11. Mind your body

"When we are well groomed...we feel good, and we feel good about ourselves...we are better disposed toward others, treat them better, and are thus better treated in return."  --Dr. Forni



  1. Ask your students to imagine they are packing for a vacation.  What would they pack in their suitcase?  Toothpaste?  Soap?  Clean socks and underwear?
  2. Assemble toiletry kits for hospital patients, nursing home residents, and others in need.  As you assemble the items for each kit, discuss what each product is for and how to use it.


Discussion questions:

  1. Do we need to mind our body around strangers?  Around friends?  Around family? 
  2. If you feel good about yourself, are you more likely to treat others well?
  3. How does minding your body help us to be more civil?