung at verious events, such as at fund raising events, at cultural celebrations, at the commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasaki, at NHK Nodo-Jiman (Japanese Amateur Hour),  and at the reception for Japanese Emperor's birthday event. For more information, please send us an email.

Click the photo to watch the video:
Chorale May sang National Anthem at A's game on April 3rd, 2011.

The two below pictures were taken at San Francisco Davies Symphny Hall
on Nov 22, 2010 at Japan Festival Ishikawa-Culture in San Francisco
Japan Festival Ishikawa-Culture In San Francisco

Rehearsal:            7pm - 9pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month
Location:              JCCCNC in San Francisco Japan Town, 1F Hall
                                    (1840 Sutter St, SF) 
President:             Hide Kokawa
Music Director:   Ruriko Miura


Dec 11, 2011, Chorale May sang at Christmas Event @ San Mateo Sturge Church

Upcoming Event

Winter Joint Choral Concert on Dec 13th 4pm at Pine United Methodist Church in SF. 

Past Activities

Jun 3, 2007SF Forest Choir, Ensemble Shiki & Chorale May Joint Concert
Aug. 20, 2007 Conslate General of Japan Farewell Party
Sep. 30, 20072nd Choral Festival  (a JCFNC event)
Dec. 9, 2007Christmas Concert
Jun. 1, 2008Joint Concert 2008
Oct. 19, 2008Chorale Festival 2008  (a JCFNC event)
Dec. 14, 2008Christmas Concert 2008
June 14, 2009Joint Concert 2009
Dec 13, 2009Christmas Concert 2009
Apr 9, 2010US-Japan Choral Festival (a JCFNC event)
Nov 22, 2010Japan Festival Ishikawa Culture in SF  (a JCFNC event)
April 3, 2011National Anthem at Oakland A's / Seattle Mariners game (at Oakland A's Studium)
Dec 11, 2011Christmas Event @ San Mateo Sturge Presbyterian Church
Dec 18, 2011Christmas Concert 2011 @ Pine UMC
May 19, 2012Japanese Chorus Annual Concert @ Pine UMC
May 26, 2012The 6th Japanese Choral Festival (Beethoven 9th Symphony Chorus)
Sep 1, 2012El Cerritto Sakura-Kai
Dec 16, 2012Joint Christmas Concet 2013
Jan 20, 2013New Year Party
Jan 27, 2013 Chorale May received honor of BUNKA HALL OF FAME
May 26, 2013Joint Concert 2013
Oct 13, 2013Dr. Hinohara's Lecture
 Dec 15, 2013Holiday Concert 2013

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