It's your life, make a choice & Choose Yoga - Yoga for all

Choose Yoga is a fusion of Hatha Yoga and other yoga traditions, made accessible to meet the needs of most ages and abilities. It is yoga designed to strengthen the core and improve flexibility. You are as young as your spine and yoga improves its range of movement, making it more  supple, and promoting a more youthful and healthy posture.

Yoga philosophy teaches us to respect and love our bodies and work within the parameters of ease and comfort.

Famous yoga celebrities shown wrapping their feet around their head are highly flexible but may need to work on their strength or stamina. We are all different and yoga can suit everyone.

For more information about yoga go to www.bwy.org.uk and find out more by reading the sections on “New to Yoga” , “About Yoga” and “FAQ’s”.

Penny teaches in Peterborough, Stamford,Corby, Kettering and surrounding villages.