Welcome to Choose to Refuse NJ

We are parents from across the State of New Jersey who are fed up with what is happening to our children's education.  Corporate education reform, the Common Core Standards; Teacher, Principal and School Evaluation, and High Stakes Testing, is driving teachers, schools, and districts to narrow and dumb down the curriculum and teach to the tests!

The lynch pin of the corporate education reform agenda is testing data.  We can, as parents, end this educational nightmare by denying the system the data it needs. When our families refuse the tests, when we opt out of the testing regime, we undermine the entire corporate reform scheme.

We demand that our children's education be placed once again in the hands of their parents, their teacher and their schools.

Deny Them the Data!

1. Articulate your reason for Refusing/Opting Out
2. Write a Letter
3. Wait for a Response
4. Clarify the Logistics for Testing Days
5. Repeat Next Year

A Vision of Refusing

Although this New York State Allies for Public Education video is specific to New York State - the basics of refusing are the same in all states.

YouTube Video

New Jersey Specifics:
~ PARCC Testing could begin as early as September or October depending on your district have your refusal letters ready
~ 2014-2015: Only retained 11th and 12th graders will be required to take HSPA it it has not yet been passed
~ The State has recently announced that the PARCC will be used as a Graduation Option for CURRENT 11th Grade students, 10th Grade students and 9th Grade students.
~ Acting Commissioner Hespe has issued "Opt Out" policy in the last moth and many, many activists and parents have responded.  Please check out our New State policy page for more information.
~ 4th & 8th graders can refuse the NJ ASK Science
~ Facebook groups and pages both National and New Jersey specific are linked in the side bar

33,000 students refused the test in New York during the 2013-14 school year.
Through social media, we were able to determine that 301 students refused the tests in the 2013-14 school year.

About Choose to Refuse
On this page you will find some basics about who we are, why we refuse the corporate reform testing regime, and how you can join the growing national movement.
How to Opt Out
On this page you will find sample letters from parents across the State.  Feel free to use any of the documents and edit them for use in your distric.
Calendar of Events
The Calendar of Events includes testing windows for all NJ State assessments.  In addition you will find interesting events related to our battle against the corporate education reform agenda.