18. Avoid personal questions

"Instead of asking them to present their [personal information] up front, let that information come forward within the natural progress of the conversation or friendship."  --Dr. Forni



  1. What are some common "personal questions?"  Why would asking these questions make some people uncomfortable?
  2. Play Scar Wars.  Each person in the group can share the story behind a scar he or she has.  (If someone in the group is uncomfortable sharing the story behind a scar, or if he doesn't have any scars, that person can invent a scar story.)  Remind group that everyone has scars from times in our lives when we’ve gotten hurt and that not all scars are physical.   You never can tell when you meet someone what scars he/she may have and for that reason, it is important to be kind to others and to avoid judging them without knowing them.  Discuss the difference between sharing the story behind your scar and being asked about your scar.  (EM)


Discussion questions:

  1. What is a personal question?  
  2. Why is it civil to avoid personal questions?