New York Steinway & Sons Model B (1997)
My piano purchased in the Spring of 2006

Intro and Thanks

I have completed my search for a grand piano! I want to thank the kind people at All About Pianos for providing the most relaxed and hassle-free shopping experience. I'd also like to thank everyone at Piano World for all of the excellent advice during my three month long search, including Axtremus, CTPianotech, curry, fatswillie123, I. Bruton, Jeffrey, Larry Buck, Monica Kern, Piano*Dad, PoStTeNeBrAsLuX, sophial, Steve Y, UWPCastB, and many others. All of you at the Piano World forums are an indispensable source of wisdom in this age of an overwhelming number of piano brands, misleading marketing tactics, and sales pressures. I would especially like to thank UWPCastB and her husband who visited many of the stores with me and graciously shared their invaluable piano research experience.

I also want to thank all of the knowledgeable salespeople at the various showrooms. I want to thank my wife for putting up with my incessant need to discuss piano pricing, sizes, keys, actions, hammers, sound boards, finishes, humidity control systems, anti-cat devices, and many other unsolicited topics of conversation.

Take a chance to see my comparison chart, brand impressions, and testing methods and please drop me an email to compare notes during your own grand search! If you are going through this exciting process, my recommendation is for you to buy the piano that feels comforting under your fingers, sings to your heart and ears and not the one that is supposed to be the best.

Even though I have found my instrument, I want to continue to test pianos that I wasn't able to access during my search. I will be updating these comments and numbers as I get a chance to play as many brands and models as possible.

I may have made some mistakes so please let me know if you find something incorrect or inconsistent.


  • Steinway & Sons NY Model B
  • Built in 1997
  • 6'10½" long
  • Ebony Satin Finish
  • Dampp-Chaser System
  • Artist Bench
  • Comfortable Action
  • Beautiful rich tone
  • Singing treble
  • Generous bass