About Us
Chef, Wes Choplin, trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of Amercia in Hyde Park, New York and has vast experiences at Harris Grill, the original Fusion Cafe and Jeffrey's.
Choplin uses all of his experiences that he has gained from preparing the diverse types of main courses, soups, and salads from the different menu's that will make every meal at Choplin's Restaurant remarkable and unforgettable.
Choplin's approach to the cuisine is fresh and engaging. Choplin states, "I want the food here to be approachable, not intimidating, just upbeat and fun", he says. "We are using high-quality, fresh ingredients, nothing prepackaged."
Everything is made from scratch. "My grandmother was a country cook, and she was a big influence on me", he says. "I always admired how she could feed the entire family and enjoyed every minute and that is how I am as well. All of the food and atmosphere is soul warming and with a country charm. All of the recipes will never be the exact same, but will always be very memorable".
Fresh fish delivered daily from Charleston, S.C. and special deliveries every week from various places around the globe and always fresh. With Soul Warming South the focus, much of the menu will reflect the fresh seafood, such as Seared Diver Scallops, Sauteed Carolina Shrimp to Sashimi Tuna. "People talk about the concept of fusion, and putting together uncommon combinations with different ingredients, as well as techniques, that you'd normally think of as seperate," Cholin says. "That's what I love to do".
This will be the place to bring your family, friends, and loved ones to relax and enjoy every leisurely minute with every scrumptious bite.