19. Care for your guests

"[My hosts] gave me a sense of belonging and made me feel important."  --Dr. Forni



  1. Read and reenact the folktale, Lord of the Cranes.  Who was the beggar?  How did Wang, the innkeeper, care for him? Can you think of similar stories?
  2. "Say to the group, 'Pretend today is your birthday and everyone here is a guest at your party!  To make sure everyone feels welcome, introduce as many people to each other as possible.'  To make the atmosphere more festive, play music as people mingle.  Allow ten minutes for mingling and then ask for a show of hands to determine who introduced the most people."  (Great Group Games)

Discussion questions: 

  1. Under what circumstances is someone your guest? 
  2. How can you care for guests?
  3. How does caring for your guests help us to be more civil?