Piano Showrooms
Here you will find impressions about the piano showrooms I visited during my piano search
  1. Hopper Piano and Organ
    Your neighborhood friendly Steinway & Sons dealer. Not too pushy or aggressive. Not a lot of piano-tech talk or exhaustive inspection of their instruments. The showroom is dark and mellow appropriate to the Steinway brand. It feels like they let the Steinways sell themselves. Their pianos are mostly in tune and well prepared. The owners are extremely friendly and allow you enough time to test their pianos in piece.
    Brands: Steinway & Sons, Boston, Essex, Kawai
  2. Piano and Organ Distributors
    A little on the aggressive side. Pressuring salespeople give you just enough time to get a "hint" of the piano's feel and sound before returning to talk about "making a deal." However, with enough time and return trips, the aggressiveness subsides as they learn that you are serious about making a purchase. They are very accommodating when it comes to setting up instruments for testing in their recital hall.
    Brands: Yamaha, Petrof, Nordiska
  3. Maus Piano and Organ
    Nice family owned experience. I was only interested in their Bechsteins which they had been selling for just a short time; however, they seem very knowledgeable and hands-on about their pianos. I learned a lot just listening to the salesperson, watching him expose the action, and describe the craftsmanship in detail.
    Brands: Bechstein, Baldwin, Yamaha
  4. Ruggero Piano
    A top notch, father & son, family owned establishment. The salespeople provide a unique experience since they are also excellent qualified technicians. They are all very pleasant, knowledgeable, straightforward, and easy to talk to. Their showroom is inviting, with parallel rows of high quality brands for easy side-by-side comparisons. They have a nice concert hall in which they are most happy to prepare and arrange piano tests. I have chosen them for my upright's next service.
    Brands: Bösendorfer, Mason & Hamlin, Fazioli, Schimmel, Vogel, Estonia, etc...
  5. Harl Pianos
    An intimate setting showcasing an ideal blend of fine crafted instruments. I was extremely impressed by Harl Pianos. Honest, insightful, and accommodating, Ms. Harl provided a relaxed testing experience. We encountered no pressuring sales talk, or distracting, vague, and unverified facts about any of her pianos; just the straightforward truth. All of her pianos sounded in tune and well prepped. What put me at ease was how she candidly offered her opinions and preferences about specific pianos. I immediately understood that she wasn't there to push any and all pianos onto us, instead was sincerely helping us find what we needed.
    Brands: Grotrian, Bechstein, August Förster, Sauter, Bohemia
  6. Rick Jones Pianos
    A piano wonderland! The showroom for the tight budget. Packed with quality used pianos, Mr. Jones has almost everything you could ever want. I believe he has new pianos as well, but you may find the best deals with his used instruments with excellent warranty. The showroom at first seems small, but there are a lot of pianos. Their tech department is centered within the showroom and looked very clean and organized, almost like a research lab. They also have a second floor "for-rebuild" inventory available by request to Steinway lovers.
    Brands: Yamaha, Kawai, Schimmel, Vogel, etc...
  7. All About Pianos
    First Class Treatment! After browsing their professional ads and noticing their inviting prices on their website, I was compelled to visit this wonderful Montana showroom. I felt like a VIP when they eagerly helped with travel arrangements, greeted me at the airport, treated me to dinner and allowed me to test the desired pianos in peace. All of their pianos are in excellent shape, perfectly in tune, protected with covered pedals. I purchased from this great showroom! Story and pictures coming soon!
    Brands: Bösendorfer, Schimmel, Kawai, Steinway & Sons