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Cytotoxic sesquiterpenes uncovered by expression of genes from medicinal mushroom

posted Jun 12, 2017, 9:52 PM by Yit Heng Chooi
Work by Dr. Yeannie Yap while she was in our lab has been published online today in Microbial Cell Factories. The work describes cytotoxic sesquiterpenes obtained by heterologous expression of sesquiterpene synthase genes from the medicinal Tiger Milk mushroom in yeast. Dr Yap was an Endeavour Awards Research Fellow supported by Australian Awards. She did a large part of the work while she is at ANU and at UWA. The work is a collaboration between Dr Shin-Yee Fung (University Malaya), A/Prof Peter Solomon (Australian National University), A/Prof Keith Stubbs (UWA), Szu-Ting Ng (Ligno-Biotech) and our lab.

Well done Yeannie!